Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wall Street Journal Confirms Lame Cherry Hutatree Assessment

I give all credit to God's Inspiration in all that happens in this blog as time and again what is posted here is proven correct in time.

This blog was moved immediately in scenting something was Obama wrong in the Hutatree event, which has now transformed into the Hutatree Conspiracy from Obama Inc. in daily new information is leaking out proving this was an Obama set up event and with the fingerprints on this from the Clinton era, it is evident this is Jamie Gorelick compartmentalized and being run directly out of the White House.
From the silence of Direct Mueller of the FBI, it is evident that he has been isolated as much of the FBI has and this is running through a directive in who this looks like in Janet Reno's tenure in this is all Eric Holder.

The most damning of information was found when the indictment was unsealed in Court, because Justice screwed up in using the wrong middle name on the Hutatree leader.
I am not going to name the people in Hutatree as they really do not matter. They simply were patsies in this and using Hutatree is more efficient as the real problem is in the operations which are being carried out in finding patsies in order to condition Americans to accept greater Obama operations which are coming.

When I warned readers here of this operation and other operations were only needing the the trigger date to initiate as I know these operations from the protocols, the Wall Street Journal proved it in the unsealed indictment with this quote:

The indictment said Hutaree had practiced attacks and other military maneuvers for more than a year.

This is the damning part in the more than a year, because it opens the question in how does the government know Hutatree was on maneuvers for more than a year unless it was involved in, or had been monitoring them.
What this logically deduces to is, one of the other militias who had an FBI mole reported this Hutatree group and it was simply put into a file and monitored as nothing was expected of it.

Remember the more than a year because Mr. Obama has been in office just over a year. This means that from January 20th, Eric Holder was sent on a Saul Alinksy mission to find a perfect patsy group to initiate future operations for Obama political gain.

The situation in this reveals this was top level in a real FBI agent was sent in to stoke the situation: The WSJ quote:
The grand-jury exhibit included sworn testimony of a law-enforcement officer that Mr. Piatek "is the person known by a Cooperating Witness and an undercover FBI agent to be the person who participated in the criminal violations" detailed in the indictment.

Translated this situation went like this:

Hutatree had a gathering and said agent was sent in to stoke up the situation in 2009 as Hal Turner was told to stoke up the situation with white supremacists.

The conversation would have been led on these not too educated Hutatree people to condition them into thinking about the anti Christ, and then what would they do?

Then it would be something about, "Those terrorists in the Middle East are sure giving it to our boys there," what would you do?

The conversation being led would connect the dots against the US government, mentions of Obama noted as the anti Christ with and then what would you do?

The real steering in mentioning how terrorists attack using IED's, how Charlie Manson attempted this same plan and how real followers of Christ have to prepare, were mere pointing to probable websites and information. This would then evoke the stoked up reaction intended and the guys in militia uniforms happily feeling their power from the agent provocateur, put up a website with videos to damn them when the smear was intended.

Push a patsy on the road they are standing, and then the next "what would you do" has them saying in fantasy they would attack a local police officer in an expanded scenario they were led to.
The local police are then warned they are in danger which causes the appropriate reaction, and, the BATF is sent in after being showed all these videos and select recordings of audio to ramp them up in the hope that a David Koresch shoot out occurs.

Who are the "experts" the Wall Street Journal trots out in this?

Heidi Beirich, director of research for the Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, Ala., said Hutaree has a MySpace page listing more than 300 "friends," some of which are members of other militia groups. The election of Barack Obama as the country's first African-American president has galvanized some white supremacist in parts of the militia universe. Domestic terrorism from armed groups not connected to Islamic ideology is possible, said Lydia Khalil, a counter-terrorism researcher at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

What a surprise the Southern Poverty Law Center which smears Americans non stop and the CFR which in league with Bill Gates just said they use vaccines to crop a billion people.

The likely "witnesses" are all in force in this and this operation is going full steam ahead as Americans have been conditioned for over a year now to expect this and when the next violent operations occur, they will accept that too.

Violence is a key element in this as the BATF went in expecting a fire fight, when in reality they were dealing with a bunch of people who had no intention of fighting anything. There were no bombs found and there was no resistance.
What did Hutatree do when BATF showed up? They phoned another militia for help. They in essence submitted and dialed 911 unless the call was from another mole attempting to induce a firefight which would play directly into this.

The very actions of the Hutatree in compliantly being arrested reveals everything being stated about them is not what their psychology is.

This is not a widespread operation in the federal government and is being run as compartmentalized as the Clinton operations in New York in the first Twin Towers, Ruby Ridge, OKC and Waco.
This patterns for those who took the bait and blamed George W. Bush for the Twin Towers, exactly what this blog stated in 9 11 was an inside Clinton operation being run to embarrass Bush, but went out of control. It was all compartmentalized as this is.
This is mirror image of the operations run against Lawrence Sinclair which started out with Kennedy Axelrod bribery and embarrassment of Joseph Farah in covering the story, and then graduated to the thuggery involving the Biden Syndicate and other federal agencies.

The key component of the Clinton group was operating in Plamegate in the attempted coup on President Bush. Patrick Fitzgerald was rewarded, destroyed Rod Blagojevich and is now in charge of all US Attorneys, the same US Attorney in Michigan now prosecuting this Hutatree group in a federal conspiracy.

This is all being tied to smear Christians as Janet Napolitano already listed Christians as state enemies. This was an over year long operation which begs the damning question.............

In the federal government's own indictment.........

The indictment said Hutaree had practiced attacks and other military maneuvers for more than a year.

Ask the obvious if Hutatree was going to assassinate a Michigan Police Officer for over a year, why did Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder not arrest these people in February 2009?

Think on that one, if Hutatree who simply laid down and were arrested like sheep having collars put on them, why if they were practicing these terror attacks did not Obama arrest them immediately, but waited until after the Gauntlet Gate was initiated by Lewis, Frank and ABC at Tea Partiers?
That is the reason in this was designed to be sprung now, and it is evident in the past operations in this Obama group, that there are due dates about to be sprung to build this story which has a recurring theme of Obama, racism, Christians and armed Citizens tainting the military.

The second phase of this might be a Gordon Kahl incident in another media event of another public statement of the crushing power of the federal government or it might be graduated to a New York subway attack as the public is being conditioned for another 9 11 phase three. The essence being though these operations are underway in plug and play all across America in all of our states.
If you doubt this, observe the quote in the Wall Street Journal in the FBI agent running this Michigan operation:

FBI agent Andrew Arena called Hutaree "an example of radical and extremist fringe groups which can be found throughout our society."

The Obama FBI just said America is filled with what they define as terror groups and Agent Arena tipped the Obama hand in this is going to spread in epic proportions as the Obama police state brings this to your community and you start wondering how all these people you know are nothing like the federal police are smearing them as.
Sounds like Scooter Libby being pursued by Patrick Fitzgerald and ending up in prison for something he was not being investigated for.

And what were the evil things and damning evidence the Obama government seized to prosecute the Hutatree group?

".....spent about three hours searching the premises, taking, among other things, Bibles, her cellphone, notebooks, a camouflage military jacket and a belt buckle reading, "God, Guns and Guts."

Note America, Bibles were removed to be used as evidence in a trial against Americans. That is worth repeating in Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder are going to prosecute Americans on what is written in their Bibles.

This is just the start. Obama Inc. is tripping the wires in producing the situations to their benefit, all to neutralize key political groups and to taint Sarah Palin for 2012.

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Wall Street Journal exposes Obama Hutatree Conspiracy