Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lame Stream Media

Hillary rally line (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

4 Coons in a Hillary Sea of White Racism


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really do no know how I feel about being part of the Lame Stream Media as now sanctioned by Hillary Clinton as the Lame Cherry was not mentioned by Mrs. Clinton at Kookfest 2016 in Nevada, but then neither was Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Pamela Gellar, Jeff Rense and the growing list of people who apparently do not have the billionaire backers that Breitbart and Alex Jones have.........then again I was surprised that Ricky Vaughn is a billionaire, although Hillary Clinton did not mention him by name, only that Ricky Vaughn is really the son of Vladimir Putin tweeting online in the Alt Right.

The way it seems to go with Hillary Clinton in her vast right wing conspiracy is she hates Donald Trump, so figured she would mention David Duke, a former KKK guy, throw in Breitbart which is billionaires not for Clinton and then Jones who is bankrolled by billionaires not for Clinton from Canada or something. That is what this is really about is Hillary is going ECO WAR on the billionaires who do not donate to her in Donald Trump, Breitbart and Jones.....and of course Vladimir Putin who has billions in gold that Hillary wants.

As for me in the Lame Stream Media, I hope that Mrs. Clinton now prosecutes all of my detractors and stops the NSA spying on me, as I am part of a group which has now been sanctioned by the Hamrod. I realize it is because we are not backed by billionaires so money is not involved in why we do not matter, but Lame Stream is apparently is the place to be in under the radar as sappers in the wire.......doing the work and not being big enough to come on the scope.

I really would have liked though Mrs. Clinton to have mentioned the Lame Cherry, as I am quite attractive to rich old lesbian dykes, and I could use their donations, as butch acts just get tired of oggling Huma and want some popular girl to get wet over.

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Here I will give you and example:

The Lame Cherry produced by God's Grace the removal of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump.

The Lame Cherry mentions David Duke.

The Lame Cherry does not trust Alex Jones nor Brietbart.........Jones seems to like mentioning things in the same light as things posted here and I guess it is sort of an uneven balance for Hamrod, in the balance in I am apparently more good than a problem, so I get a pass.

I do have compassion on sick old Hillary though, because she was forced to go KKK, because Donald Trump is getting more of the Black vote all the time. She had to go Alt Right, because they are effective but only have Tweets to respond. Jones and Breitbart are about cash flow, so that does not matter you will notice that Matt Drudge is Lame Stream Media now too in not being a target.....just depends on who owns you.

So that is the real analysis of Hillary Hamrod going nuts in Vegas. Donald Trump is taking Black voters and she is trying to terrify Blacks back onto the Hillary plantation. The rest of this is just cover as her vacuous followers had never heard of the Alt Right, but now will be descending in troll squads to be wowed by all this media out there and wear themselves out so their menstrual cycles skip a month.

The fact is that pictures do not lie. Hillary apparently attacts fat old white men who become aroused at the thought of having sex with old women passed out in the old folks home, and 4 blacks showed up probably by mistake thinking it was some give away line for Obamaphones.

No Mexicans, no Asians, no queers....all the groups Hillary Clinton desperately needs to steal an election, and all she has is a small crowd of government welfare employees given the day off to come suck off her teats.

That is the story in this..........the why Hillary Clinton is losing the electorate and had to go crazy in running against Vladimir Putin......who is as popular as Donald Trump in America.

Fucking eh!!!!!!!!!!!

I just searched what AFGE is, and it is fucking government employees with the day off to be paid to come see Hillary Clinton.

American Federation of Government Employees

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union representing 650,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and ...

Praise God, the Holy Ghost has me noting things I had no idea of.......that's God's little Prophetess at work.

Oh by the way, you will notice the Clinton Obama regime does not hire minorities for rich white people government cushy jobs.

Just saying.