Saturday, July 2, 2016

Edward Snowden the Russian Spy

Auf verschiedenen Konferenzen wie hier 2014 wurde Snowden aus Moskau zugeschaltet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Matt Drudge was featuring a BILD article stating that Edward Snowden was  some Russian agent, and their main proof is Snowden can speak fluent German.

To educate the German propaganda press for the Obama Merkel regime, there are quite a number of translation sites, one of which was created by Robert Mercer, Ted Cruz's billionaire benefactor, which can make anyone fluent in any language.

German is not that difficult to learn. It is Anglo Saxon, like American or English. It is as recognizable as Spanish and anyone can pick it up with a bit of time. Theodore Roosevelt learned German and French by simply reading books in those languages.

The other proof was that Snowden went to Hong Kong and was meeting with Russians after he fled America. That might have been because he wanted his information secure  and his life protected, but then I do not work for the all knowing Obama and Merkel bent on American and German genocide, with starting a world war with Russia.

The bot translation of the Bild propaganda is below, and reads like something out of Pyongyang 1960 propaganda.

Nuff Said


In the three years that have passed since Edward Snowden's arrival in Moscow, has been much speculation and controversy about the relationship between him and his hosts. Now there is facts!
► Review: The American IT service who had worked for the CIA and NSA, before fleeing with more than one million stolen secret files from Hawaii, Russia has coming since his arrival at Sheremetyevo Airport, Hong Kong, on 23 June 2013 no longer rely.
Snowden landed with the permission of the Russian government in Moscow. With their representatives he met during his three-week stay in Hong Kong. He befriended so much with them that he even celebrated his 30th birthday in Russian consulate!
Snowden was on the run from prosecution in the United States, and Vladimir Putin granted him asylum. Although Snowden recently hinted that he would welcome a pardon by President Barack Obama before he leaves office in January, there is no evidence that such a thing could ever happen. Only a month ago told the White House that it keeps Snowden for a criminal. A pardon is therefore a pure product of the imagination.
Snowden's access to the Kremlin
Then there is the difficult question of Snowden's connections to the Kremlin. For anyone who is familiar with the world of espionage - especially in connection with the Russians - it is clear that Snowden is a deserter and that he cooperates with Moscow's security services - as I pointed out recently in FIG.background107Intelligence expert John R. Schindler reveals | WHY Snowden is a Russian agent!

