Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Great Tan Father in Washington

I'm going to apologize here first by explaining something as of late in why sometimes profanity breaks into this blog, as it is often due to this being a profane and pornographic Age of Obama.
When it is sodom, one reflects the sodomites.

Sometimes though as today, I utilize local dialect as I do in Russian stories, Chinese stories, African stories or American stories in various sections of that nation, because as a writer, it is best to reflect the people you are speaking about in how they phrase things, so that the reader can "hear" what is really taking place and not filtered by the New York Times or Rush Limbaugh.

What I'm about to engage in is due to the situation which Dr. Kate is being inflicted upon as an Obama enemy of the state like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. Innocents whose lives are being targeted by the regime for not bowing to B. Hussein Obama.

It is in Dr. Kate that a righteous fury in Biblical terms builds, because in her life and death struggle where she has had to flee her home, this is one baby boomer who did not have to manufacture crisis like Rush Limbaugh did to give his life meaning.

That is where this lesson begins as I'm about to take you into a reality which if Rush Limbaugh had been anywhere near this, he would have shit hisself and still been hiding under his bed in Missouri. That is the apology for the vernacular as we are about to break out upon that great American Desert of the Great Plains, that flyover country, that country seized by east coast patricians for the overthrow the Republic, that country now purchased by Barack Hussein Obama, Al Franken, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Tim Johnson, Sippy Cup Brendan and Kent Conrad.
We have entered a world of Obama's Indians as that is what they are in crime, vote fraud and the next generation of Obama colonialism inside America.

You better be listening Sean Hannity and not have your head up your ass, because this is serious and where the adults play. Welcome to the real world where making excuses for B. Hussein Obama in Tuscon gets you stealth invaded in the next phase by Chicoms, Putincrats, Islamocommunists and FARC.

I'm warning you Americans that you either get your shit together over Obama and these Indians on the rez he is buying or you are going to all be like Dr. Kate in a refugee in America. Those Indians if you empower the communist agenda are going to come back and bite your damn head off boys and girls. They got a grudge to grind on your skulls and if you do not watch out it is going to be goddamn Beirut and the Gaza Strip in your backyard with missiles blowing you to hell.

As stated while Rush Limbaugh was jacking off to his daddy's mic in Missouri as a little boy stealing a job from a man who needed a paycheck, there was all through America a revolution taking place in the 1970's period that took root in the 60's counter culture.
You know it in Obama terms in Bill Ayers and Bernadine raping Jewish girls with black dicks, or Charlie Manson carving up pregnant Sharon Tate, but you probably don't know there was an Indian version as Nixon and Hoover came down on it so hard after it was instigated only Jerry Brown of Hollywood was protecting it.

It was called AIM or the American Indian Movement. Led by Russell Means and Dennis Banks, two breeds from not South Dakota, who would roll into places like the Sisseton Wahpeton Reservation and be told to clear out or the Sisseton band would have cut their heads off literally.

AIM would roll through in convoy on the plains. Stop into small town and fill up with gas, with FBI convoys following them. The locals as I heard it were pissed off when they found out all the checks written were bogus in it was organized theft.
When the locals would ask the FBI what the hell to do, the FBI would just shrug and tell them to tear up the government reparations there for white folks.

So this is what was festering out in the Dakotas and into which AIM rolled in, in a local feud down on Pine Ridge involving tribal chairman Dick Wilson who was an American trying to keep the peace on rez, as the government didn't want all hell breaking loose again out there like when Sitting Bull started it with the Ghost Dance which caused Wounded Knee in the first place.

I saw the things which would have made Limbaugh shit his pants. It is eye opening to hear an Indian as he opens his trunk to show you full military ordnance, that the federal government had handed it out to him, and the directions were to keep the peace as those bucks were not going to cause a meltdown in America.
For vernacular, in those days you had the bucks or wild Indians and the wait around the fort Indians who behaved. Today they just call the "apples" as in red on the outside and white on the inside..........lots of oreo racism on the rez today and they got one hell of a grudge looking to vent yet.

Wilson had his federal armed GOON or Guardians of the Ogalla Nation, who kept things pretty quiet as dead Indians are not so wild. It was into this that the communist enhanced AIM rolled into and started raising hell on Pine Ridge and that takeover at Wounded Knee.
The locals don't pay much attention to the Indians as they are always raising hell about something that Stephanie Sandlin or Kent Conrad are looking concerned about. So what if the bucks are in the Black Hills slaughter elk and deer, and the feds don't run the bastards is just the way things are. Now the feds have got mountain lions eating everything, so that solves the problem unless it is your pet horse getting ate by kitty.

Into this while Limbaugh was eating his Fruit Loops and talking dirty to his bird, real baby boomers were monitoring the real war which was taking place in America, and not Vietnam.

