Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Close the Canadian Border Now!!!

 Warning: Thighs in Canadian photography put on 500 pound

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if you have heard the tragic news, but Neve Campbell announced that she was returning to Canada on the election of Donald Trump as President.

The Lame Cherry, as I am certain of all Americans............oh you probably do not know who Neve Campbell is?

Alright, let me tell you who the wonderful Neve Campbell is.  She is a Canadian, who came to America to work, made a fortune off America, is married like 3 times, produced at least one offspring, was in movies, is now starring with sodomite Kevin Spacey in the horrid American version of House of Cards, and well I am certain there is more, but does any of that really matter, as America can not lose Neve Campbell.

The Lame Cherry calls for the sealing of all Canadian borders, land, sea, air and space. The Lame Cherry calls for a declaration of war by Congress upon Canada if the Neve Campbell somehow crosses into their lands, and demands that Ontario, the Land of Neve Nativity, be immediately turned over by Ottawa to America, to become the 51st state, so that Neve Campbell will still be in America.

Think of all America would lose. Just think, think hard, as I am sure you can think of lots of things America will lose if Neve Campbell is allowed out of America. For one America would lose a woman named Neve, and I am certain America has a short supply of women named Neve, so that obviously is the primary reason to keep her.

I really do not care, whatever other nameless leftist celebrities who are always threatening to leave America if George Bush is elected and never do, but this time it is different with Neve on the line.

Never mind that Neve can not tell the difference between Democrat Frank Underwood and actor and Republican Donald Trump in comparing them, and never mind she is a Canadian plotting sedition in America, because she is Neve Campbell, and I am certain there is more to her  than just being the only Neve in America.
America can not lose this Neve and later find out she actually had some value, besides acting in a horrid Netflix reproduction of the English House of Cards, with dismal actors and dismal performances to match the Obama Super Depression. America must keep Neve Campbell at all costs, and if America has to blow up Canada to be a big crater that the oceans fill in, then so be it, as Canada is nothing compared to Neve Campbell.

It is Canada's problem in having let Neve Campbell go. If they could not see the value of keeping this woman, then that is their own fault, and when war follows for Neve, then that is the penalty.

Yes there was Helen of Troy, and now there is Neve of ..........Geulph. No that sounds like a vomit act or something. No one wants to have a face that launched a 1000 cruise missiles on Canada for sound like barfing.

Neve of Ontario.......no that is Canadian. Neve of California........no people want to bomb that shit hole of invaders............Neve of Clintontwat...........yes I like that.

Here stands Neve of Clintontwat with the face that launched 1000 cruise missiles just to keep her.