Sunday, August 3, 2008

If it walks like an Obama; It's an Obama


In Chicago that place has an entire cultural meaning like nowhere else on earth to different groups of people. My first experience with the Southside was actually in the years that the Lawrence Sinclair and Barack Obama story was unfolding.
I was surfing and happened to knock on the wrong or right door and found myself among a group of blacks who were quite the experience. This was the real deal in which actors like Will Smith try to portray in the movies being cool, but Hollywood never captures it and makes everyone look like they have never been around players in their lives.

The southsiders were partying and I was watching the show. There were hackers online in some gang fight over one guy "making his own posse" and for entertainment there were 2 uptown lake view white girls tasting the dark side by dancing for the boys in the hood.
These people weren't the blacks like they show on television. They were brilliant, but at the same time electric in out of control like the central midwest can only get when they are hyped on Indiana bud as Indiana goes off in people like a tea kettle froze in place as it vibrates from the boiling water in side.
They were the players who gave the name it's meaning.

I never forgot that elite group of southsiders, because in that surreal circus I felt like Daniel in the lion's den and was hoping literally to God that the lights would not come up to reveal an outsider was in too deep on the southside.

I've noticed that the people doing allot of commenting on Lawrence Sinclair or Barack Obama have no idea of the scene they have dabbled in what the people are like there. No matter the color of the skin the commentators are of the burbs and would never be let into what clubbing is really like.
For example over in Minneapolis which is a tame version of Chicago, some people will remember Daunte Culpepper, the Viking's infamous quarterback. These guys are just bizarre as they will leave their wives wherever at home and burst onto some club, not with friends, but with a manager, some fawning paid posse twirps following along, and make the tour for the night into the wee hours trying to be players and looking like jokes.
That is one reason DC was pouting as when the Vikings got a new owner there was no more of that idiocy and why he went looking for greener pastures which have now turned brown.

I even remember one defensive end who used to hire a limo and a bus to pick up people at clubs and bring them to his house so people could look at him on the sofa as he drank beer.

That is the abnormal, immoral and amoral world daily going on in people on the outside are trying to make comment sense of the Southside which Barack Obama jumped into when they were never invited in and never will be.

This entire network of partiers has limo drivers, club managers, hotel managers who will if you say you are in town for a good time, they will find someone to show you the Caligula time you are lusting after.
Check out Denver or Minneapolis when the conventions come to town and the traveling prostitutes will have paid the airport workers, cab drivers, limo drivers a $50 hit for each big roller they usher in.

So Lawrence Sinclair and his limo and Obama night, yeah, sure does have a ring of truth for people who have seen it as that is exactly the way things are done.
If you are a tall black guy looking for out of town effeminate white guys to have service you, then you let it be known to troll in the boy looking for a good time.
Lawrence Sinclair was spotted ten miles and ten months away as they profiled his type and knew exactly what they were getting, a good natured gay guy who would not be a problem as in the Dom queerdom the Sinclair type is either DOA on bad drugs or DOA in meeting the wrong pick up in a few years. This isn't the queerly beloved that the gay community likes trying to portray, but the nasty stuff that got Gianni Versace.

All cities have that network, some like KC is rank in the sodomy going on in open parks and some like Chicago has a structure which allows those looking to play to play. It is a wicked world we live in.

None of this new, because if you page back to Barack Obama's mentor, one Frank Davis Marshall of communist fame and America hating was 1920's a Southsider with his comrades of Richard Wright and Langston Hughes.

The pundits are getting the communist part right on Obama and his crew, but are not seeing the sex part in what the Southside is and missing completely the disturbed minds influencing young Obama when his grandfather dumped him off in the charms of Uncle Frank Marshall Davis, who just happened to be a Kansas native like the Dunhams, went to Chicago and ended up with his white wife in Hawaii.

