Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sinclair Joins Obama / Biden Ticket

I guess we now know who John McCain's choice will be as Vice President in a guard from his Vietnam POW days beating on American Soldiers as Barack Obama has chosen his chief thug whose family has been joyously bashing, torturing and terrorizing a gay invalid in Lawrence Sinclair.

I had honestly thought Biden had shot his wad when David Plouffe took over for David Axelrod in dealing with Lawrence Sinclair and "smilin' Joe" decided not to bribe Mr. Sinclair, but to send in the storm troopers in everyone from the Federal Marshal's, DC Police, Social Security and the entire state of Delaware justice system led by his bouncing baby boy, Beau Biden was complete overkill like nuking an ant.
Apparently though, the stomach turns both ways like in the mafia, because when Barry Obama came asking for a favor, Joe Biden made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

"It's like this Barry. I get your sodomite keester out of hot water by tossing Lawrence Sinclair in prison and you make me Master of the Obama plantation or I happen to pass this onto the FBI and you end up in prison.
You may kiss the ring now", quothe the Biden.

For Barack Obama to choose Biden is simply Watergate suicidial. For Biden to willingly jump on a ticket considering the outright unAmerican thuggery he has had his boy carrying out against Lawrence Sinclair in the biggest gay bashing in history, is just begging for impeachment and prison time for him.

For a review of Joe Biden's accomplishments:

1. He had the Delaware Attorney General's office create a bogus Grand Jury indictment.

2. He had the DC police illegally arrest and detain Lawrence Sinclair.

3. While in custody he deprived Mr. Sinclair of his needed medications as he has a brain tumor.

4. While in custody he had the DC police "loose" Mr. Sinclair so legal counsel could not find him.

5. While in custody he deprived Mr. Sinclair of phone access.

6. While in custody he had the Federal Attorney attempt to hold Mr. Sinclair indefinitely on outrageously high bail.

All of those facts are human rights violations against international law which belong in The Hague.

Out of custody, Joe Biden, as this was coming out of Delaware was sending out forged legal papers to Social Security to get Mr. Sinclair's benefits cancelled which he depends on and then had him terrorized in threatening to make him repay all benefits.

Out of custody, the Delaware Attorney General's office has been seeding false stories into the press.

Out of custody, the Delaware Attorney General's office via Susan Dwyer has refused to provide Mr. Sinclair's legal counsel with evidence of charges which they are illegally quoting to the press.

Currently, Joe Biden, via his son, Delaware Attorney General and the above deputy, Susan Dwyer, are attempting to imprison Mr. Sinclair for life on a misdemeanor, blackmailing him to plead guilty on the twisting of the law "he is a career criminal".
That charge is meant for criminals who are committing ceaseless crimes in the said state in violent crimes, not for petty theft. (Note Mr. Sinclair has shown proof there was no crime in Delaware and in fact by the outrageous "check cashing charges" he was made to pay he in this is the victim which Delaware should be investigating.)

Ms. Dwyer in a recent taunting letter to Mr. Sinclair threatening him with life in prison muses that it, "Makes my misdemeanor offer seem really good, doesn’t it?"

Yes Ms. Dwyer it does sound good like a Chinese communist threatening to bash in your child's brains unless you testify against your husband for being a subversive "Christian".

One does not have to agree with one aspect of Lawrence Sinclair in being a non violent gay male with a habitual criminal past, to note Lawrence Sinclair is an American Political Prisoner by Barack Hussein Obama and his chief thug, Joe Biden.
One does not throw gay people acting out into prison in not being able to deal with their homosexuality in their past. One instead Ms. Dwyer puts them into counseling in humane treatment.

This is thee most reprehensible forms of the abuse of power. This is worse than Hillary Clinton stalking the "bimbo eruption women" and the Mexican blackmail of George W. Bush which has left Border Agents Ramos and Compean in United States prisons for doing their jobs.

This is the sort of political thuggery one finds in Marxist regimes throughout history. If Mr. Sinclair was a Georgian he would now be having his South Ossetia explored by having a big Russian gun shoved up it for daring to exercise his rights inside his own country.

For this kind of despotic action to be occurring before a group is even elected and getting away with it is the blackest of marks on Helen Thomas, Charlie Rose, Dan Rather and Seymour Hersh who are touted as the biggest antagonists of the United States government.
Antagonists when it is George Bush, but as long as it is a brooding Robert Mugabe and his own smiling Joe Stalin terrorizing an American citizen, one will notice complete silence from these shills for a new Marxist order.

Perhaps all of this will be a good thing though as now the world press will have to start paying attention to what Joe Biden has orchestrated out of Delaware and in political payback he has now been chosen to be the literal VICE or Criminal President in waiting the impeachment of the criminal Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama who is guilty of forgery in producing fraudulent documents concerning his United States birth which is a federal crime, and, in definite crimes against the United States government Mr. Obama is guilty of trying to overthrow it by establishing himself as a foreign national against that nation's Constitution.

Deputy Dwyer can be smug in her power now brutalizing an American citizen, but when the political tides turn, she will not have her excuse in her own trial nor more than Nazi's did after 1945 and no more than KGB thugs did after 1991 when Russia settled it's political debts.

Normal American governmental employees strain to protect the citizenry as inside their hearts there is a still small voice reminding them of the power they have is a responsibility.
Ms. Dwyer has shown none. Beau Biden has trampled, spit, ripped and ground into the dirt the Constitutions of the United States and Delaware all so his father can get his Vice Presidential nomination.

As for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, well they must be so enamoured with Lawrence Sinclair that they have now asked him to join their ticket as Mr. Sinclair is going to be a part of the Obama / Biden union in a menage a trois in some type of suicidal pact these two politicians have in destroying their careers.

There are felonious high crimes from abuse of power, conspiracy, terrorism, fraud, false charges and illegal imprisonment.
Lawrence Sinclair is not guilty of any of this, but it is pure guilt from Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Lawrence Sinclair's original embarrassing story was transformed into a felony story, but now his story will be a historical story of impeachment and prison time for the Obama machine and Biden syndicate.

Democrats had better wake up to this as Obama/Biden 2008 is going to forever destroy the Democratic Party in the United States if this is not checked immediately.

God help this country from the lamentation, mourning and woe which is being foisted upon it by the blind who think Barack Obama is the messiah and Joe Biden is his dingy halo.