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Black Lives Monetized

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In writing this article, no one has ever for Mockingbird or cartel reasons, ever examined the inner workings of the NGO's or Non Governmental Organizations, which plague the planet and manifest as conduits of the globalists who are manipulating everyone against each other, as there are always the willing activist or minder who will do anything for their cause.

I became interested in Black Lives Matter, not for the movement, but when this group triggered the Dallas Shooter, and how it all was tracked back to Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota, attempting on Hillary Clinton's directives to get a Minnesota shooting spiked, for the purpose of herding blacks to vote for Mrs. Clinton, guilt the Clinton Sanders whites to stay on the liberal reservation and to punish law enforcement unions for not being wholeheartedly for Mrs. Clinton.

The reality of these events in Minnesota and Dallas, is they are leftists, and designed to be exploited by Mrs. Clinton, in order to change the news cycle from her crimes, to racial tensions which can be used against Donald Trump.
We had an inkling of the coordination in this, when Jesse Jackson was put on view at FOX, and began by attacking Donald Trump on the Birther issue and race. None of this happens by accident and is all by design.

The problem in all of this is, everyone thinks in one dimension or one story being progressed into the public, but if one examines San Bernardino shootings, there is in fact numerous dimensions being worked out by the players as in the Boston Bombing. The entire intelligence network is an entity which various groups have information on of coming events, and various groups like the Clinton campaign factor in that some type of event will take place, which they then will exploit, as this is fellow  travelers going in the same direction, but in that we have travelers who are not always promoting the same agenda.

In Black Lives Matter, one finds three women who are activists in public view. If one examines these leftist groups they are managing though, all find funding from the same leftists who implement sodomy to whatever, and it is old money, it is Rockefeller money and in the case which matters, it was Van Jones, the communist of the Obama regime activists who was a founder of this movement.
In other words, this is a ultra leftist programme which was run like Occupy Wall Street, protected by the powers which be, and funded by the very cartel factions engaged in the American Genocide.

Black Lives Matter

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The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights grew out of Bay Area PoliceWatch, a small initiative founded in 1995 as a hotline for victims of police brutality. The hotline was based in a closet-sized office donated by the Lawyers Committee for Civil RightsThe need for assistance was great, so Bay Area PoliceWatch quickly outgrew the space and Van Jones officially launched the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights on September 1, 1996.

One begins to see patterns in this, then one of the chief activists for the Obama regime appears, and the puzzle of who is behind what and how this is all being directed with intelligence and regime cooperation begins to form a picture of the operation.

As you notice in this, this is the faction which has been running the Alt Hillary operation, to corral those movements under one direction to be exploited. In short, it appears that Hillary Clinton's communications were read by more than Mark Dayton, and those who read them, decided as in San Bernadino to exploit a Hillary operation in Minnesota, by making it blood soaked in Dallas, all for their purposes.

Van Jones: Bernie Was For Civil Rights When Hillary Was For ...

On Tuesday, Van Jones and Bakari Sellers discussed the democratic presidential race on CNN. Jones emphasized that Bernie Sanders sounds like a one-issue candidate ...

Then into this enter the Dallas conduit, a fellow traveler of this group, pro Muslim, hiding in Christian dogma, pro sodomite, anti police, pro felon, and voicing the same activist pattern which melding all of these types together in the rather self destructive, Dr. Rev. Jeff Hood, who somehow was never thrown out of South Baptist seminary for having a mouth like Sodom and a mind like Gomorrah.
This is the face of the organizer of the Dallas protests.
Jeff Hood

 Following two further periods of sustained depression, I sought help against the wishes of many who love me. Pushing through the darkness, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and placed on medication. Even with the drugs, suicide has never been far from my mind. The thoughts of ending the suffering revisit me a couple of times per year.

Jesus was the most queer person on Earth.”

In a recent post on June 18, Hood invokes Jesus as being present as the words “Keep blowing shit up baby!” are said, seemingly during some kind of worship service led by Hood:
Just this past week, I felt the hands again. One by one, the children of God at the Church at the Table in Fort Worth stopped to affirm and celebrate my ministry. In the midst of the reverence of it all, Jesus showed up. One of my dear friends shouted out, “Keep blowing shit up baby!”
I will.

