Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Trump White Paper: The Legal Excuse



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Filipino's appear to be ushering in a new age in east west civilization, re embarking upon the Wyatt Earp type of law enforcement which cleaned out Arizona Territory of criminal syndicate, while Douglas MacArthur's father was cleaning out the Indian terrorists.

30 Killed in 4 Days of Drug War by Philippines President 'Punisher'...

The Lame Cherry knows that such an historical time has reached the West after the Obama Clinton lawlessness and events must match these times.

America has a host now of conveniences which were not available in Wyatt Earp's era and are not available in the Philippines. In this Trump White Paper, the Lame Cherry deems as follows that there must be a two pronged enforcement inside of America of these almost 200,000 foreign criminals and the millions of real criminals which Obama has set free and Clinton panders to votes for.

For simplicity I term this enforcement as:



Command One will be a coordination between the County Sheriff Departments and the FBI, targeting narcotics, pimps, rapists, pedophiles, murderers who are American.
The "crew" would include a drone which knocked on the door, announces the warrant and serves it, and demands that all the people inside immediately surrender by vacating the location and laying flat on the lawn, pavement or whatever.
This sweep would have the location surrounded and apprehension would be a non dangerous event.

For dealing with these criminals, I advocate expanding GITMO, to an open air tent structure with razor wire, and if people attempted to escape, they would be shot on sight.
This is a return favor to Fidel  Castro's boat lift under Jimmy Carter.

All criminals would be detained there and RFID chipped, as this is the worst of the worst in America and there is not any reformation which will work.

So that all comprehend this, these are vermin. They have absolutely no value nor redemption ever. They are being sent to Gitmo City to die as they will never return to America. They would be provided tools to gardening equipment to live, but they are cut off in this final sentence which requires no court involvement.
If any Judge presumes such an involvement, they will be detained at Gitmo City to see if they can survive court there.

Command Two involves the County Sheriff, coordinating against foreigners who are in America illegally and criminally.

In this group, America would seize an appropriate size of desert landscape as in the Sahara, where a razor wire colony would be constructed by the inmates. The Lame Cherry terms this Obama City.

Again all inmates would be RFID chipped to the brain, for non removal, and provided hammers and the ability to garden to feed themselves. Escape would bring immediate execution.

The West requires Global Penal Colonies in order to rid itself of the degenerates preying upon them. It is a simple artifice to include in said waste places the vermin of the surrounding nations, and in that it is in every nation's interest to be rid of these predators.

The civilian law enforcement and military should not though be placed in harm's way. The drone would knock and capture, and the inmates refuse to surrender, the appropriate action would be to fire a hellfire missile into the abode and final solution the problem in this manner.

Positive publicity in a few dozen acts, and the rats will be scurrying from America or to the front lawn to surrender in knowing what end is immediately coming.

We do not need to shoot vermin dead in raids which cause law enforcement and military psychological ramifications to deal with. No, make it robotic, and when these criminals refuse to obey, end the situation immediately.

This method can be increased as bounties are available for reports online of posted criminals, and people can turn in those they know of, and earn a 10,000 dollar prize.

As it was legal for Andrew Jackson to deport Indian terrorists, and it was legal for Queen Victoria to deport criminals from England to Botany Bay, if it was legal for Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman to inflict on several million Germans after World War II in concentration camps in their deaths, then it is perfectly legal and appropriate for America and those in Europe who would join in this security and peace for their peoples to engage in this new reality of Gitmo City and Obama City.

Who knows, with President Donald Trump at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, one of the first inmates will the several images of Obama and most of the Obama regime at Obama City in darkest Africa.

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