Friday, July 17, 2009

Exclusive Polygamist Stanley Ann Dunham

In a universe of matter and anti matter exclusive only to this blog, as the exclusives here are so large beyond this world, it is once again interesting to expose the Obama crime family.

On this adventure, this blog has discovered that Stanley Ann Dunham was a polygamist in having never legally divorced her first husband, Barack Hussein Obama I, as she committed perjury in filing false information to the Divorce Court in Hawaii.

We start this educational venture from a post at Plains Radio which being given full credit here in posting the divorce papers of Libellant, Stanley Ann D. Obama, reveals that she and her attorney, a Mr. Kerr, swore in court papers that she was a resident of Hawaii for over 2 years to legally divorce the very mind torturous Barack sr. as Stanley Ann claimed.

The court papers are noted to be signed on January 20th, 1964 with Stanley Ann Dunham's, signature which is also bizarre as that was not her legal name as she was married, but what is one more perjury and fraud when living in criminal Hawaii eh?

The reason this matters is that 4 sources from Wikipedia, the University of Hawaii and the University of Washington, along with Washington public records, all prove that in 1962, Stanley Ann Dunham was living in Washington state, a resident of that state for over 6 months and legally a citizen of Washington state while attending university.

So in backtracking 2 years from the legal court papers from January 20th, 1964 to January 20th, 1962, people who can do subtraction find that Mrs. Obama was not in Hawaii as claimed and filed in official court papers, but was a resident of Washington state.

All of this means that Stanley Ann Dunham Obama committed perjury which makes her a felon. It also voids court records and decrees, because she lied and the court has no jurisdiction if Mrs. Obama was not a legal resident of Hawaii as Barack sr. certainly was a resident of Kenya.
Furthermore her perjury negates the divorce decree on it's own crime and therefore Mrs. Obama was polygamist and her marriage, along with anything else she signed, was granted money for as Mrs. Soetoro was also criminal fraud.

Those P words will get you into a great deal of trouble if non corrupt Hawaiian courts would actually obey the laws of the United States.

In fact, Mrs. Dunham Obama Soetoro was an international criminal, and, it fits with this entire bizarre pattern this family conducted itself as, as they lied more than Bill Clinton ever had the savvy to on legal documents which exposes one to federal felony charges when they involve immigration, birth registrations, university grants and little things like being in the White House.

The patterns are all there, and reveal what frauds the Dunham Obama's all are.

I'm just amazed that no one happened upon this yet, because the odds are as none of these Stanley Ann stories add up from 1961 to the day she died, which include her son Barry jr, that somewhere in these known documents there is something which will expose Obama as a criminal felon which no one has noticed yet.
It is definitely why Obama has had a mad scramble on in wiping the internet clean of documents where he was born when he was outed in that story did not match up...........

Just like Stanley Ann Dunham's residency dates do not match up in criminal fraud on court papers.

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