A buck by the name of Jimmy Eagle had visions of Crazy Horse par dux in he had beat on and robbed two ranch hands. The Indians usually know damn well to not touch the white locals as they might get away with dragging one behind their pick up, but the second time the ranchers will end it with lead.
This time though because of all the hell going on with AIM two FBI agents were out there and were trailing a red Chevy pickup. The Chevy opened fire with high powered rifles and the agents only had 38's and were pinned down. To make a gruesome story short, all hell broke loose out there that day with Obama's Indians, they pinned down relief on the highway, and when it was said and done, agents Jack Coler and Ronald Williams had been wounded, and AIM walked up as the conscious one begged for his life and shot him the head twice.

South Dakota and the neighboring states had deluded themselves into thinking they lived in a civilized world, but things changed in a heartbeat as everyone was loaded and ready to fire.

Gee American history is not so bland in the baby boomer generation when you know you had terrorists prowling all over America does it now.

I have no idea if the breed in Leonard Peltier, the Gorbachev champion in political prisoner that Bill Clinton almost pardoned with Marc Rich, was the buck who murdered Coler and Williams, but I do know evidence was manufactured by the government, I know Indians lie and know Indian witnesses said Peltier repeated a story that "I shot that f*cker as he begged for his life", I just have comforted myself that if Peltier didn't murder those agents, he damn well knew who did and that is reason enough to throw his ass in prison.
I'm know that if the murderers were still about, they were stuffed into a culvert long ago by GOON in settling accounts.

I also know from a first hand account of my brother going through that area about a decade ago that AIM's Dennis Banks was driving limo and it broke down, and as my brother went by there was no sign of Banks, as he had hid.
If you think the old scores are not still festering out there and Banks knows it as an agent of control like Russell Means mumbles on about, think again, because people are still watching their backs as the feud continues.

That's real America, and when Obama is handing out nation rights to these Indians, turning on the money flow, making them a part not of the organized crime syndicate, but the international crime syndicate of Chicoms, Bolsheviks and Islamocommunists, just what part of this do you not comprehend is Obama throwing a match into a house full of dynamite?

This is one reason why I do not quite get how hundreds of FBI agents and their families still rally around to keep Peltier in prison, and none of these fine Americans quite get the point that B. Hussein Obama in his birth certificate, college records, travel records, terror connections, money laundering in his 2008 campaign and that Jared Loughner event in Tuscon is not worthy for Director Mueller to put an investigation underway, as Barack Obama is creating the West Bank scenario in almost every State in America with his operatives like Al Franken and Stephanie Sandlin.

Children, when you have a Lady like Dr. Kate fleeing her home state, because she knows she is in danger, you had better get the idea that things are simmering out there and Obama is turning up the heat to use not just the Black Panthers, but Indians in a new form of terrorism to pin down those GOP states just like Obama tar balled the GOP Gulf States.

Rush Limbaugh whines about "mean" people. These are the real mean people as they are running an expanding crime syndicate on the reservations that Obama is transforming into an international criminal enterprise.
I was told in anecdote that a person reported meth lab production on the res, the feds would do nothing, because they were overseeing it, and the whistle blower fled to another state, and in relating the story said, "Son of a bitch, I go outside on day, and there is that meth chemical smell all around my house. I know what that shit smells like and those bastards tracked me down and were letting me know they had me".

I will ask again Sean Hannity, do you really want to be making Obama excuses and showing what a dumb cunt you are in not getting what the hell Obama was doing in Tuscon with those TWAT tshirts and having that shaman waving a feather over the crowd?
Maybe you do now Mr. Hannity in comprehending what Obama is up to in a new organized crime syndicate on the reservations, he is overseeing as the great tan father in Washington.

These Indian Reservations are corrupt, have more dope heads than the South Side, and they are racists looking for a fight. If you don't get this Sean Hannity, that the same Muslim mafia oil money which funds terrorists, is transforming into Indian mafia oil and contraband money to make them into terrorists, just read a few of the Indian advocacy pages which has the Obama Indians crowing about the way things are going to be.
Obama paid these Indians off in reparations, giving them precedent in their minds that wrongs were carried out by Americans.

Money isn't going to solve this any more than money is going to solve those communist Hamas problems for Jews. The Philistines want the land back and these Obama Indians are being funded in they want Americans off the land and driven into the sea too.

This is the stuff of Pulitzer and Nobel, but all I will probably get out of this is the peace, that by making this all public, it just might keep a lid on this and not blow up as it is intended.

Americans do you really want Indians making treaties with Chicoms who will station troops to protect their "oil" and all the tribes buying Ahmadinejad missiles and launching them into American communities in the second phase of the American refugee?

We now sign off the vernacular and the Obama excuse makers have no excuse, as they have read about it now and can be Michelle Malkin experts in a non czar story which never mattered.

Obama's Indians are just like Obama's Muslims, B. Hussein and Black Buzzard are the reason he carries the names of his agenda.

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Obama's Indians