Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exclusive: Curing H1N1 Obama Flu

Just so readers know, this is not satire, but is completely real in there is and has been a way to keep children from dying from H1N1 and it is up to the public to ask why in the hell the media has not been making the treatment public.

This morning in a conversation with a relative I have in the Kansas City medical system, she related that of her grandchildren, two had contracted H1N1.
Obviously, their group is of the 50% of Americans who will not go anywhere near this vaccine.

When the Mother phoned the physician, the nurse gave the following medical treatment they had been utilizing to keep people from dying from H1N1 who were high risk or children.
It was simply to make the patients drink enough water as the high fever was burning fluids out of the body. The dehydration was causing the pneumonia the nurse said which was killing people.

The nurse told the Mother, isolate the children in the home, do not bring them in as it would spread the virus. She was then to make sure the children drank water (notice not fluids as in juice only). When the children thought they had enough water, the Mother was supposed to make them drink more.

Granted as a caveat, for the Darwin candidates, we are not speaking of 5 gallons of water forced down a child, but an amount which would keep the child hydrated, so the dehydration would not provide the environment for the bacterial lung infection which has killed so many children.

The children were noted to want to sleep a great deal, which would in sedentary positions also cause fluid build up in the lungs, once again causing the problem, but as long a parent parented the children in checking them and making certain the high fevers did not dehydrate them, the body should deal with this in a normal healing matter.

My relatives children recovered with no problems and I am thankful for the Kansas City medical community for actually figuring out how to treat this H1N1.

I now though am incensed by the local medias around the country and the national media of the Obama press who has been doing nothing but scaring the hell out of parents and children, making people stand in lines in the cold to get that vaccine, when the fact is in the majority of cases if the patient simply made certain they had enough water in their body to deal with the virus, they would have never died.

I feel compassion and anger for the parents now suffering in the deaths of their children, if the cure was right before them the entire time in just making certain the patients were drinking enough water.

It astounds me that the Kansas City medical community knows this, which is a hub center for the entire United States, and somehow the rest of the United States medical and news divisions are somehow ignorant of this simple treatment in curing H1N1.

Granted there are always exceptions to every rule in some virus do kill certain people, but if re hydration is the key and this information has been withheld, it is a criminal offense in the Obama media and the Obama medical shills, especially at CDC.

These people have herded millions of North Americans into getting this vaccine and logic states why and has been covered in this blog and will not be repeated, but if simply drinking water would have cured the majority of people who contracted this flu, then the same flu would build antibodies to accomplish the same immunization better, as H1N1 as this blog first noted could mutate, but it is a dead end control virus which does not mutate.

That is the information I am sharing which was provided me, and I sincerely hope it helps people sleep a little better in not being terrified by the Obamalings over H1N1.

Drinking water is certainly better medical advice than Janet Naplitano telling people to wipe snot on their sleeves. (Yes that part was satire and Axelrod Inc. deserves it for terrorizing Americans.)