Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I did not have Sestak with that man, Barack Obama

"They (the White House) got hold of my brother on his cellphone, and he spoke to the White House… about what's going to occur," said Sestak, who said he expects the White House will release its information Friday. He declined to elaborate on his discussions with his brother.

The Sestak boys are an interesting lot joined at the hip, as Joe is the public personal and Richard runs the persona from behind the scenes.
Some have wondered in the Sestak bribe just why was it that the White House in handling this decided to phone the campaign director brother, Richard, instead of contacting Joe directly.

Robert Bauers legal fingerprints in this in distancing the White House from direct contact with a Democratic Representative, running in the Democratic party, who would serve in a Democratic Senate, working directly with Democrat Obama seems a bit odd in how does one distance themselves from Sestak when Obama and him are like visitors from the same braying womb.

Putting this into perspective in the Blagojevich graft, one sees wheelers and dealers in the Democratic political world. Hillary Clinton holds out to stack the State Department as her domain, Leon Panetta runs CIA as his turf, Aaron Burr Biden adds plagiarism to idiocy and Tim Geithner loots the Stock Market for his cronies.
What then is the deal for Richard Sestak? I mean this is not Conan O'Brien holding out for millions for his staff from NBC, but in brotherly love, Richard Sestak certainly as donator to his brother, certainly isn't going to go pick boogers out of Obama's nose while Joe sails away on the SS Sec. of Navy.

Is that what the call from the White House to Sestak par frère was really about? Was the coordination to get Richard on board not so much for sins of the past, but Obama shelling out for Dick Sestak what Obama would not put out for Mrs. Blagojevich.

Remember in this that Hillary Clinton still has not had her campaign debt paid off by Obama. There never would have been a Blagojevich problem if Obama had not been an ass and simply found some European to hire Patti Blagojevich for a 6 figure salary at say British Petroleum Libya, and there never would have been this Chicago crime story.
Obama just will not put out for women, but is now the pie sweetener not only support in Joe Sestak for Senate, but when things go tits up, are the Sestak boys now both going to have faulty memories and find some million dollar jobs awaiting for them in the Libyan oil fields to get them out of the country in the way Vera Baker vamoosed to the Carribean after Obama tapped that thang.

This is beyond criminal in Obama is criminally stupid. Sestak does his loyal best to Bill Clinton to never mention his name. Joe does his loyal best to never mention his brother, yet the White House not only makes a public lunch with Bill Clinton in the cover up, but now they have donor Dick penis and center engulfed in this gusher of a cover up.

Rule number one in any cover up is to stop bringing in people to lie, so that they will be caught in lies.

Bill Clinton never brought in all the pervs he was bragging to when he was nailing Monica Lewinsky. It was just Monica, the cigar and the blue dress.

Obama though now has Bob Bauer, Rahm Emanuel, Jim Messina, Bill Clinton, Joe Sestak and Richard Sestak.
Bauer is an cuckold in the way Axelrod was mauling his wife in public and in handling this cover up needs someone directing as all he is doing is watching the action.
Emanuel and Clinton lie wonderfully, and Messina knows how to keep his mouth shut and disappear, as has proven in the Romanoff bribes.

Joe Sestak though can not keep his mouth shut, as he constantly relays new information. I am surprised he ever rose to Admiral as this guy would have been telling the Chicoms the US nuclear codes if the subject of microwave ovens came up.
Richard from the same womb, has to have the same parrot running his mouth, so two Sestaks in the Obama bird cage under oath are going to sink Obama faster than David Axelrod screaming, "IT WASN'T ME IN THAT MEETING!"

No wonder Elizabeth Edwards called Axelrod a dunce and fired him, as she saw he had no testicles and couldn't lie worth an Obama.

In this, we really need a deep throat. I think that lipstick lesbian Hillary is dildo shopping with would be a good choice. Someone like Dana Milbank could meet her in parking lots and act as stupid as Carl Bernstein while she handed over flashdrives from her garter belt.
This is important as this will be made into an Oliver Stone movie defending Obama, and there has to be some leg involved for the perv audience to tune in.

In that, we could find out all sorts of juicy details from Deep Garter Belt. Things Bill Clinton knows and has evidence of, but has been blackmailing Obama for coup assignments.
Now is the time for Clinton and Clinton to sink their Barry, as the GOP will impeach him, Hillary can take head of state as the real 44th President as she is a native child, and in the tussle her Congressional betrayers will all be out on the streets with a new GOP Congress for her to assist like Bill did.

Donor Dick though is the problem for both Obama and Clinton. Can Obama trust this brother to keep his mouth shut if the bribe is big enough, and can Bill Clinton keep this operative of his operating without Obama figuring out this is a coup?

Oh that is right, I have not exclusively noted this that the Stesaks seem quite Clinton, as Bill was hanging around the White House as former Clintonista Rahm Emanuel just happened to come up with this bribe and send his old or current boss out to destroy the Obama regime by offering up a bribe.........and then having cherry pie with Obama on the day of the cover up to get the stories straight.

There has not been this much intrigue since Dick Armitage and Colin Powell were trying to install him as Rockefeller Sec. of State in Plamegate with Patrick Fitzgerald.
Oh you didn't know that either? Well another exclusive found only here, because with Bush impeached and Cheney impeached, who do you think was going to be the President other than Colin Powell, Rockefeller employee.

Yes Bush 43 had not only a coup plotted against him for taking all that Obama oil in Iraq from the cartels, but the Rockefellers were going to install the first tan President in Carribean Powell as the 44th Oval Office occupant.

Now though it is European cartel puppet Obama, and another coup is being staged by Bill and Hillary Clinton with those scampy Sestak brothers, Joe and his Dick.

This is quite brilliant in the Clintons will get the GOP and the right wing pundits to dethrone Obama, be completely free of blame and install Hamrod to the formerly semen stained carpet office.

Oh and if you missed it...........

Dick Sestak like all cell phone owners has an unlisted number. Joe stated that the White House called Dick on his cell phone, and that was without anyone named Joe providing the number.
This means the Obama White House just accessed personal information on Dick Sestak which is not available. One knows they did not use Intelius which means government resources were accessed illegally all for the cover up of a felony crime.

The Obama crimes just keep mounting up with a little help from Bill Clinton and his Dick.

Strange is it that with all these dicks around causing problems, that this time it is Bill Clinton's Dick who is pleasuring Hillary in the White House to Obama's displeasure.


PS: Oh I forgot, the only Admiral in this wants to bring Eric Holder to Pennsylvania with the Gitmo terrorists and try them there, making the City of Brotherly Love a nuclear terror target.
Wonder if that is why when Faisal Fizzler Shahzad's bomb was smoking if that race in PA was having terror problems.
In any Obama though, would Dick Sestak get the nod to represent the terrorists as a payback from Obama in Joe's silence, and win the case, setting Obama's terror buddies free?

So many interesting angles in the story of brotherly love, one almost expects Obama to appear next greased up at a gay bar where lesbians were grabbing Chelsea Clinton's ample posterior for a 2008 vote for Mom Hillary.

Probably some immoral to this story, but with usurpers, liars, military sodomite sex, coups and "I did not have Sestak with that man, Barack Obama", it all gets lost in the rub.

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