When I was senior in high school, I learned one of the greatest lessons in life in people. I had gone to school with kids ten years and all of a sudden some of them who were friends were hanging around in the strangest circles. It was seniors with freshman with urban and city who had never noticed each other before. The lure as I watched the year unfold was birds of a feather flocking together, they were all doing dope.

If one examines Chicago's southside and Frank Marshall Davis, there wasn't just communists there or art there, there was sex there. Frank Marshall Davis after going there became an advocate for gay rights in an unheard of time.
Who was Mr. Davis flocking together with in contemporary Chicago?

Richard Wright, a volatile author who had a taste for collecting white women and writing about black men brutalizing them in murder.
Mr. Wright wrote of black men consumed by guilt from mothers, women and religion who by association felt homicidal.

Langtson Hughes, after he left Chicago, this full blown homosexual atheist moved to Harlem where he was "friends" with his mentor, Howard University professor Alain Lock and many of Lock's poetic protege's.

This entire Chicago southside was one of communists, people hating America and white skirts chasing forbidden black pants.

People looking at this are missing the bisexual nature of this entire underground community of the Chicago southside. The same Southside where one Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was born and reared and the same Southside in which young Barry, after meeting with Uncle Frank, and writing about him as Uncle Frank, with all the nuance that non relative "uncles" and "aunties" conjure up when introduced to family scenes and children, deliberately moved to out of all the places on earth.
Just what was it on the Chicago southside that Uncle Frank had initiated into Barack Obama's mind that he would find there?

It did not take long for young Barack earning several thousand dollars a week as a lawyer to start being ushered into the Southside by Michelle Robinson. Barack though would only stay a short time at the law firm and instead join himself to the Daley syndicate which runs Chicago and has tentacles which make even the halls of power in Washington quiver.

Barack the community organizer like the good olde communist days found himself in need of a base to advance the Obama cause. One must fully understand that the place Barack Obama chose is called a church, but it is not a Church. The UCC church of Jeremiah Wright was the Southside club where the elite could make contacts.
Barack Obama soon found his "open sesame" magic word in everywhere he went in the name Jeremiah Wright as all knew him. Mr. Obama would simply mention Jeremiah Wright and all doors would open for him wherever he went.

Much has been focused on Jeremiah Wright in his hateful speech, but if one looks a little deeper one soon finds the UCC is an overt gay, lesbian, bisexual and transvestite love in center. Jeremiah Wright performed at least one gay "marriage" and constantly pushed the gay agenda.
It was well known that Jeremiah Wright was "bringing the congregation along" to the agenda.

This is why sodomites were so prevalently featured in the Obama church. Donald Young, who Lawrence Sinclair has records of phoned him with numbers he could have only gotten from the Barack Obama campaign headquarters was the openly gay choir director there.
Mr. Young would make it plain that Barack and himself were intimate. Factoring in Lawrence Sinclair's account of sodomy, it soon starts fitting a pattern almost 100 years old on the Southside that a whole number of homosexuals are there, but there are numbers of bisexuals there in the closet advancing the agenda from personal experience.

This bisexual Chicago underground crops up in Barack Obama's first Second City mentor he attached himself to in the terrorist, William Ayers of the Weathermen.
Ayers in a New York Times book review of his life had a most interesting thing to express besides the "change" or revolution he was trying to start with the Black Panthers.
Mr. Ayers told the times the Weathermen were all for smashing monogamy and they did so with an agenda of multiple sex partners.
Mr. Ayers went on to state he sodomized his own male best friend.

A very effeminate Barack Obama appeared on the American mainland and after graduation went right to Chicago where he hooks up with people who are like his past in being communist, hating America and promoting homosexuality overtly and covertly.

Mr. Obama's biggest current benefactor from Chicago is Oprah Winfrey, a woman who promotes the gay agenda and has rumors flying around about her and her companion Gayle King, while a 20 year relationship with Stedman Graham goes stagnant.
Ms. Winfrey is a tragic figure in being molested and impregnated by an Uncle, she later lost the baby at age 14. None of this is questioning whether Ms. Winfrey is gay in her denials, but it does point out that there is a clever nuance bisexuals will use in denying being gay completely as they are in fact bisexual.

