Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Mother's Prayer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The womb which produced the Dumpster Rapist, Brock Turner, has now surfaced with her own plea to the Judge, to match the father who wrote to this judge stating that 20 minutes of action was a steep price to pay for going to jail.

There really is something sociopathic about this Turner cave dweller clan, because the womb brought up these points to the judge.

The rapist has lost 2 jobs over this. Somehow this is something bad that rapists are not being employed in jobs in contact with the public. Perhaps the womb should dial up the local rapist prison the next time she needs her washer looked at.

The womb never mentions the girl who was raped, how this has affected the university, the swim team or how this could have been homicide, as this girl was so drunk she could have drown on her own vomit.

I am not going to waste time on this hopefully any more, but a mother's words carry a great deal of weight, and her prayer for her son, is now in the matrix and stands a great opportunity of coming true.

Her words:

I beg of you, please don't send him to jail/prison.  Look at him. He won't survive it. He wil be damaged forever and I fear he would be a major target. Stanford boy, college kid, college athlete - all the publicity......this would be a death sentence for him.

Her prayers were heard, now we will see if they will be answered.

Thing is, why would a prison full of men, most who have been raped or seen their mother's raped, ever target a guy who dyes his hair blonde, rapes girls behind dumpsters after they are passed out, and his parents write letters about what a good boy scout he was.

I am certain those inmates never were abused by a jock in school or never enjoyed being raped as helpless children.

There is a line in a John Wayne movie, Cahill US Marshall and a quote based on it fits here.

"If you don't like the treatment, don't rape the women."

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