Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cruz Theft in the First Degree--UPDATED

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

In order to answer all the "lack of evidence of vote fraud" and "Trump should just spend more money" lies that the establishbot operatives and trolls have been spewing all over the internet, I have conducted an exhaustive search for "evidence" of solid Cruz support in the two Midwestern states he definitely stole on Super Tuesday/Saturday, namely Oklahoma and Kansas. What I found was that in comparing the numbers showing up to the rallies alone, Trump should have won both Oklahoma and Kansas.

It was difficult to find actual numbers of people at Cruz rallies due to deceptive fudging, hedging, and what looks like outright lying in some cases by the media.

Let's start with Oklahoma. Back in August of 2015, Cruz who had announced in March (and who was the first to begin his candidacy) only mustered a few hundred supporters. The next rally says "thousands" show up to pack the house... in a highschool venue? The floor plan itself looks like it could possibly hold about 1000. That seems a little suspect, unless of course you count the "hundreds turned away by the fire marshall". (So you could tell yourself okay, it's early in the campaign season, and no one really starts to care enough to show support until 2016 gets closer.)

Fast-forward to December. Cruz shows up again at Tulsa's ORU Maybee Center and some un-named venue in OKC. The slide-show photos near the bottom of the page show completely empty seats in the nosebleed section and also empty seats scattered through closer sections at the Maybee Center, while the OKC event pics show a small room that would hold 500-1000 people. The newspapers tend to loosely quantify his support with "several thousand" or "thousands", which can mean anywhere from 1001-9000. According to the pictures I see in every article that bothers to show the crowds at his events, the real numbers are more like 500-2000.

Meanwhile, in January Trump holds a rally with Palin at the same ORU Maybee center... and over 15,000 people show up to completely fill the place while 5,000 are turned away.


So now you're telling yourself, okay, we're close to Super Tuesday, Cruz's numbers at his rallies should go up. I looked for hours and couldn't find ANY solid numbers for people showing up to his Glenn Beck-sponsored events, only that he held them or that, again, "thousands" showed up without showing an actual pan of the crowd. The pictures that I was able to find (especially the 3rd in this slideshow) do not show more than 1000-2000 people at the most, which correlates to the floor plans of the different venues.

Contrast this with Bernie's turnout in Oklahoma of about 6,000 supporters-- and Bernie won Oklahoma.

**Update-- Lady Jayne Grey from Oklahoma so kindly sent this first-hand information to me, as well as a link to Trump's crowds in Iowa (another Ted Cruz vote-theft state):
OKLAHOMA CITY — Ramesh Moorjani stood out at the Donald Trump rally Friday evening at Oklahoma State Fairgrounds for what he’s not — a Trump supporter.

What's interesting about that article is Sooner Poll is mentioned.

They are generally reliable but they went silent right before Super Tuesday.

He also only had hundreds right before Super Tuesday when he visited Broken Arrow home of 3 mega churches: Rhema, Battle Creek, and a baptist one whose name I don't remember. I live on the border of Tulsa/Broken Arrow.
TULSA — In his latest visit to Tulsa Sunday, Senator Ted Cruz said Oklahoma is crucial in this year's primary. "Oklahoma is a critical battleground making that ...

The Union PAC granddaughter goes to Union and we live 5 minutes from that venue and I have zero recollection that he was even here. Tiger Lily posting about it was the first I heard of it.

I know that I know that I know that Oklahoma is Trump's. I know it. 

I hold onto this: 

Luke 12:2 - For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

I've prayed that scripture over the years when I've needed clarity for my life, my family's life, or other situations and I'm certainly praying it over this election.

I appreciate you and your family. The words aren't emphatic enough, though. 

You are in my prayers.

Trump's pre-Super Tuesday rally, held on February 26th at the Cox Convention Center, drew a crowd of either 8000 or "fully packed" of max capacity 15,634 depending on the source. Either way, Trump's crowds are consistently 3-6x larger than Cruz, and yet we are supposed to believe Cruz had more voter support in Oklahoma.

Now we move on to Kansas. The thing is, Cruz continuously manages to only pack rooms of somewhere between 1000 and 2000 people. If he had as high of support in patrician Johnson County as the polls showed, he should have been able to book and fill the Overland Park Convention Center which holds 5000-6000 people and is located about 10 minutes away from the community college's Yardley Hall.

Trump, on his one visit to Kansas, packed out the 2000 capacity exhibition hall at Wichita's Century II Convention Center, with people lining up to get into the center before 6am on Saturday morning. If the concert hall was an overflow room, which I cannot verify or deny from the information I found, that would have made a 5022 person capacity for his rally.

Later that morning, photo 28 of Cruz supporters while Cruz is making his caucus speech at the Century II Convention Center shows empty seats. The man does not draw the support and enthusiasm that Trump does, even in cow-town Kansas.

No one is ever going to convince me that people can get their lazy butts up at 5am on a Saturday morning to go out to a rally, but are not motivated enough to go out and vote. As the support (or lack thereof) shows, from the rallies alone, there is absolutely NO way Cruz wins over Trump without massive vote fraud.

Lame Cherry has already made the case that the KS caucus voter numbers from 2012 compared to 2016 do not logically point to Cruz as the winner when the entire sum of Cruz votes are higher than the total turnout in 2012 when the surge was for the anti-establishment/anti-Romney candidate Rick Santorum.

It is a fact that the rally numbers and the polls point to Trump. It is a fact that the crowds showing up to Cruz rallies do not number past 2000-3000 people at the most in places like a 15,000 capacity ORU Maybee Center. He does not draw the numbers, he does not generate the excitement, even in a state like Oklahoma that he has repeatedly visited over the years.

The numbers don't lie. Trump's delegates were stolen in Oklahoma and Kansas. And if they were stolen in two states, they were stolen in seven.

Face the Truth, Cruz Boogers. Your candidate is a sleazy low-life who will steal and cheat and lie his way to the White House, then blow you out his Pinocchio nose to oblivion like the hardened mucus secretions you are. Do the right thing for once in your Phariseeical lives, repent of your apostasy in following this Judas goat Cruz, and turn back to God's Chosen Instrument to save this country, Donald John Trump.