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For those unaware, of what Scytl is, it is a voting software program managed out of Spain which counts and verifies the votes of most of the western world in their elections, including these United States of America, and is managed by the magnet interests of the Soros left and Romney right, at the behest of the cartel.

The following story is the story behind the story as this blog deals in these aspects in explaining situations and things.

Andrieu Riera is the hub of all of this, in this adept computer programmer from Barcelona, Spain, who in the 1990's started promoting a software program he was developing in several patents awarded, which caught the attention of the world elite.
His "partner" in this was Professor Joan Borrell, who like all in this genre are collaborating on papers in multitudes putting their names on documents for name recognition, in the same way Hollywood producers put their names on other writer's work, along with the writers to take credit of the work of others while promoting the work.

Riera and Borrell were under the auspices of the Spanish UAB or Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where they headed a research group. Ask yourself why out of the internet blue, some Spaniards suddenly decided before there really was an internet, why they would be creating software to count election results, and the answer is one of why Karl Marx was funded to write a book for the central European cartel in creating communism to manage the world better or why the Rockefellers were funding short head Adolf Hitler in master race findings, as it was all about overthrowing nations for a new world order.

Riera would found Scytl, Scytl Secure Electronic Voting, SA, as the funding from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, produced this most interesting voting platform when no one was even contemplating voting in those terms, as computers were still running in Windows 95, Intel processors were "fast" at 200 mghz and most of the world did not have computers, and those that did, were operating on dial up at 32 kbs.

Yes, this program was ushered into existence by the Rothschild financiers and the aristocracy of Europe for the very purpose of creating the "European Union", in which nations were voting not to join, but the election results were all stating like Obama in 2008, that he won.

What Scytl was in voting programming can be assessed by what Riera was filing patents on, as his work was unique in he was creating not just voting software, but homo or human thinking software along with "gaming software". The homogenization of this voting program would be a thinking software which would compulate random chance in making voting one big crap shoot.

Scytl was proclaimed by Riera as a voting security program. The problem is the intelligence communities only fund programs with windows in the software so they can open any system up to spy on it and manipulate it. Furthermore, when one creates a lock on a program as "crypto secure" it only means that it is a door to be opened as it will be unlocked.

Sometime in early 2006, Andrieu Riera was approached about this new analogue program in the melding of this patents. Riera concluded correctly that what he was being shoved into was the reality of being backed not for free elections which would protect voters rights, but the reality that his software was hijacked and was already being utilized to overthrow the wills of people in Europe.

By March 2006, Andrieu Riera, would be dead in a car accident, with this pioneer's work not affording him any obituaries explaining anything nor the Spanish authorities bothering to investigate what appeared to be single vehicle accident in which this 30 something genius was dead.
With no lamentation, Scytl with the patents was taken over completely by Joan Borrell and Peres Vallès

Riera would live to see in 2004, the board of directors appoint Vallès to run the company as Riera would be the figurehead promoting technology and initiatives.
Vallès was the Chicago connection to Barack Hussein Obama in reportedly a major Obama donor and

It is a given that Riera was sanctioned and was dead before the vehicle he was in crashed, in the same manner which Andrew Breitbart was sanctioned.

By 1997, Scytl would unveil the first binding elections in Europe as their most interesting empire would be pressed into service by world governments apparently clamouring for the services of something they never had before and had no need for.

Riera championed this software by being secure in having a paper trail, but in software that is "thinking", it could evolve into a paper ballot saying Sharron Angle in Nevada and recorded electronically to Harry Reid.

How do you deduct that 10 million votes disappeared from the GOP ballots in the Obama 2008 election theft with Karl Rove explaining Republicans "moved", when those numbers were proven here to not be possible in scope and mass exodus, unless Mr. Obama's 2008 campaign which was assuring South American Marxists in the summer of 2008, that "he would be in the White House", unless Mr. Obama's European Berlin connections had already formulated the outcome for an Obama win and a democratic Congressional landslide?

It is not an option for Karl Rove to expose these things, when it fits into Rove policy to pass Obama socialism for the capitalists making billions off of this system, and SOE of Florida in being acquired by Scytl for the American market were in Jeb Bush's home state where this new generation of election fraud to overthrow the world was placed.

Scytl was designed first and last, to count votes in political elections, union elections and corporate elections. That in essence is the free world.
SOE is in 900 jurisdictions and 27 states in being a conduit into the inner workings of the majority of the American government.

The fact is Scytl is a two headed coin, in both of the Carnivore and Cannibal capitalists are financing this for the world order. If one scratches Scytl a strange menagerie starts unveiling itself in a reality of an Irish magnet connection.
When on thinks of computer advancement one hardly dreams of Spain and Ireland, and yet here is the genesis of something overthrowing the world. What this all links to is the reality of Homeland, MI6 and various other groups with very deep pockets and connections in the shadowlands all in stealth running this operation from a location whose roots are in Javier Solana, the globalist pushing things in the 1990's.

Scytl is the conduit to overthrow the west, and you will notice not one of the media  types is sounding an alarm over this. Michelle Malkin in fact with a dead body laying around, pronounced this all kosher.
It is a corporation like the Osseiran held Axel of Sweden and America, owned by front companies, holding companies and entities whose money no one the Holder and Obama regime will ever investigate.
What are WebCapital Spinnaker SCR and SCR, two venture capital funds managed by Grupo Financiero Riva y Garcia?

Michelle Malkin cares no more than her benefactors.

The mere reality that a second world company, suddenly appeared, and suddenly started convincing sitting governments to implement software in elections which if it had a glitch would throw them out of power, is a red flag, that Scytl promised like the communists did Robert Mugabe, that if he took the system they offered, he would be in power forever.

Scytl has literally installed socialists and marxists all through the the western world in free elections. You will notice that they do no business in China or Russia, but only in places where the outcomes of elections are "free".

Exclusively, only this blog has now told you this software is human in process and it thinks while voting in gauging elections as they are taking place. Only here has the scenario been laid out in the sanctioning of the founder of Scytl and how this entire cartel and aristocracy has implemented the most ingenious way of seizing power, than to overthrow elections by having a computer do the voting according to polling data published.

The rural areas in America still have a means of free elections, but the urban areas are all now tabulated to whoever controls the switches in this election.

It was a given that Mitt Romney with his Wall Street Insiders thought they had the software fix or virus to stop Obama's stealing another election. David Axelrod's reaction though in what took place in Ohio polling reveals the regime has a 5 point margin they are operating on in flipping votes yet in Ohio, Iowa, Virginia and Florida chiefly.
Romney had tested this system in his election flipping in Maine as Obama mentioned and in Ohio as revealed here. Gingrich's win in the Carolinas was one of leverage and blackmail, by outside forces, and now the leverage is in action as each side of the coin is ripping the brains out of the Riera software.

This is all election fraud, and America must go back to paper ballots, counted by hand and secured under penalty of law to the County Treasurers offices on election night or morning.

The days of Tim Johnson of South Dakota stuffing Sioux Indian ballots to steal an election from John Thune are over. Now it is software that thinks Marxist and factors in trends to match the projected poll numbers.

It is a long way from PROMIS and Vince Foster sanctioned, but then the dead bodies always show up in Andrieu Riera of Scytl not going along with the program.

Historic Barack Obama, the product of a 486 computer program which overthrew the world just like some leafed paper by Karl Marx overthrew the world in another cartel program.

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