Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Trump White Paper: Donors

I want to donate to Donald Trump and stop being a GOPtraitor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are following necessities which must be addressed by the Trump campaign and Paul Manafort has proven capable of getting the Trump children to submarine Corey Lewandowski, but has little intention of handling the donors who have been told to sit on their hands by the GOPliters to bankrupt Donald Trump.

This goes directly to Ted Cruz's benefactor, Robert Mercer of Breitbart, who throws words of support to Mr. Trump, after trying to arm rape him by Michelle Fields, and then Mercer sets up a PAC to siphon money from Mr. Trump and the Republican established Trump Victory Committee.

If any of you want to donate to Mr. Trump, either go to his site, or find the RNC TVC and make your donation there.

Trump Campaign Donation Link.

What the Lame Cherry suggests further is to put Tierra and the Little Lord Fauntlerboys to establish a multi tier system. PJ Manafort is not pulling the full load. It is pure nonsense for President Elect Donald Trump to have 20 donor names thumped down on his desk and ordered to beg for funds in listening to a bunch Wall Street sucklings.
This is what the Trump children are required to do. They haul in Reince Priebus and Paul Manafort, and in their board room, Manafort and Priebus MAKE the overture calls with the Trump children listening in. A gathering is being planned, these donors are coming, and the donor being spoken to is hereby ordered to attend.

There will now be offered Trump child 1, 2, 3 on one level of donations and access, along with concerns. If the concerns want to have a phone call and notice from Mr. Trump, then the matter requires a larger donation.
The donor will have it made clear that this donation does not allow them to be rude or think they own Mr. Trump. It is a matter though that 8 years is a very long time to be out in the wilderness with Mr. Trump remembering you along with the mob and Mrs. Clinton hating you with her mob.

In this gathering, there is the Don and Eric table, the Ivanka table, the Donald and Melania table, and then the nice gathering lounge afterwards that the big donors, are invited to.

It will be noted that the donor has a chair with a NAME PLATE assigned to them, and if that chair is filled with them or empty, it is up to them.

Mr. Trump needs  to employ a way to assist the TVC, in delegating a structure to this of carrot and stick. This is a rough draft, but the fact is if Paul Manafort put as much effort into twisting arms as he did in planting stories against Corey Lewandowski and Reince Priebus put as much effort into menacing these donors as he did voters for Cruz in Wisconsin, this all would be a non issue.

It must be mentioned that when Mr. Trump is elected, that this entire 2016 election in voting irregularities, interesting money funneling and antagonisms are going to be reviewed by a Justice Department team top to bottom, for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

It would be a shame if these ultra rich, sitting on their hands would be spending 5 million dollars in the next 8 years in court hearings and hauled before the Senate and House in hearing with lights blazing to become as well known as Bernie Madoff.

There needs to be a stick about as the ultra rich have proven they are already antagonistic. It is time to be refresh their memories as everyone has an axe to grind against them and everyone has secrets, to become the next star in their state and to be laughed at over cocktails.

I might suggest this right proper bastard to get the job done quietly and properly.

Phil Cox, executive director of the  Republican Governors Association, is photographed in his Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, office.   ap876124732100

Phil Cox, he looks the part and Governor Christie has him in speed dial.

Be a right proper bastard here spunky and you come back from oblivion to having those cucks kissing your ring on the first ring.

Best suggestion in a pinch as Tom Delay is prancing around on Dancing with the Stars.