Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rolling Stoned

I will admit to something.

I have been slowing down this blog in order for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Charlie Rose and the Great One to catch up.
I apologize for this, but when this blog is 6 weeks ahead of everyone who are on the cutting edge, I literally have to slow down by at least 3 days. So when you read this on the Sabbath, this weekend, you will know this was posted on Thursday morning.
So my blogs are still exclusively first, even if you are starting to hear the curve saying the same thing within hours of it posting here first.

What needs to be addressed is my exclusives concerning McChrystal, Patreaus, the Gulf and Obama, in how this all ties into Spike Lee Obama kicking ass not of terrorists, but of the American military.

Rolling Stone had alerted Obama long ago this was coming what McChrystals staff was spouting off about. The regime crafted this Obama to look leaderlike as he needed it over how bad he looked in the Gulf.
Obama though looks worse in kicking out gunslinger McChrystal.

I really would have it that the talkers on the right would quit bashing Rolling Stone, the liberal reporter and stating that McChrystal never stated the things in the interview.
As no one else reported this, the Stones representative was on Charlie Rose and when Rose was pointing out that McChrystal never said those things, the guy just grinned which Rose picked up on and said, "THERE ARE WORSE THINGS OFF THE RECORD MCCHRYSTAL SAID?"

The Stones reporter affirmed just that. If liberals think that the McChrystal staff and McChyrstal were saying bad things about the regime, what could not be printed was a thousand times more damning.
That needs repeating in McChrystal gathered around him like minds who voted for Obama, but they had just as thin skins in being hammered by Biden, and were retaliating I firmly believe knowing they would be sacked, because they finally figured out Obama is going to make them a scapegoat for losing the war like Vietnam.

In an exclusive, in Helen Thomas vulgarity, just as McChrystal picked staff who were the same special ops blow hards thinking they were like Randy Moss in their presence is so important that hanging a jockstrap on the goal posts intimidates the opponent so much they cower in fear, that all the trashing of McChrystal from Biden and Obamalings is what is coming from Obama's mouth.
B. Hussein Obama has just as many tampon wearers as McChrystal has jock wearers.

If you visit Jonathan Alter's book, you find Obama was portrayed as the guy standing around telling the McChrystal and company that it was no longer 2001 and Obama was putting them on the short leash, WOOF WOOF!
Compare that with McChrystal's assessment of Obama being a scared little boy around grown up officers.

Who do you believe as one of them is lying? McChrystal is telling the facts and Obama is lying. We know this because when Holbrooke and the Hillary boys were chanting the Obama line, they ran into Patraeus and company and in one meeting those officers had Holbrooke stuttering, star struck and wide eyed, chanting not Obama mantras, but Bush policy.
Holbrooke has made a Carter catastrophe out of the central East, but do not think this is Holbrooke alone or the idiot ambassador. This is Obama Brzezinski policy deliberately imploding the region and as typical of Obama, Holbrooke is terrified he is going to be fired for implementing what Obama wants destroyed.

Liberals you had better not miss this exclusive fact in Obama eats his own. He ate Blagojevich, Spitzer, Paterson, Dodd, that security guy no one knew was in the government, British Petroleum and the loveliest of all in Richard Holbrooke.
Bill Clinton never ate his folks. Sure some got a bullet to the brain and dumped across from the Saudi Embassy, but that was the Hillary division. Obama is bi polar opposite in he eats his own.

He ate two generals in Afghanistan in his right war and the war has not really started except importing terrorists to American and Afnamistan.

So this trash talk of the regime is Helen Thomas' tongue in Obama's mouth, because that is how Obama talks all the time. One only has to visit the tongue of A S S Obama in Senate grilling of Patraeus to hear the biggest populist dolt dumb as a post in treasonous Aaron Burr's lily garden.
Biden sounds like a heavyweight idiot flapping his jaws plagiarizing people, but Obama sounds like a lightweight idiot running off at the mouth, and there is nothing worse than being the lint on Biden's idiocy.

This is the operational situation in the Special Operations branch of the military is at war with the Obama regime. The political officers are sitting in the latrine writing Obama luv poems on the wall......

There once a Bearick named Barack
Who thought with his little minded coc.............

Ok enough of Obama poetry in the Pentagon latrines, because the regular military is now being run in the Navy by the Pacific commander implementing policy and the Army is furious at being Obama fodder appeasing terrorists in secret payback treaties.
.....and as Obama is at war with the entire military and is seeking to perform sexocide in dumping homosexuals in the military to thin them out.

So as John Voit has correctly pointed out that Obama has created Civil War in America, uncivil war against Jews, there must be noted that Obama has started another war, not against Muslim terrorists, but Obama is at war with the United States military.

Hey, the last Marxist who was cleaning officer house like this was Joe Stalin in wiping out his best officers just before World War II.
That is fitting as World War III is on the horizon and Obama is setting the United States up and Europe for epic battle defeats.

In review, Spike Lee Obama makes war on Pakistan, and Yemen makes war on Obama, so Obama makes war on Deepwater Horizon in covert warfare and then the GOP Gulf States.
Obama loses that war, so he is informed by Rolling Stone that McChrystal says Obama has "sh*t for brains and thinks with his dick turd c*ck", so Obama kicks McChrystal's a** to cover his ass for kicking BP's a** as Obama declared warfare on the US military.

In review, Obama has lost Iraq when it was won, Obama has lost Afghanistan when it was stabilized. Obama has lost Pakistan when it was an ally of America in now it's terrorists are coming to America. Obama has lost the war on his Gulf Gusher.

That is the explanation of what has been going on behind the scenes. McChrystal was saying worse than what his staff was. It was true, but then McChrystal wanted out to save himself from hisself.

The net loser again is the US Soldier. The US Soldiers who are now confronting Iran on the high seas for the Jews who Obama slapped around, when the Jews are capable of blowing their own enemies out of the water. The US Soldiers dying now in mass around the world due to Obama endangering them.
The Obama Mooselum tribal wars will come home in large scale. There is going to come a time when the bluff of George W. Bush which deals with vaporizing Mecca and key Muslim assets, that the Iranians will by proxy as in the downing of TWA Flight 800 vaporize New York City as a greater Obama hostage will appear holding halo head to a Rose Garden strategy like Jimmy Carter was.

That is why Obama is vacationing and having rock concerts, as he is fleeing the job and seeking only pleasure and adoration. Obama is held hostage. McChrystal and his staff know this, and that is what they were stating as they jumped the Obama ship as she is sinking.

Enough to absorb for now, as now is Thursday and God has me in a new world of Thought.