Friday, July 1, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It has become standard operating procedure in the Barack Obama era to engage in criminal, unethical and betrayal of the public trust, in the police state and the regime both have condoned bland excuses, when in fact real crimes have been committed.

Examine for a moment in the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General. On the face of it, let us believe the Lynch version that her plane was invaded by Bill Clinton, and all that was discussed was grandchildren. While this is unethical on the part of Mr. Clinton as his wife and his foundation are under FBI criminal investigations, there is something more damning in this and that is Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.

As AG it is her responsibility as chief law enforcement officer to be just that. Loretta Lynch's responsibility when Mr. Clinton appeared, was to inform him as follows:

"Mr. President, with all due respect, this meeting can not take place as it violates ethics and will appear to taint the investigation, so therefore you must leave this plane immediately, or I will have to have you escorted off."

 What I ask you to recall now is a reality, that in Watergate the coverup was the crime against Richard Nixon, and in this Attorney General Loretta Lynch, had an immediate responsibility to notify her superior who would be the office of the White House and Director Comey of the FBI of this breach.
Instead Loretta Lynch engaged in a cover up of this incident.

This takes on even more epic proportions as Mrs. Clinton will meet with the FBI two days later on her criminal case. It is a reality of appearing of intimidation on the part of Bill Clinton.

If this event occurred in any police force as Los Angeles, Internal Affairs would be all over this in investigating it. The Mayor would order the District Attorney to immediately step aside as this investigation continued, until a full accounting was made by IA to the Chief of Police and the Mayor's Office, who would then inform the Commissioners of Los Angeles County and the press.

When Loretta Lynch had to be first asked by the press if this Clinton meeting took place, she became guilty of a cover up and ethics violation. There can be absolutely not any contact off book in any criminal investigation for the improprieties involved and the destruction of public trust.

This issue becomes even more damning when we learned from ABC News that the FBI was ordering the media to not photograph this event, nor to report it. This is Loretta Lynch's FBI in the chief criminal investigative group in America, and the FBI on scene with her, were operating in collusion in initiating a cover up of this event.

What Attorney General Loretta Lynch engaged in is a criminal violation of the law, she violated ethics and she tainted an FBI investigation. In knowing these absolute facts, Loretta Lynch should be ordered by the Obama White House to immediately step down. The Inspector General should immediately be engaged to investigate this situation on ethics violation.
Furthermore, the FBI in the criminal investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton, must now open a case file to investigation of Loretta Lynch with the recommendation she be prosecuted for her covering up this meeting with Bill Clinton.

Congress should immediately in the House review this evidence in the Ethics Committees and return a recommendation of impeachment to be carried out by the United States Senate.

What Bill Clinton did or said, is of no matter in this, because what Loretta Lynch engaged in was High Crimes and misdemeanors against the United States. She has already confessed by her inactions in not notifying the proper authorities of this meeting. There is absolutely no doubt about any of this.

Loretta Lynch must go and her end must be Leavenworth Kansas Federal Prison for 5 to 20 years.