Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Boy Obama

The point of the matter is that it is not just myself who knows what a 98 pound nothing B. Hussein Obama is. It is not the myriads from Nancy Pelosi to Bill Clinton who know the weakling Obama is. It is not just his Rothschild and Chicago cartels who know that Bearick is vacuous without their immense power keeping him afloat.

What it is, is more than Putin, Netanyahu, Sarkozy, Hu, Kim, Ahmadinejad, Cameron and all the little nefarions stuck in intelligence caves.

It is every single person of intelligence throughout the world knows that Barack Hussein Obama can not stand on his own, and is the "little boy" in need of Big Brother to keep hisself in the White House.

There is an immense danger in this for blackmail, weapons of mass destruction, terror, and nuclear war reasons, which even goes beyond these dangers in once Hawaii vacations are over, the Obamalings who hover around his fringe working for Val-erie Jarrett and Muchelle Obama, are making desperate slash and burn, scorched earth strikes as they are out of control in trying to protect the stick man Obama.
Dr. Kate is but one example of the idiocy which has become the Obama regime. Terry Lakin is another. There are people not reported on whose lives are in tax problems, funding cut off and having letter visits, because they are "enemies of the Obama state", but do not equate their problems yet with this systematic insanity bubbling up from the Obama basement.

Never, ever forget, if you hear of a Dr. Kate having the White House stomp on her, that there are a hundred others, isolated, who are wondering, "What the heck happened?"

What has happened is the Obama implosion of desperation. Hugo Chavez went through such machinations as sick as Joe Stalin. All regimes as they implode start this, and all when led by a 10 year old weakling like Obama, soon enough have hench hags grabbing for power, pulling out the nukes as they sling that power around.
Bill Clinton ran into his greatest problems when Hillary Clinton was slinging about her nuclear options.

Why do you think an insider left that FBI file on the coffee table with Hillary's fingerprints on it? It was Bill's side firing a shot across the bow of Hillary just enough to reign her in.

The situation which this blog has exclusively patterned is B. Hussein Obama operates on two assumptions:

Assumption 1: Give away what other folks have to advance your agenda.

This is patterned in the Jews being divided for Philistines, the Slavic peoples given to Putin and Americans having their sovereignty negated by Indian tribes and Mexican hordes.

Assumption 2: Bribe folks to protect your position.

David Plouffe and David Axelrod engaged in this in the Lawrence Sinclair episode. It then became a John Edwards thrown the media to hide Obama's sodomy. Obamacare was nothing but bribes.
As Obama though has weakened, we see Val-erie Jarrett bribing Nancy Pelosi to keep silent about Obama being an illegal. The Clintons bribed in their doo gooder conglomerate complex as overlords in waiting. The GOP leadership has been bribed to protect Obama and feed upon the lesser evils. The Daley Machine in Chicago has been bribed by bringing in one of the clan into the White House. Then there are the trillions Obama and Geithner bribed his cohorts with from retirement, stocks and Treasury.

Where all world leaders from Putin to Hu thump their problems away. B. Hussein Obama has been shown to trade people and use bribes. He is a Luo slave trader of Arab origins in the modern world.

What interests me is the communist Chinese are heavily in control of the Obama situation and know his sapless qualities. Obama has traded dead American Soldiers in Afnamistan for his Muslim allies in payback for the Bush wars, so it is just odd that the Chicoms have not pressed their advantage.
Robert Gay Gates has literally surrendered the US Carrier Fleets due to Chinese hyper missiles, which indeed were the product of Bill Clinton's era of turning Putin Bolshevik's into threats turning Sunburn missiles into what the Chicoms now have as carrier swatters.
All of this points to the progressive retreat under Obama, and my puzzlement in why Peking which has advanced all across the world with Obama, to simply put this to Jarrett:

"Obama, you owe Peking several trillion dollars. You gave Putin eastern Europe. You gave Africa and South America over to narco Islamocommunist drug routes. You gave Ahmadinejad dead Iranian Patriots and full nuclear production, now it is time you gave China our island off the mainland in Taiwan for your debt".

It is at this Obama venture in the regime that such a proposal would in weakness be readily accepted by Jarrett, as Gates like the queer buffoon he is, told China they had neutralized American carriers. Kim has US forces pinned in South Korea. Okinowa is nothing now as all US strength is housed on Guam, and, there is Obama's War to lose in Afghanistan bleeding America of her best Soldiers.

Taiwan is isolated and the trade now pitched to Obama would indeed bring Taiwan to an Obama suits on the ground invasion as agents would simply take out the Formosa strategic assets and invasion would be Obama announcing another miracle by hisself in the uniting of China.
Do not forget that Obama has been humiliating Japan in making them turn over Chicom terrorists. China knows the deal, and Obama has bent over, bowed down and spread his legs to where the sun does not shine compliance.

The Chicoms appear to be dealing North Korea into the promised mix to Obama, and with that Taiwan will be the whole pot as this progresses.

This is what one gets with the feeble Obama. Intelligence agencies around the world who profile this effeminate must have rolled on their office carpets in seeing Obama took a 20 car motorcade to show off to a high school classmate with the name Titcomb.
So you comprehend this, in profiling, that means Obama is so in need of validation, he had to prove to a nobody in his past that he is now a somebody. It reveals that B. Hussein is so feckless as a high school boy in his mentality that anyone can push him around to get what they want.
The START fiasco is proof of that and all intelligence services knew this as this blog stated in 2008, and that is why all these enemies of America assisted in bringing Obama to the White House as they knew they could roll him easily and often.

The danger in this is not when Obama destroys American oil production for the Muslim mafia setting record oil prices. The danger in this is when Obama has nothing left to bribe nor give other peoples away, that these enemies of America are going to start making absolute war on America, inside these United States.

The worst of this, and the sign of this going critical is when America starts losing supply depots or nations to boots on the ground, not suits on the ground. That though is not yet in the field, but it is on the horizon as little boy Barry is known quite well by all and after they have taken his lunch money, they are going to start roughing up the entire neighborhood for sport.

The majority of Americans are deluded into thinking that another day will come, that somehow a Reagan will rise again and things will be fixed. That is not the case this time as even with American firepower in advanced weapons, the gay military and wiped out nuclear arsenals, the lack of oil reserves operating and the lack of industry........there just is nothing left as the stores are bare in the necessary items to advance to another better day.

I will remind readers that at this point, Ronald Reagan's massive economic expansion was underway for it's beginning 30 year run. Deflation was making things affordable for all Americans. Interest rates in banks were what retired people were living on and not Social Security. Energy prices were just over a dollar for gas and you could heat and cool your home for around 50 dollars a month.
Obama is now entering the 3rd year of his Super Depression with 23% unemployment, more debt in one year than Reagan ever produced. Massive inflation wiping the poor out, and the Eurasians are advancing instead of retreating.

Let us not forget that Ronald Reagan had Muslims killing Russians in Afghanistan. Obama has Muslims murdering Americans in his Afnamistan.

This is the weakness of Obama. The world sees it and the world is going to take further massive strides to make America bleed from every opening, as rape and enslavement are what follows in this, and then death.

Little boy Obama in his Big Brother world.