Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some necessary Obama Bailout Questions

As the Obama orgasm spasms throughout all except the economy in making it feel good, someone besides Rep. John Boehner of the GOP asking about ghost loans of 2 trillion dollars to who knows where and what that the taxpayer is being stuck with in asking the real questions of just how much of this government bailout money and financial disaster flowed directly into Barack Obama's campaign funding orgy of 800 million dollars.

We know for a fact today that the Democratic Party BORROWED 15 million dollars for Barack Obama in the last weeks of the election. Which banks did this come from and as homeowners were in dire straits at the very least banks were giving Obama loans for steak dinners and jet trips while poor people were being squeezed to pay their mortgage.
At the worst, Barack Obama took money directly flowing from previous bailouts or the 700 million dollar bailout Congress voted for.

David Plouffe of the Obama campaign has been emailing people like a vampire demanding blood from a turnip for donors to pay even more money into paying off this Obama debt.
Howard Dean has fled the scene and Donna Brazil if she takes the job is going to inherit a vast pool of funding that demands criminal investigation.

For all the complaining about CEO's getting bonuses from bailout money, let us ask just what money flowed into Barack Obama's campaign from troubled banks that taxpayers backed instead of having things like school tuition to medical care.

I broke the story that the funding of the Obama overseas campaign was coming in from counterfeit money flowing into Middle Eastern banks, who then were using stolen "dead" credit cards to flow that money into Obama's campaign.
We know this happened, because one woman found thousands of dollars being charged to her credit card donated to Obama which she never donated.

The reason this matters is what I reported on in there is as the British were warning serveral years ago huge doors opened to embezzlement, money fraud and money laundering using credit cards moving money around.
Currently American Express is reporting billions in losses due to repackaged debt. I have maintained all along that the credit card companies and American banks were being swindled to billions of dollars a year in the counterfeit money flow.

To make this literal, let us look at Obama.

Obama receives 300 million dollars from the Middle East. The said Middle East bank has in it counterfeit money from Lebanon deposited knowing it is bogus.
Said Obama operatives in the Middle East take stolen American credit card numbers which if one recalls were all over the news just before the Obama campaign decided it was going to raise money via credit cards.
The operatives phone Obama's Penny Pritzker and donate whatever amounts that showed up on their books which amount to 300 million dollars.

American credit card companies pay it thinking they are being paid with real money from these banks. The operatives pay by electronic transfers the credit card bill so no physical bill is sent and the owner whether living or dead has no idea their account is active as most accounts do not show year end statements.

The money then goes into the Obama accounts in America banks and is paid out to willing Obama sucklings all squealing like pigs for the Obama in being funded by him.
For all the nonsense of Shep Smith not believing the MSM is in the tank for Obama and made a difference, no one has asked grinning Shep just how much 800 million dollars buys in loyalty from the media.

In this money fraud, there is a gaping hole just like if you paid for a car with bogus bills. Eventually all of that debt hole starts showing up and that is something no one has been daring to even write of except here.

I actually warned the European and American financiers that their illegal credit card cash cow was in jeopardy of being exposed due to what Obama's operatives were flowing into his campaign. 300 million dollars for Obama now exposing billions being laundered flowing into trillions of illegal funds of human traffic, drugs, diamonds, weapons and whatever else is a commodity for black market profit.

At the very least Barack Obama is on record for taking 15 million dollars from a strapped population in need of every cent to make house payments. At the mid ground, Barack Obama owes 300 million dollars in money which should be seized by the Treasury as it was fraudlent coming out of the Middle East. At the maximum, Barack Obama is knowingly guilty of criminal money fraud in taking a part in funding his campaign in the economic rape of the United States.

Americans banks, American credit card companies and America all in extreme trouble and the one person profiting from it politically is Barack Hussein Obama and the one person whose finance must be searched out in just how much bailout funding was flowing to Barack Obama.

An audit John Boehner, audit Barack Hussein Obama.



American Express

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