Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama Goes Biological Warfare

A not so funny thing has been happening on the way to the Obama halo ceremony, as he ascends the mile high mountain to receive the 10 Obamaments from himself, as his 1000 points of darkness across this American nation have in their jihad started a white powder crusade for the black power they seek to install in the White House.

There are no such things in life as coincidence, especially when patterns start to develop which leave tracks where the biggest of Obama behemoths have arisen and are now putting their massive foot prints on their old political stomping grounds.

In this the Obama jihad has moved from bribes, harassment of American citizens to currently utilizing biological warfare against those infidels who have dared challenge or investigate the second coming of Muhammed.

This all started months ago with a Kennedy type operation out of Chicago run by Obama handler, David Axelrod, in order to deal with the press coverage Joseph Farah was beginning dealing with the Lawrence Sinclair allegations. The Axelrod group sought to lure Sinclair into a fake lie detector test and at the same time taint him so badly to embarrass World Net Daily's Joseph Farah by associating Mr. Sinclair with the former porn site, that no one would cover his story.
The operation worked Kennedy smooth and Teddy would be so pleased that one of his family's worshipers from afar ran one of their silence operations so effectively like the old school did on so many children of a lesser Camelot.

As Mr. Sinclair would not go away like the Energizer Bunny, and, as Teddy Kennedy was stricken with brain cancer, the Kennedy operation was curtailed in scope and replaced by David Plouffe, Mr. Obama's chief handler, who was a political operative associated with the Delaware Attorney General's Office previously.
With Sen. Kennedy in the hospital, his machines tendencies were replaced by Sen. Joe Biden, whose son Beau is Delaware Attorney General, which had Mr. Sinclair arrested illegally in DC after his National Press Club appearance, literally had his human rights abused in denying him medications and "loosing" him in detention and then attempting to hold him in prison on an outlandish bail when DC did not even have a warrant for him.
Currently Deputy Attorney Susan Dwyer is attempting to make a political prisoner out of Mr. Sinclair in threatening to try him as a repeat offender, which would bring a life sentence, all on a misdemeanor charge to which Mr. Sinclair has shown proof he is innocent of.

As Sen. Biden is now cemented onto the Obama ticket in reportedly being the chief thug to beat up politicians on the McCain side, it is interesting in what is occurring in Delaware to see how Joe Bide earned that spot next to messiah Obama.

The third group in the Obama campaign is interestingly the Tom Daschle and Steve Hildebrand wing out of South Dakota. Why this is interesting is, people will remember it was Sen. Daschle who received an anthrax letter while in Washington, DC. Currently, the media is cropping up with stories about Republicans receiving "anthrax letters" too.

Sen. John McCain's office in Denver received a letter from what the media has been calling, Eric Ramsey. The problem is in this is this person's real identity is not being shown nor named as his picture reveals on the right.
Mr. Ramsey might have been born under that name, but now goes by the title of, AKEEM RAMSEL EL. If that name sounds Muslim, it is because it is.
Mr. Ramsel El, is part of the same black power movement which Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama all adhere to.

For a most interesting addition, his letter is quoted in full below which he sent John McCain.


Senator McCain,IF you are reading this then you are already Dead!

Unless of course you can't or don't breathe.
There are numerous substances which are deadly for humans to inhale.
There are just as many time periods for signs of illness to show, by which time it's to late.
Who expects to develop cancer 40 years after Vietnam?
Only those that knew the risk and side effects of Agent Orange.
DoD, DOW, Diamond Shamrock, U.S. Surgeon General

You're out of time.

Allahu Akbar

Akeem Ramsel El

End quote.

Mr. Ramsel El by coincidence did not share his anthrax letter with any Democrats. He by coincidence has a name like Barack Hussein Obama, is black and is carrying out a jihad against people not like him.
One doubts if he is going to be casting an illegal Democratic vote from prison for Chuck Baldwin, a white pastor.

In this line, Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist who is on Sen. McCain's short list for Vice President also received a white powder letter. No origin of place was noted on that letter.
The GOP office in New Hampshire did receive a Denver letter too, but most of the powder had leaked out before it arrived at the office.

At this point, it needs to be pointed out that when Lawrence Sinclair was threatened by the Obama 1000 points of darkness, the FBI did nothing but "visit" people making murder threats.
No one in the government has raised one hand to stop the Obamaniacs stalking, threatening, harassing, invading privacy nor in the case of Microsoft, Yahoo and Google where bloggers have been phished, their emails illegally censored and blogs shut down.
Now this group has moved to biological warfare which is affecting every citizen of the United States and the FBI is still not moving in mass.

That New Hampshire letter spilled white powder from Denver to New Hampshire. That means every postal sorting station having mail moving mail into California to New York had mail exposed to it. If this had been weapons grade anthrax, this agent does not degrade, but will sit in mail bins, airplanes, in sorting bags and on other mail and packages indefinitely.
Every person in the United States could be exposed and hundreds of thousands were to this "white powder" no one is taking seriously.

