Sunday, March 2, 2014

Anglo Christian Nation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive:

In the late 19th century, an atheist arose from the liberal enclave of Northampton with words of population reduction and refusal to swear the oath of office on a Bible.
This is even more pertinent in 21st century America, in the illegal degradations which have been foisted upon the American political structure.

I place here the speech of Sir Randolph Churchill, father of Winston Churchill, both Conservatives and both comprehending the necessary union of Church and State, Tradition and Constitution, Law and Disorder.

Let us consider for a moment who are the classes outside which are opposed to the representative of atheism. They are the religious, the moral, the law-abiding , and the industrious. Who are the personal supporters of atheism outside this House?

For the most part they are the residuum, the rabble, and the scum of the population; the bulk of them are persons to whom all restraint —religious, moral, or legal— is odious and intolerable. Why are we so anxious to give these latter a victory and a triumph over the former?

‘I take this Bill of the Government and I strip it of all those flimsy disguises with which the Prime Minister so ingeniously but so uselessly clothed it and I place it naked before the Parliament and before the country—a Bill for the admission of avowed atheists into the House of Commons— and I say that this is a fundamental change in the Constitution of such vital and momentous importance that the people of this country will not hastily ratify it and that the opinion of the country must be ascertained before the Parliament can assent to it. ‘We must not only think of the relief of Mr. Bradlaugh, or of the relief of this House from a slight difficulty; we must think what would be the effect on the people of this State of a recognition of unlawful doctrines, and of giving place in the immediate governing body to a man who professes and who preaches that the Christian religion, on which our law has been founded, is false, its morality defective, and its promises illusory. Shall we not be giving to those doctrines a tremendous impetus by altering the Constitution of this country, in order that they may be officially represented in our Councils and may influence our decisions? Can we contemplate without alarm the revulsion that such an act might occasion among those masses of the people who, with some hope of a happier state hereafter, are toiling their weary way through the world, content to tolerate for a time their less fortunate lot— the revulsion that would occur if they inferred from the action of the Legislature that it was even possible for their faith to be false?

Surely the horrors of the French Revolution should give some idea of the effect on the masses of the State recognition of atheism!

It is from disasters such as those that we have been very probably preserved by the Christian characteristics of the community .

Let me quote the words of Lord Erskine: "The religious and moral sense of the people of Great Britain is the sheet-anchor which alone can hold the vessel of State amidst the storms that agitate the world." ‘The peculiarity of the English Constitution is that it is founded upon and incorporated with the Christian morality. It is a characteristic which is possessed by no other nation, however free or however great; and does it not occur to you that the extraordinary prosperity and duration and apparent future of our Empire is not, perhaps, unconnected with this famous characteristic?

‘You,’ (he concluded, pointing to the Liberal party,) ‘proudly claim the task of carrying the cause of religious liberty to its furthest imaginable limits; be it ours, I reply, nor is it less noble, to endeavour to restrain your aspirations within the bounds of reason and of policy.’

Americans have no idea what they have unleashed with the regime of messiah Obama in his sodomization and deChristianization of America.
The signs are there though of the politics of assassination which through the voiding of God and morals from politics, business and education, fomented a bastard state of welfare caring for broken families, the bloodied womb of aborticide incurring breast cancers and premature births in women costing more fortunes, and the explosion of prison populations filled with murderers, rapists and addicts.

If you need to be informed, the reason addicts are medicated is they have troubled souls, void of God's Peace and Hope, so they deaden the pain of life with narcotics.

The time will approach in all of this kinder and gentler permissiveness of Christ denying religions that the government will legally be your child's gaurdian and then legally rape them and call them adult child "relationships".

America is what one has in uninspired athiests and dope heads, all congruent with a nation in a grave which still believes in a resurrection of the dead.

I have noted that I have no peers and that this blog is the single voice recording and speaking in an age where no mantel of Elijah may be taken up for found.

It is not a witness any longer. It is a dirge.

nuff said