Monday, July 4, 2016

The Master Spirit of Donald Trump ,_1856-crop.jpg

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The following is neither an apology nor a praise for Donald Trump, but it is something which requires being addressed, because from David John Oates in Australia hearing from friends convinced that Donald Trump is some spectre to those in America like Joel Skoursen who do not know what to make of Mr. Trump in he simply will not "behave" the way they are used to, all need to realize that Donald Trump is something the world does not come across a great deal, and yet America in her history was filled with these master Spirits of indomitable will.

We begin this in the writings of Theodore Roosevelt in his history of the War of 1812, to give a glimpse of who Donald Trump is.

Yet, although a mighty and cruel foe was at 
their very gates, nothing save fierce defiance 
reigned in the fiery Creole hearts of the Cres- 
cent City. For a master-spirit was in their 
midst. Andrew Jackson having utterly broken 
and destroyed the most powerful Indian con- 
federacy that had ever menaced the South- 
west, and having driven the haughty Spaniards 
from Pensacola, was now bending all the 
energies of his rugged intellect and indomi- 
table will to the one object of defending New 
Orleans. No man could have been better fit- 
ted for the task. He had hereditary wrongs 
to avenge on the British, and he hated them 
with an implacable fury that was absolutely 
devoid of fear. Born and brought up among 
the lawless characters of the frontier, and 
knowing well how to deal with them, he was 
able to establish and preserve the strictest 
martial law in the city without in the least 
quelling the spirit of the citizens. To a rest- 
less and untiring energy he united sleepless 
vigilance and genuine military genius. Prompt 
to attack whenever the chance offered itself, 
seizing with ready grasp the slightest vantage- 
ground, and never giving up a foot of earth 
that he could keep, he yet had the patience to 
play a defensive game when it so suited him, 
and with consummate skill he always followed 
out the scheme of warfare that was best 
adapted to his wild soldiery.

What baffles most and terrifies those who sit behind keyboards bullying others like George Will, is Donald Trump is an American. If you sped read too much of the above about Andrew Jackson, you missed who Donald Trump is. Donald Trump is a man who is at home with that cheering American mob, who is quite untamed yet, will do things at the drop of a hat, and have in their Spirit a contest they are always looking to engage in.

You have to know the bloodlines of Donald Trump and Americans. I speak not of the Britons who inhabit the American coasts or the Ashkenaz. Donald Trump is that product of America in Viking Goths, Anglo Saxon and Pict, which appeared in America as the Dutch, Scandinavian, Scott, Irish, French, German who gave the American their identity.
They were bold, brazen and brash. In respectable company this was just too much, but in frontiers, Indian terrorism or wars, these people survived weather and war. They are the American genetics of unapologetic domination.

There is a story which explains Americans in long ago the Viking was on Greenland, and interacted with the Asian Eskimo. In friendship, they strove together, but in that the Viking one day stood up and looked over a cliff and said, "Friend let us have a contest in shooting at that mark with our bows. If you win, I throw myself over the cliff and if I win, you throw yourself over the cliff".
The Eskimo tried to not  become involved, but the Viking won out and the contest began, and the Viking lost, and true to his word, threw himself over the cliff in honor.

Theodore Roosevelt also wrote of another whirlwind in Sam Houston, who was an unbridled fury of Texas. He has all success, but threw it all away to live with the Cherokee Indians, but when the revolt for Independence began, Houston returned with fury to lead Texas to victory in being the first President of the Republic of Texas.

Leaders of untamed peoples. Leaders of revolution. Leaders of the Great Tribulation are not timid nor cordial, unless they are some scheming,  backstabbing anti Christ. Donald Trump is of the cloth of Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, and for those who require the reality, Donald Trump is of the cloth of the ruthless Abraham Lincoln putting to field generals who would shell civilian Confederate towns, call for scorched earth, exile and mass hangings of rebels.

Donald Trump will do what needs to be done. I do not state that he is that man yet, but when Andrew Jackson was faced with the grizzled veterans of Europe in the British redcoats how made a practice of raping every woman and child, while murdering every male in victory, it requires a leader of untamed Spirit who is in just enough control to not be reckless. That is General George Washington, General William Tecumseh Sherman, General George Custer, General Douglas MacArthur and General George Patton.

It is going to require a Jehu like that in America to save the world, to stand with another volatile storm called Vladimir Putin of Russia. There is evil in this world, deep profound evil, which has the masses engaged in evil self destruction, so a feudal few elite surviving will rule all as the cloth of the land becomes the corpse of the land.

Donald Trump is well aware of his nature. It is why Mr. Trump is focused upon a Vice President to be the diplomat with Congress to pass legislation, while Mr. Trump as President leads and negotiates the terms. This must be understood that a leader is the one on the White Horse inspiring all in exposing himself to fire as George Washington in order for the troops to move forward and do their job in carrying the victory, led by the Colonels.

Donald Trump speaks to the volatile nature in the American Spirit and what has inspired Nationalists across the globe, because they recognize in him whatever Raj, Khan, Count or Chieftain their parents followed to establish their peoples on their land.

Personally I recognize a number of things in Donald Trump, because I have been accused my entire life of having those same flaws. I smile at Donald Trump being reckless as I understand the storm, and know at the eye of all that chaos their is calm, as Mr. Trump has experienced as all have who have been there, that God's Nature, no matter the chaos always patterns to order. Disturb the sand on the shore and no matter the damage you think is done, the wind and wave will order it to the  rest of the shore again by the morrow.

I realize Mr. Trump is not meant for an era of a 1000 year peace, because we are in a world moving to the worst conflicts in history and worst contentions. It is going to require not a diplomat or a schemer. It is going to require a dominator who speaks in an international language of black and white absolutes to dominate other indomitable wills.

I stated from the beginning in this, Let Trump be Trump. Mr. Trump is aware to appoint the kinds of personnel who behave as we were taught that brought the world this community enslavement and record looting of nations.

It will require a Master Spirit able to lead this untamed onrush of Spirit of the masses to bring to the best outcome. Donald Trump is that Spirit and without him, civilization will end in a Black Death where monks in caves will be the only civilization left for a 1000 years.

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