Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gay Trek

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Shitty television is what CBS has always produced from Lou Grant, Cagney and Lacey, The Good Wife and now the coming Gay Trek.

Yes the new Star Trek on CBS, will be a great franchise killer like all of these fag shows which no one wants to watch from Big Bang to Knight Rider.

There was an old rule in Hollywood, when you do not have any writers or directors, 'show blood or eject semen", which graduated in Star Trek to just put special effects on screen and bore kids to oblivion.

The new Star Trek is going to be Gay Trek. Yes we will be treated to transsexuals no doubt, feces sex, and who knows child porn, as the Romulans and Klingons will no doubt be the moral butchers in the universe.

This is all official:

The writer-producer was also asked if the franchise might include gay characters for the first time. “I think the progressive audience that loves Star Trek will be happy that we’re continuing that tradition,” he says.

Of course this is all mind rape of children, and it is intended to be as such. There will be no acting, no directing, no will be like 13 episodes of watching Barack Obama molesting little boys and Hillary Clinton molesting little Huma the Muslim.
I would hope that this disgusting series will not make it past the first commercial before it is cancelled in being hyped on CBS broadcast, but I have my doubts, other than no one will watch this trash.

Fuller also confirmed that the first season, which debuts next January, will consist of 13 episodes. Casting is underway, and Fuller says he’s considering actors for his roles in “a colorblind prism and a gender-blind prism.”

I honestly had thought Star Trek in the new boring genre of Chris Pine could not find new extremes of wanting to jab your eyes out with a fork, but Gay Trek looks like it should come with a warning "Hide all sharp objects".

I just do not see how 30 minutes of trying to figure out new ways to sodomize your anus with a phaser and then 30 minutes in trying to figure out how to get it out, is going to have any appeal as Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan are blamed for holding kiddie rape back in being legalized.

Of course, there will be an episode of The Trouble with Gerbils, as of course Gerbils will star as part of the crew crawling up anuses.

Star Trek–The Trouble with Tribbles (1967) 2 comments
There has to be an episode of The Enemy Within where the transporter malfunctions and the gay and straight versions appear, but in this one they kill the straight Captain as he or she is the epitome of evil.

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Then there has to be a Miri, where the Captain arrives on a planet of children, and lovingly has the crew rape them all. That will of course be titled, NAMBLA.

I simply do not understand how Mockingbird arrived at such a point where they have vaporized all the writing in media. Seriously even the perverts have to watch something besides snuff films, so why not a holiday in some DC Fontana scripts.

I had planned on watching the free episode on CBS, but the night is going to be instead viewing one of the Original Star Trek episodes, as Gay Trek is something I gave up like Jon Luc Pichard did it for me.

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