Monday, June 13, 2016

Male and Female Wiring is not from Genitals

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL and I were watching our bulls, Rhett and Tex. They are both Herefords, one polled and the other has horns.
Tex was laying down, and apparently Rhett went over and challenged him, because soon enough they were both pushing each other across the pasture. I never have been able to figure out why Tex does not use his horns and jab Rhett in the ass, as cattle use horns all the time......he shakes them at me to which he gets clocked for, but it just is strange he never in duels bothers with them.

This though is about gender, as we have two baby calves, a little baby doll girl and a larger bull calf. It was interesting to watch as the baby doll just laid there watching content and chewing her cud, as the little bull ran over there with great delight, danced around, and I was surprised he did not join in bunting them with his 3 week old 70 pound body.

He was most delighted in the fight, and that really drove home the point that it is genetics. It does not matter if it is a bull, a man, a stud, a fish. It is in the male wiring, before testosterone, as this calf is not even developed, to simply be attracted to fighting, while the baby doll was doing her girly thing.

I realize in these times of soy milk genetic alteration, brain wave conditioning and other gender destructive devices that White People have become rather more like potatoes instead of humans, savage potatoes at that who do not know what sex they are, but the fact is normal males are not queer and normal females are not brutish.

In this world of queer that is now lost, as the mentality of all has so been corrupted and conditioned, that normal is something most can not comprehend. The reality is though male and female were created by God with specific traits, and it has absolutely nothing to do with hormones, sexual activity or choice. Human males and females are wired at their source to be driven and drawn to specific activities for promotion of species.
Males are drawn to brawling and tests of strength for protection of that womb laying on the pasture chewing her cud, who is wired to protect that womb, by staying out of fights and getting killed, so the species perpetuates itself.

One male bull will service 50 cows. One cow though will only produce one calf. Bulls are designed to be expendable as all males are when fulfilling their male rolls. Females are not expendable, because it takes almost a year to replace one society member, and for humans it requires 18 years to come to adequate reproduction age, and that makes human females extremely valuable.

In the Bible, it was a reality that God took the first born males, because those were inferior in being stress birthed and usually lighter weight. The best offspring always are produced by the later births in any species.
That is why the Royalty of the world produced from King Henry types now have Prince William loaf heads in not being the true species which should be reproducing. Regentcide was the best proponent for societies until Republics took the martial stage in electing their most brutal and devious males to lead effectively.
This of course was tempered by female voting which voted for nursing the culls, instead of killing them.

All species are wired male and female not from genitals, but by design. This is not a matter of hormones or choices. The male and female trait is genetic and designed for promotion of species survival and not sex.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.