Thursday, June 23, 2016

and then they come for you

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was just thinking about the MOG smear on the Conservative Treehouse of bloggers and how one skirt particularly had a problem with the matrix as described here. The reason I was contemplating it, is due to the fact all of you anti Trump trolls still posing with John Wayne posters and being all keyboard commando, are going to find if Donald Trump has this stolen from you, that everything I have given you in taking back your freedom of  expression will vanish under Hillary Clinton.

The rear view of this is Britisher Tim Rifat. Mr. Rifat is a Psylord, he employs all sorts of amplified negative projections which interestingly in the pools of thought, his dreams do come true. He is the author of the cobalt bomb, and having been speaking about it for a decade, it is now appearing as the Russian doomsday arsenal.

Mr. Rifat is colorful, as are his volunteers. There last artwork posts were concerning the Loaf Head children in showing them in various kid porn to honor this great pedophile world our children are being raped in by the elite.......not just Muslim rape cock.

For all of his efforts, Mr. Rifat had his flat raided by the police state, for a website and for thinking. He spent days without legal counsel. He then had a grande audience from his cell, in psychologists appearing as he was placed into a mental hospital for being crazy........the charge apparently was wearing dirty clothes, because the police had not allowed him to change clothing.

In the meantime, the police state raided Mr. Rifat's flat again, scared the bajesus out of his Mum, looking for internet things, which they found none.

To this the Swedes were threatened as a nation to remove Tim Rifat's website, which then was transferred to a Russian site.

Most of you do not know Tim Rifat, and the few who do, do not understand the genius of this colorful man whose content celebrates the destruction of Europeans, nuclear warfare, more invading vermin and my favorite verbiage of SEEmites for Semites.

Some of you have heard of Mark Steyn who fills in for Rush Limbaugh, but do not comprehend that Steyn is exiled from Canada, where content like this blog or Steyn books, gets you visits by the Mounties and into court.

America is the last place of free thought. For those who require being told, this blog took back by God's Grace a great deal of your freedoms  which the Obama regime attempted to silence America know how most of you were hiding behind your computer screens after 2008, terrified of being called a racist and bigot........and here was the popular girl taking all the hits to provide a stage for Donald Trump to wow the world.

Now we are facing the end. I mean more than what I have told you in the American Corpse is rotted. It is the end of all humanity if Donald Trump is not President.

Pat Buchanan's Warning - Time's Running Out

There is going to be global war, nuclear terror strikes and massive upheaval. That is what Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were prepared for.

Each of you though is going to be mopped up just like Tim Rifat. Do not think that the leftists who read this are going to be saved. Bernie Sanders supporters are on the list and they will receive the same treatment and timing that those thinking they will be safe on the right.
What better way to scare the silence into you, than to have a few of your tough guys arrested while Mark Levin tells you all to be "very very afraid", and all of you scurry away to the waiting arms of Asylum Concentration Camp being judged insane by the definition of Bill Kristol, Matt Walsh and Jeb Bush.

Tim Rifat challenged the monarchy too much. No it was not the the Loaf Head children, but bragging Mr. Rifat was untouchable due to the Rothschilds liking his roughing up the pervert rulers of England. Rifat has a habit of sticking it into things as his appearance is the unwitting content which had Jeff Rense almost assassinated last year.

Either Donald Trump is in the White House, and you move past all this bullshit of the GOPliters, Hillary Clinton and their traitors, or you are going to be Tim Rifat in the nut house, as the police state terrorizes your Mum.

Remember that all of you brave non donors, because that is your future staring with Hillary Clinton with thanks to those morons following that ultra leftist dope head Gary Johnson.

It is why I detest these traitors in  what they are carrying out against Donald Trump. I know what is coming. The man from Davey Jones locker mentioned this week that Lucianne banned his comments as quick as Facebook for being an American.

But of course this is acceptable British Pres to get your jollies on.