Monday, November 8, 2010

Decision Pointless: George W. Bush

peeping george outside looking in

I personally have finished forever making any more excuses for George W. Bush nor will engage in the fawning fanfare of Oprah, Leno, Limbaugh or Hannity, as his mummy, poppie, wife and wonder of wonders little Jeb Bush tags along, all so George can launch Jeb into the White House, because Jeb is not man enough to do it on his more than he was man enough to save Terri Schiavo from slow tortuous murderous death.

George Bush having an entourage hold his hand, looks pathetically as weak as B. Hussein Obama, and now that the Bush family has decided to maul to politically rape Sarah Palin so they can install Jeb into the executive office of America, it is the end of the road as I will not stand for he assault, abuse, beating, badgering and rapine of any woman on this planet, as it carries on the heals of the smears George H. W. Bush in his gang of squat assassins smeared Ronald Reagan after he left office, how George W. Bush in a slimy campaign ruined John McCain in 2000 and again in 2008, and now is engaged in a long hard rape of Sarah Palin in his pathetic, sick, soulless minions lead by Karl Rove, Steve Schmidt, Michael Gerson and that Obama whore Peggy Noonan who in patrician outrage is back at it again assaulting Gov. Palin in Obama Murdoch's Wall Street Journal.

The gloves are off and if Sean Hannity wants to continue siding up with this ilk of dishonor which is burning down America in savaging women as he promotes the Tea Party, the questioning is going to tag him by Americans just how Elton Blonde he is in being part of the problem.

In Decision Points, the thing that leaped out at me was one thing as I frankly thought it read more like an Obama teleprompter speech in George W. Bush was all I, ME, MINE, and I was left wondering "What would Jesus do?"
Yes as this blog noted in Iraq as George Bush took all the glory after asking for American prayers to God for victory, where is God in George Bush's life as God does not appear at the front of Mr. Bush's life, but it is all about George.

This might surprise readers that the flaws of Bush are going to be examined here, as I have often defended him to the maximum, but I find him absolutely without merit in the lack of God featured on every page and I find him lacking in this beastly assault on American Conservative Ladies, now conducting a mass rape as it moves from one Lady to the next.

What kind of worthless soul is there in an entire family which sends out an entire smear squad to destroy a Jewish American in George Allen who should be President and uses that same smear squad to destroy Sarah Palin, all to manipulate the elections, so little Jeb Bush will have a field of dead to walk through on his ghoul trip to Pennsylvania Avenue?

What the hell does that say about Jeb Bush as a man in he has to have George and Mummy fight it out for him, as he whimpers on the sidelines that Ronald Reagan is road kill?

This goes onto the complete impetus of George W. Bush in booze and coke must have fried his brain as much as Obama's mind is fried. Bush would not pardon two American Heroes in being Border Agents. Bush would not pardon Scooter Libby after Dick Cheney pleaded for that to return Mr. Libby's good name, after Libby took the sword for Bush in saving his presidency.

All of the Bush presidency was nothing but infighting among damn patricians like Obama's is nothing but infighting between tribal Muslims with Americans bloodied and dying in between.

George W. Bush looks just like the photo above, a pathetic peeping Tom, not able to get an erection as he leers in the window at the real Americans leading their lives trying to save America.

Bush is a damn liar, no not about not finding WMD's in Iraq and no not about being blindsided about the Obama Super Depression, no what George W. Bush is a black hearted liar over is his stating he was blindsided by the Abu Gharib photos.

Bush writes that he was “blindsided” by the infamous photos of abused prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq – which he hadn’t been shown until the day they were made public on 60 Minutes II.

When you are damn liar, you had better not have had your personal head of the Pentagon, Richard Myers, Joint Chief of Staff, having gone on Charlie Rose and stated that he was speaking with Dan Rather for months over Abu Gharib and those photos and Dan Rather as was reported here, agreed numerous times to hold the story, but finally informed General Myers that another news outlet had the photos and were about to run them, so CBS had to proceed....not to be exposing you as a damn liar.
General Myers then thanked Dan Rather for all he had done, and the story broke.

Now either George W. Bush is suffering from brain alcoholic dementia, was so incompetent in running the Iraq War that he had no idea what was going on or he is a damn liar in print.

George W. Bush is a liar and is caught in print. He is so fixated in impetus to destroying all Conservative Americans, focusing on Sarah Palin, that this liar and his Rovian propagandists got caught believing like Obama they could say anything and somehow even with the facts it would all be the lying facts.

See in the real God Inspired world, this blog doesn't stoop to born with silver foot in their mouth, calling people wimps or raping women to get little brother into office after you ruin John McCain and have Obama so piss up the works Americans lose everything.
What this blog deals in, are the facts. That is why the Truth here hurts. It is why God working through this blog brings down the untouchables.

God bagged the most powerful couple in DC next to the Obamas in Rovians Stephanie and Max Sandlin, the criminal baby butchers as this blog serves God first and always.

Do you really think closet boy Karl Rove is any match for the Angel of the Lord? Do you really think when all the skeletons start rattling that the Tea Party is going to forgive or forget what Rove did to Christine O'Donnell and what the Bush family is marshaling against the innocent Sarah Palin?

You played it well George when you had Dick Cheney doing your dirty work in working Obama over while you praise Obama in your Decision Points to get the black vote for little Jeb, but when you start taking on God's children who this blog has taken an interest in, then God starts taking an interest in it all even more.
Makes no difference if Billy Graham is your buddy, because sin is sin.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Remember that George as God is not going to forget it when you are touching the Lord's anointed working His purposes.

Ronald Reagan's legacy was written by those who loved him, as this blog does. They were not written by hired thugs like the Bush family has operating to ruin all others like some Ottoman purge murdering all the king's relatives as the new king ascends the throne.

This is about God Mr. Bush and not you. Turn the page and repent.

Sean Hannity is there some question you care to ask George W. Bush or is your silence an agreement that savaging American Ladies so little brothers can beat their chests is an ends which justifies the means?
I told you Mr. Hannity to be aware of the company you are keeping as their slime rubs off just like the stench of Obama in the skunk he is.

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