Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Obamastan bin Ladenstan


Wanna know a secret?

Barack Hussein Obama has murdered more Americans in the summer of 2009, than Sheik Ossama bin Laden has murdered in the past 5 years.

This blog is taking the gloves off, as if readers will presume I have had them on concerning Bearick Obama, because after little "g" McChrystal came out with his assessment in the war he and Obama planned in Afnamistan that the blame was on the American Soldiers for not making friends with the Afghan locals in why America was floundering there.

I have warned people that Obama in Afnamistan was setting up a situation to destroy the morale of United States Soldiers and the people of America in mirror of the psychological campaign wages against America by these internationalists in Vietnam. The reason being that a cowed America will turn the stage over to Europe and America can than become this 3rd world state of Liberians, Somalis, Chinese, Mexicans and whatever else illegal refuse is being pumped into there for slave labor, so the nation will fragment into chaos in peon marches.

I had hoped that McChrystal being a trigger puller would win Afghanistan, but instead his Rockefeller breeding has come out to engage a murderous plan upon Americans. This is a disgrace and America is in real danger now in this deliberate policy to humiliate America.

It is worth reminding readers that it was one Bearick Huxxxein Obama who lectured Americans in the debate with John McCain that Obama knew how to get Sheik bin Laden as it was so easy and he could get it down where Bush 43 had failed.
It is going on a year now, and still Sheik bin Laden rules the mountains while Obama and his puppy press fail to mention what fools they are.

I will reveal another secret as this blog's assessment was proven correct in all of this in Sheik bin Laden is in the Chinese hinterlands on the old Silk Road in the Xianxang province.

How do I know this? Well, I will not reveal that...........I will just reveal certain logistics in asking readers to note, "Have you heard from Sheik bin Laden or Zawahiri lately?"

The answer is "No", so ask now why is that?

The reply is the logic that Pakistan has been pounding certain enclaves where al Qaeda was operating. The Sheik uses Pakistan as his communications route as has been exposed here due to the amount of time, to almost the day, that Zawahiri's and the Sheik's messages were being delivered to the world from noted events they were lecturing about.
The Pakistani part of the courier route has been disrupted, so therefore the communications have been cut and no one has been hearing from the boys in turbans.
As they are both alive, it means they are in an area where America dares not strike........and that means China as always who has been harbouring the leadership, since Zawahiri made his visit to Peking years ago.

So in this Obama era, this all assesses that Pakistan has cut off the communications links, not Obama. Obama though has been getting Americans murdered while Sheik bin Laden just sits and watches the show.
Sheik bin Laden has honestly not cost the American taxpayer one cent for quite some time, while Bearick Obama has cost the Americans trillions of dollars.

Looks more and more like Sheik bin Laden has a man in Washington to bring down America, and his name is, Barack Hussein Obama.
Compare for a moment the drunken, sex pervert, scowling terrorists of 9 11 living on easy street and one can show drunken Obama on his New York Date Night, his lusting after 16 year old ass in Rome and his now perpetual threatening glares at Americans as he lives the high life jetting about America.

OK so what is the difference when both have Muslim names, are not acting like Muslims, but acting like murderous Marxists. Who knows maybe Obama after he terrorized New York with Air Force one, he might order it crashed into some building to help Sheik bin Laden out.

Oh my did you forget about that little venture of Obama in a photo shoot.........terrorizing the people of New York with Air Force One flyovers just like the 9 11 terrorists.
Sort of looks like a pattern now doesn't it in Obama has his Afnamistan and Obama is acting just like the 9 11 terrorists now doesn't it.

I doubt the American masses will awaken to all of this, but the point is that certain people will find in the volumes of information here things that will resonate with them, so in the mountain of evidence of Obama the crook, something will be their passionate torch to ignite in them the flame of conversation with others to list the facts of Obama isn't getting Ossama, Obama has turned Afghanistan into Afnamistan, Obama has killed more Americans lately than Sheik bin Laden, and if you look at the facts, Obama has been acting out exactly like the 9 11 terrorists, complete with jet flyovers of New York City.

It is allot to grasp for people, even those like Sol Sanders of the Washington Times who still thinks Obama is inept, when in reality, he is on a mission complete and is deliberately destroying America to remake it in his Marxist image as Rush Limbaugh has spoken of.

The Obama voters suffering from battered Obama Syndrome are not going to ever get this, but the Americans with awareness are going to understand that Obama 486 is a mindless drone, but this creature is on a self destruct mission to take down the United States for his elitist cronies rule.
People have just not figured this out yet that Obama is an illegal, an enemy combatant, and he is waging a war of revolution against the United States people, as he in his manifesto dictated.

In wrapping this up, I was puzzled recently when Ed Koch spoke out in favor of rounding up all illegals in American custody and shipping them out.
Did Mr. Koch realize that Bearick Obama is in the custody of the Secret Service, is an illegal occupant in the United States as a British subject, and that he would be covered under Mr. Koch's expulsion orders?

From the mouths of 80 year old babes in New York comes the answer to America's main problem. Throw illegal alien Obama out of the country, because this is what Democrat Ed Koch is advocating as US policy.

God bless that to happen and it is one Democratic policy I will agree to. Expel Obama and his illegals to save US Soldiers and the United States for Obama's Afnamistan.

agtG 236

PS: Note to the artificials. Your program of highlighting all your code words in yellow, your technicians have fixed, but your java is jumping the script again. Please fix this as while it is rollercoaster fun while flying over a keyboard, it is too visible in your surveillance and looks like something coming out of a 3rd world country. It is hardly inspiring to see such slipshod antagonism of blogs. You need to find more suave and sophisticated methods to bother bloggers as is fitting your trillion dollar systems.
My compliments to Cameron, Dr. Fringe.