Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama Felony Crime" Voter Fraud in North Carolina

CBS's Harry Smith was drooling over Obama numbers in a rant fest with Michael Crowley of the New Republic.

The problem is that these two dim bulbs actually outed the Obama campaign in voter fraud as there are not enough people in North Carolina to get the "new voters" Obama claims are there.

Harry Smith apparently has not concluded that ACORN can not be registering all these "voters". One can not just go into North Carolina and register EXACTLY 800,000 voters.
That is impossible and is a trend Obama in his election fraud is exposed by.

That is almost a million people in one state. That means in natural American laziness that in order to get 1 million voters, ACORN would have had to have handed out 25 million applications as people are lazy and throw the things away.
That is exactly what happens with businesses like Cabelas pushing their club member credit cards. MOST PEOPLE ARE ALREADY REGISTERED and the remainder just throw the applications away.

I would like to ask people to think hard about just how is it that the Democrats in voter suppression are not coming across any Republican voters to register?

The Obama numbers are impossible as the population of North Carolina is only 9 million people. Where are they getting the extra 16 million people as the normal attrition odds reveal?

Smith is too stupid to figure this out with his Obama blinders on, but with Fair week only on this week in October in NC, just where did these concentrations of people to register occur????
See odds state people are not home most days. Odds indicate that in real numbers........I ask you to get this:

800,000 voters in North Carolina spread across an entire state means in 200 days which is almost 7 months they would have had to register, 4000 PEOPLE A DAY.

Do the math people. To register that many people a day you would have had to have talked to as I stated 25 million people.

North Carolina does not have that many people and time via travel distance would not allow that kind of registration.

4000 people a day means in 12 hour days as you can not register people when they are asleep, which means they had to register a voter every 10.8 seconds.

I will bet you there were not 4000 con artists registering people as it would take at least 100,000 Obama agents to even come close to registering that many people.......and at 100,000 Obama agents that is still only 4.5 minutes to register each voter.
It can not be done even on those time limits of travel, Obama did not have a million people at his rallies and it takes at least that amount of time to fill out a registration and turn it in.

And furthermore, only 25% at most of North Carolina is black, which means there are only 2 and a quarter million blacks period in the state.
Blacks like all groups have children, which means there are not 2.25 million voting blacks, but more on the order of 1 million at most.

Obama's campaign wants to tell the world they registered 800,000 blacks out of a million voter base, so that before in the election only 200,000 blacks voted in North Carolina.
That is impossible.

This is voter fraud. Perhaps Newsbusters could actually do a math check and alert the Federal Elections Commission.

Thank you

agtG 240, 276