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Intelligence expert WHY is Snowden a Russian agent!
Intelligence expert John Schindler reveals exclusively to BILD why the ex-NSA agent Snowden can suddenly speak German.Edward SnowdenProcesses after court ruling: No honorary doctorate for Snowden
For months, surged the controversy over the honorary doctorate to former US intelligence Edward Snowden between the Faculty of ...
Experts who are familiar with the powerful intelligence apparatus of the Kremlin - which consists of the "special services" as referred to in Russia - are convinced that this cooperation easily the principle one hand washes the other follows.
A Western intelligence officials, the Russian refuge is granted is, his hosts tell everything he knows - since there is nothing to discuss.
Snowden and his representatives insist that he is not cooperating with the Russians. The official version is that Snowden had stolen from him NSA documents when he arrived in Moscow not there and that he refused to disclose classified information to Russian intelligence.
According to Wikileaks - The operators Snowden advised to flee to Moscow - were Russian spies after his arrival in their country to the defectors zoom, but he refused to divulge secrets.
As WikiLeaks is a more or less open facade of the Kremlin itself and her boss Julian Assange increasingly parroting pro-Putin propaganda, there is no reason to take the allegations of Wikileaks about Snowden seriously - especially in view of the role that Assange avowedly case played, Snowden to bring in the first place to Moscow.
►Niemand from western intelligence circles, I know who believes in Snowden's innocence. If he should have not cooperated with Russia's special services, he would be the first defector since 1917, has not done so. There is no indication that Vladimir Putin - has the Snowden publicly gennant a "weird guys" and is not known for something free to offer - has generously dispensed in return.
Snowden's relationship with the Russian secret service was recently discussed in public, as the issue was discussed in the NSA investigation committee of the Bundestag. Last month saw Hans-Georg Maassen, the President of the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution, an uproar when he said, Snowden was probably in fact a Russian agent.Enlarge At various conferences such as here in 2014 was Snowden switched from MoscowAt various conferences, such as here in 2014 Snowden was switched from MoscowPhoto: AFP
The President of the BND, Gerhard Schindler went even further and called Snowden BILD against "traitors". Schindler claimed, "He has become the plaything of the FSB, and that is anything but good."
The FSB is the Federal Security Service, Russia's powerful and disreputable domestic intelligence. Derlei allegations should actually do not give rise to controversy, as Snowden is staying for three years in Russia and no signs makes to leave Putin's protection.
Nevertheless disagreed Snowden back leg openings on common sense explanations of the Head of German security services. However, Snowden did himself no favors when he could tweet in fluent German suddenly - a language which he seemed to have learned overnight. This circumstance hardened the suspicion that he was a pawn of the FSB.earlier warningsBND Gehard Schindler »Snowden is a traitor
Kremlin confirmed Snowden recruitment
►Nun has questioned a clarified once and for all, by let it be known, Edward Snowden worked indeed for him the Kremlin.
In a remarkable interview this week Franz Klintsevich explained - a senior Russian security official - quite soberly: "Let's face it. Snowden has passed secret information. For security services are for. If there is a way to get information, then they will do it well. "
Thus Klintsevich has simply expressed what already knew all professional intelligence officers: that Snowden cooperates with the FSB. That he really had no choice, as soon as he had arrived in Russia, does not change the facts.
Therefore Klintsevichs statement is credible
Klintsevich operates no vain speculation. He is a senator who has served for nearly a decade in the State Duma. Moreover Klintsevich is the deputy chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Senate, which monitors the special services.
The 59-year-old has access to many state secrets - for example, in connection with the case Snowden.
Moreover Klintsevich is an army colonel retired, who has served for 22 years at the elite airborne troops WDW. In the 1980s Klintsevich was with WDW in Afghanistan. An accurate interpretation of his biography reveals also that he for the GRU - the military intelligence - worked (his work for the "special propaganda in Afghanistan and his degree from the Military-Political Lenin Academy of 1991 point to its connection to GRU ).
Klintsevich is little known outside Russia. In the Western press, he appeared in 2012 temporarily with his short-lived idea, Hitler's birthplace in Braunau to buy, in order to subsequently destroy.
He is, however, a member of the ruling elite and the Kremlin has good contacts. Given its position in the Senate Committee and its GRU past is no doubt that Russia's special services keep Klintsevich for "nasch" ( "He belongs to us").
His statement on Snowden's relationship with the Kremlin may therefore be no mishap or slip. For some reason, Putin has decided to give Snowden as the collaborator known that he is indeed - and has been for three years.
One reason may Snowden youngest, tepid criticism on Twitter at Russia harsh new laws to monitor domestically be.
These laws than exceed all surveillance activities in the West that Snowden has so strongly criticized for his FSB hiding place. In fact, his hosts allow their American collaborator finally, to make a statement on Twitter negatively about Russia. Many observers had noticed Snowden silence about repression by the FSB and worse. This could be an indication that the defector is no longer useful.
What Snowden really knew?
In truth Snowden was never particularly well informed about the US secret services. Contrary to the myths that have spread he and his advocate, he was merely an IT system administrator. Snowden was never a real spy. There is no indication that he understood most of what he has stolen the NSA, at all correct.
The FSB has therefore squeezed out all the useful information quickly from Snowden. He was probably on the more than a million secret documents that he has stolen to report little enlightening.
For Moscow, its value, rather, was to take an important role in the propaganda of the Kremlin to discredit Western intelligence. And in this role Snowden has the West great harm. However, it has never been Moscow's "mole" in the NSA. In reality, it is in operation Snowden likely to be a measure intended to detract from one or more actual moles lurking undetected in the NSA for years.
Given the cases of former Western defectors to Moscow can be assumed that Edward Snowden looks ahead to no happy future. It is located entirely in the hands of his hosts, who control all aspects of life of a defector. His relationship with the Kremlin can no longer be seriously discussed, because the Kremlin has this question a clarified once and for all. Putin and his special services keep Snowden for "nasch" - because there is no longer any doubt.