Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Psychic Jersey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Those two.

Yes I mean Baby Belle and Baby Daisy. We have had on our hands children who bright and first grade comprehension. I do know though they are psychic.

We have had a ..........I think we skipped from Terrible Twos to Tyrannical Teenagers in the space of a moment, as sometimes what these two pull is beyond words.

So the other morning I am doing chores, and we have had the tomatoes in coffee cans in the garden, for water conservation, and in hops Daisy for a romp and my informing her that was not such a great idea.

So I am feeding goats hay and muttering to myself that this will be an article as the one thing you can always count on is livestock finding gardens like bees to honey......when I hear  this crashing, as Baby  Belle is then bucking through the garden and cans are flying in the air. Granted there is no malice in this or thought, except my thought which Baby Belle read, and of course complied with her own miniature rodeo.

I informed her that was not a good idea, maybe have on tomatoe on life support and away we went to the pasture.

So I inform them as I put them away, that they need to be a lot easier on me. They listen intently and were quite shocked as they could not see the abuse they have been heaping up in my direction, but I am sure they listened, understood and of course today, I left an opening in the garden panels, and there is Baby Belle going in for a bite of weeds that I do not have taken out yet.
I said her name loudly and not to be in there.......she looks at me, and turns around and walks out without any damage.

Yes animals read your thoughts and they know exactly what you are telling them.

This afternoon, Belle went after water and Daisy when down the road, then through the cats where TL feeds them, and then over to the barn, where Belle was standing there chewing on grain and Daisy went in, with the rope on her dragging me along.........I waited for her return and then took it off as she weighs around 600 pounds now.......think Belle must be 400 for a minature, if their bones are solid.

They are extremely affectionate at times....just have to watch the head bobbing of Daisy and Belle has those horns and knows they are there and does use them. For anyone having these pets, get the horns off by a Vet. If they are young enough, you can burn them off, but Vets usually cut them off.......blood and they burn the veins off to stop the bleeding.
Just try and do it when there are not flies or you will have maggots......and you do not want to get hay in there as the body will react and their heads will swell up as there is a cottage cheese in the head in reaction. We only had this happen to one bunch of cattle eating hay from a self feeder. Most problems is with flies in maggots, but it will work out.

Belle is quite the pet for me now. Is puzzling as she acts wild sometimes and the next time, she stands there wanting me to pet her non stop. The wild is mostly not wanting a rope on her.
I think a single Jersey would be fine, but two are like dogs and will run off as I have found on more than one occasion.

I am completely sold on the miniatures, and should be  the same for Dexters, Herefords, Scotties in being like tame breeds. I presume in how little milk most people drink that the beef breeds would probably be as good as any. Yes when we get our place and the funds, we are going to get maybe Scotties as I always wanted them.

I like cattle and always have enjoyed being around them. Is one reason I like these two characters in Daisy and Belle. All cattle have personalities and I promise in a herd of cattle if you are around 100 of them of the same breed, you will know each individual by look and actions as much as any mother knows her kid a sea of humans.

I think back at times how little they were when we got them. Am glad that TL has them on TL's old cell phone, as someday I am going to have a looksee at them again. Belle when she almost died, I literally carried in my arms to the house at two months old. Daisy was waifish too as we gave her antibiotics. Now it is a matter of trying to deal with their bulk and being prepared if they decide to go somewhere, as a lead rope will stop Daisy, but it is like being belted on the football field, and that gets old.
They both will settle down in a couple of years as they get older, and there really is not much sense in making their lives too disciplined and miserable as I get enough from the regime on that.

They both just love attention and I am so swamped now that in most cases it is just five minutes after they are done drinking.

God has been very good to us in these little girls, and I am thankful they found us. I know how bad it would be for them if it had not been us. Daisy was probably a heifer calf which would have been slaughtered and Belle would have been dumped around again, as this miniature market, as much of the cattle market had all of these get rich quick assholes speculating in buying cattle, jacking prices up, and selling sick stock like these two girls or in these small breeds, thinking of making a killing and then being stuck with animals no one wants.
I figure Belle came out of Missouri, and was some dump calf someone had that they got by with as a regular sized calf, which those lezbo cattle hustlers got stuck with and then stuck us with her, thinking they were getting one over on us.

I see on Craigslist numbers of miniatures at times, that these speculators and half assed operators are trying to dump. Sometimes it is some fricking jungle cattle crossed up, and no one wants that shit. I mean what is going through these moron's minds in crossing cattle no one wants and then they don't want them either. I know it is lazy at the heart of it, as spend a fortune on a cow and then instead of investing in a few hundred dollars more for a miniature semen AI bull with a vet impregnating her.......just run her out with the jungle cattle as it sounds like a good idea.
None of these bozos are too bright. I was trying to track down a bull source for these girls and instead all I got in a reply was,  "Yeah, breed them to a miniature". Duh, I knew that tard.

Oh well, it comes down to Daisy when I pet her, licking my coveralls as she grooms me too, as we are from the same herd. Belle just soaks it all in as that is Baby Belle. I think back though of her when she was so sick and so small, kicking me, in how I have felt heavier feathers........I think of her bunting at us and now Daisy having fun in the yard bellaring at some imagined foe as dirt flies and heals are in the air in her playtime.

Yeah it is bellowing so stick it up your anal retention as this is my blog.

Think that will about leave it off for the Jersey Psychics. Maybe I should ask them for lottery numbers. I might be surprise in their picks.