The United States Flag at the Front of the Church is Blasphemous

In all of these patterns, the 5th column appears as old as Jacob Schiff funding Trotksy or the Rothschilds funding Marx. It is all this same Obama change, but while everyone is misdirected something else is taking place, and I remind people to remember the words of leftist Webster Griffin Tarpley on the Jeff Rense program.
Tarpley stated the agenda was to destroy the Republican party to make it fringe like the Libertarian, and never be heard from again.

Examine Ted Cruz and the funded effort of the Bill Kristol and Erick Erickson #nevertrump grouping in how their angle is in these fringe cucks to take people off the cliff and produce the Tarpley fringe GOP which will never be a party again.

Now examine this in Hillary Clinton from the Obama regime, just gets carte blanche for all of her crimes, but in running an operation with Mark Dayton, gets sucked back into another crime in Dallas, as Mrs. Clinton's talking points are to berate white people while attempting to herd blacks to vote for her in November.

Recall Webster Tarpley's prediction that the Democratic party would be split, a Bernie revolutionary party and a Hillary old guard, who would replace each other in swaps of power. That is exactly what is taking place as the Bernie Sanders voters are voting for Donald Trump, with the old guard for Hillary Clinton, as this ultra leftist Gary Johnson is being fed the brainless Conservatives who never read that the Neo Libertarian is nothing Libertarian at all.

Let me be clear in this, in I am not stating Donald Trump is a part of this in the least. I am stating though that  this cartel spots trends and does utilize political candidates, just as they overthrew the Tea Party.
It sincerely appears that the agenda is to use Donald Trump if his margins keep growing to elect this movement which is revolutionary, and the real agenda is then to remove Mr. Trump as Newt Gingrich stated in David John Oates Reverse Speech and replace the Trump Revolution with another Bush Neocon con job.

That is what is vital in this, that Mr. Trump not pick one of these frauds he has been parading around, as it will be his death warrant. Donald Trump has to pick a woman who is more hard core than he is, to protect him, so his policies are enacted. But the reality is, the cartel is attempting to maneuver a GOP, as you can note by the "Delegate Committee" trying to place sodomite planks onto the platform and other Sanders wing agendas which are making the GOP the Gay Operative Party,  in the pattern that Webster Griffin Tarpley expounded upon.

The murders in Dallas Texas are one of more smoking guns which will be utilized to blackmail Hillary Clinton if she gets to the White House, from the Van Jones funded activist wing of the party, or in effect, this is like EMAILGATE, an operation to see what can be extracted from Mrs. Clinton for the Obama wing of the cartel in the coming years.
There have been other events like Dallas which have been covered up. The point in this being, this shooter was not triggered or made, he is one of a number of unbalanced people who are not groomed, but this is so activist now that the unbalanced by design are simply acting out.

The black in America is a commodity and has been since Jesse Jackson for the FBI began steering this black movement once Martin King was put down. The Afroid percentile is simply a conduit of political agenda having nothing to do with blacks. When Obama appeared, this minded group became radicalized again, after it was capped in the 1970's.
The black will be utilized, until they are incorporated into a more militant group as the Muslim will be for this type of feudal voter intimidation.

Blacks have been monetized, just as the Jews were in the ghettos of Europe, and them militantized when they were exported to the Mideast to form an intelligence wing for the Ashkenaz Rothschilds.  One can definitely expect more of this Boston Bombing, San Bernardino, Orlando type checks on Hillary Clinton in the White House as Dallas is her new albatross, because the Clinton people like Mark Dayton are not that intelligent and problems always arise.

Problems being,  setting off some mass murder, due to the words of the Clinton or Obama in power, and causing them the obligatory bribe to those in another faction to make the story all go away.

To close this out, it should be noted that for Mrs. Clintons' war in Europe which Obama is setting up for America, that there will be a Pearl Harbor for America in numbers of American dead to induce Americans to this war which has already been decided upon.
There are also those who desire their 30 pieces of silver and will conduct operations as in Dallas, utilizing these same leftist activists to gain payment.

Just like 9 11 tagged the Bush fam. It is the factions of the lords and the priests moving the pieces around. Black Lives Monetized.........and Mrs. Clinton was fully informed that this strategy would bring about harm to innocent people.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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