Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Connecting the Dots on Vote Fraud

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

You really should be paying more attention to the probable vote fraud occurring right before your skeptical eyes. Given the giant corporate leviathan is controlling all elected officials in government, the lame-stream media, and also all candidates going against Donald Trump, do you actually believe they would leave the outcome entirely up to the voters?

For those of you who want "hard proof", no, I do not have taped and signed confessions of these people admitting something for which there would be serious jail-time and fines, not to mention possible uprisings against the completely defrauded political system in which the citizens would no longer have any trust. Nonetheless, there are countless instances over the years of "bugs" in every single e-vote system across the country that has erased or switched countless thousands of votes, and each time it is a "flaw" or a "mistake" or an "accident". No one ever questions whether it is purposeful-- just like Booger Cruz's countless snot-drips like the "paperwork error" in not disclosing his Goldman Sachs loan to the FEC or the second loan he took out from Citibank, also not disclosed to the FEC and for the exact same purpose, or the "inadvertent" oversight of disclosing that an investment in a college friend's Caribbean private equity firm also helped to fund his Senate run-- and those are what becomes visible to the voters. God only knows what fraud goes on that no one sees.

Utah's vote machines are easily 10 years old or more. They can be easily hacked, as shown in 2006 by patriot county elections clerk Bruce Funk who officials pressured (and attempted to bribe him) to resign.

Diebold and Sequoia systems (aka Dominion voting systems) are easily hacked by cheap low-tech devices that can be remote controlled up to half a mile away. Diebold has a history of criminal fraud in both voting systems and ATM machines world-wide.

During the 2008 glitch, it was later revealed that some 431 previously voted ballots many from District 3 including Temple Terrace, were found in a box in a warehouse and given to new Supervisor of Elections Phyllis Busansky.

Busansky was found dead in her hotel room in June 2009 during a convention for elections supervisors in St. Augstine. She was working with auditors and federal investigators who were looking into the financial dealings of her predecessor, Buddy Johnson.

Governor Charlie Crist replaced Busansky with Republican Earl Lennard.
There are already reports of online voting systems specifically for Utah's Republican caucus run by Soros-connected company the Smartmatic Group, which is not going to be used during Utah's Democrat caucus due to the DNC bylaws not allowing online voting.

Flashback: the Blaze (owned by Stabber Beckwald) and Michelle Malkin pooh-poohed the idea of Scytl acquiring SOE software as not important in the 2012 election. Scytl helped develop an online voting system called iVote (the original version of which was used in the Australian elections 5 years after the suspicious death of the founding programmer Andreu Riera, after which the nation flipped for the leftist candidates), that showed it could be easily hackable.

Apparently, Scytl only exists in the USA on the Internet, because their physical locations are sketchy at best.

Does it matter to anyone now that Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen has invested $40 million in Scytl when it was broken by Breitbart that Microsoft was counting Iowa's caucus votes for Rubio's magic rise? Nah. Let's move on, nothing to see here.

Ted Cruz lead in Utah suddenly leaps when nationally among registered Republicans he is static or falling (post-Rubio dropping out). This is a pattern that previously occurred in states that were stolen from Donald Trump.

GOPliter mouthpiece National Review gives the green-light to the GOP to steal the nomination from Trump.

Romney campaigns with Kasich in Ohio and then endorses Cruz in Utah.

Get it now?