For a real example, the Russians had an accident with weapons grade anthrax 20 years ago in a small community being exposed. The net result within a week, a first wave of people who were ill died a horrid death.
Within a few weeks, a second wave started dying as the anthrax embedded in the lungs of then healthy people and when they caught colds their body's were run down and then they died.
This continued on until 3 months later when a third wave died as it took that long for healthy people to be weakened by various conditions such as winter weather.

This is not politics and it is not amusing as a "non threat", because as the FBI did nothing when it was only that "Sinclair" and no one was doing a thing when it was only those bloggers, now it is a third wave of Obama 1000 points of darkness mailing anthrax letters exposing the entire population.
Apparently, the message the FBI has sent is it is fine as long as it is Barack Obama's people terrorizing citizens. What happens though as this has graduated from Kennedy bribery modes, to outright political imprisonment to fake anthrax letters, when someone in the bio hazard wing of the Obama campaign starts mailing real biological warfare agents to Americans?

Will it take that to get a federal response from the FBI in arrests after entire states are under quarantines?

In revisiting the Tom Daschle anthrax letter, there was a fourth letter which did appear immediately after the McCain letter in Denver, but not related to Mr. Ramsel El.

This letter was sent to Joel Dykstra. Some might ask what a Joel Dykstra is, but when words like South Dakota, Senate Race, Republican, start showing up, perhaps a coincidence trail starts leading back to some known operators.

Mr. Dykstra, is a Republican running against the infamous Tim Johnson who has been lying to the world how incapacitated his condition is from the brain hemorrhage he suffered from last year.

Sen. Johnson is of the same Tom Daschle syndicate which has been stealing close elections for years by stuffing Sioux Reservation ballot boxes with just enough 100% Indian votes to make sure a Democrat like Johnson won.

Mr. Daschle tried that again, but current GOP Senator John Thune actually beat Daschle at his game and made certain thousands of real GOP voters made it to the polls to offset the criminal ballot box stuffing and that is why Sen. Daschle became citizen Daschle of Washington, DC fame.
Sen. Johnson though views the South Dakota Senate office as his perpetual invalid appropriations seat as he refuses to debate or show himself in public, but he informs South Dakota he can do the job without complete brain function, without the use of his right hand and left leg and forced to move around in a wheel chair.

Tom Daschle though joined the Barack Obama campaign in angst when the Clinton's threw him out the door for the inept water boy he was only qualified for.
It was in this that Mr. Daschle brought in Steve Hildebrand, the notorious election propagandist who has been shaping everything for Demcrats to terrifying the elderly concerning their benefits to butchering children in aborticide.
Two years ago the Daschle syndicate illegally had Democrat Rep. Stephie Herseth engineering the defeat of the pro life bill South Dakota was forced to place on the ballot by this syndicate. Rep. Herseth was named as an agent of a pro aborticide group which is unethical and was utilizing her public office to run the operation which is illegal.
Of course, like Mr. Daschle, Mr. Johnson buying Indian votes and stuffing ballot boxes, Ms. Herseth Sandlin as she is now known was not investigated nor charged.

It is interesting in published accounts that the Sioux Falls, South Dakota police department is not bothering to continue investigating the terror attack on the man running against Tim Johnson.
They instead have turned it over to the "Postal Inspectors". That is quite comforting as everyone knows that the post office looses mail and they have never found anything lost let alone a terrorist.

As a side note in political intrigue that is just as delicious, who should appear on Sioux Falls, KELO television, in a campaign commercial with Tim Johnson than the Sioux Falls mayor, Dave Munson, doing all the talking for Sen. Johnson and supporting him.
Democrats are pulling out all the stops in trying to hang onto the South Dakota seat so messiah Obama will have a majority to push through his Marxist agenda in ruining America.

The mayor who runs the Sioux Falls police, who are not investigating a terror attack in their own city against Joel Dykstra, the Republican, but the Sioux Falls mayor, Dave Munson, who runs the police department is running campaign commercials for Tim Johnson.

People hear of the legendary corruption in Chicago, New York and Louisiana, but South Dakota in the Daschle machine now turning out in force for Barack Obama is equal to the worst of the Democratic lot.

When at the very least is the media on right or left going to make this a public outcry to force Barack Obama and Joe Biden to just once go on record condemning the criminality of their 1000 points of darkness which they are benefiting from?

As Sen. Obama has now allowed this to graduate to bio warfare, the question is worth asking again, "Is it going to take a Barack Obama supporter connected through either Biden, Plouffe, Axelrod, Daschle or Hildebrand mailing anthrax, sending a bomb like the Weather Underground or some other terror event aimed in this jihad at "someone not like them" for the FBI to start arresting people and holding the entire Obama campaign and their political machines responsible?

What will it take not for Justice in America, but for law enforcement to be allowed to do their jobs not worrying about the threat of being hauled up before Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in Congress answering to why "was the FBI disenfranchising Obama supporters" by investigating their consorted criminal activity?

Obama supporters, in this group are people who have used payoffs, used federal and state governments to harass people, use Microsoft, Google and Yahoo to spy on Americans and now have graduated to bio terrorism.

When are Americans going to be protected from this before thousands are dead from a Barack Obama maniac?

The world it seems though is just full of coincidences when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama and the people around him.