The entire Chicago system is joined at the hip like this of power and sex. Gov. Blagojevich of Serbian decent is married to Patricia Mell, daughter of Chicago Alderman Richard Mell, whose sister is Deb Mell, a lesbian who is a gay rights advocate.
Barack Obama would donate money to the Blagojevich campaign who was being assisted by Tony Rezko of Obama sweetheart real estate criminal dealings.

What is interesting as this comes full circle again is Tony Rezko is Syrian, Gov. Blagojevich is of the Balkans and Jagir P. Multani is Middle Eastern, who was Mr. Sinclair's limo driver all seem to be part of a hired help structure second tier which services the city in the immigrant "help" corp.

In this appears, Rashid Khalidi, a spokesman for the terrorist PLO.
What is interesting in this academic friend of Mr. Obama is the way Barack Obama gushed over him at a party honoring him.
Mr. Obama spoke of the two men together as the wife of Mr. Khalidi prepared dinner waiting on them as the two were off in their own intimate conversation.

If one reaches back into that PLO time, one finds Yassir Arafat, the esteemed leader who terrorized the world and who was a known pedophile recruiting young boys out of Lebanon for his trips and having orgies with his body guards, one of who eventually infected Mr. Arafat with HIV and he died of AIDS in a French hospital as his "wife" squabbled over the looted fortune Arafat had acquired from his own people.
There is a great deal of dabbling in these comrades.

What is interesting in this is the relationship of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama and Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama as in examining them and their actions, there appears a struggle going on with them.
Michelle Obama is a very strong and dominant woman, but in public before being warned, she would make humiliating statements about her husband in he stinks literally. That kind of belittlement underlies a much deeper schism in not respecting the male power of Barack Obama.
The infamous fist butt on stage was nothing of a married couple, but a power statement and by Mrs. Obama engaging in it and Mr. Obama accepting it was in public noting their relationship in his wife is Alpha male.
If one examines the European rock tour just completed, Barack Obama left his wife home on the most important political trip of his life, but he brought the boys along.

In one of the most telling of appearances, Barack Obama, being a basketball afficianado, appeared before the NBA playoffs on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel. It was a classic study as Mr. Kimmel was throwing easy questions and allowing Mr. Obama to be funny.
This video file though transforms in an instant when Mr. Kimmel in joking speaks of Barack Obama with one of his "body men", who Mr. Obama has related is black and makes certain his body is where it should be.
This body man also plays basketball with Mr. Obama one on one, and, Mr. Kimmel then said the gay line about, Barack Obama showering with men.

Immediately Barack Obama's face went cold and his eyes glared. In studying the feed, one can see a mix of emotions from anger, fear, to contemplating the then breaking Lawrence Sinclair story which Mr. Kimmel was not even suggesting.

That type of reaction would not come from someone who had not engaged in sodomy.

The entire Sodom and Gomorrah situation of this story is being overlooked as it threads it's way all in the common line emanating from Chicago's southside.

If one studies the ancient Greeks, there was a ruling cultural orb there of males and females in their power structure "befriending" young boys and girls in their teenage years where pedophilia occurred. The Greeks deemed this molestation as acceptable as long as the pedophile helped open doors and advanced the young victims position in life.
Much of Barack Hussein Obama's life in his associations appears the same Greek tragedy.

If one wants to find the French, one goes to France. If one wants to find people who enjoy swimming, one goes to the pool. It appears that if one goes to Chicago one finds more than the lure of leftists, but it appears a bisexual closet is housed within that homsexual house.

There is too much glaring evidence in this of associations. One does not find Rev. Billy Graham involved in this and their are Christians. One does not find William Bennet involved and their are scholars. The only common denominator is sex and it is bisexual sex being acted upon and covered up.

If it walks like an Obama, it must be an Obama.

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