Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Solving the American Police State Violence

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was just watching a news feed of some city police in a rural state mounting AR 15's and loading 12 gauge pump shotguns, and I was simply repulsed, and that is the reason for this post as the Lame Cherry always seeks to help everyone, in being a slave to humanity.

What occurs to me is the problem with Law Enforcement in America is not that they are shooting Americans, as in murdering them like LaVoy Finicum by the Oregon State Police, but the problem is all of this military SWAT fashions which make police look unattractive. Then when the police take their costumes off, they are these ugly fat people as in that rural state, where the woman was positively a heifer in beefer proportions, with double chin and simply someone who people looking at them would be furious at being shot by them.

I mean everyone dreams of being shot by Harry Callahan as Clinton Eastwood in Dirty Harry. The hot Asian chic neighbors all sexed him, and no one cared when Harry was grinding some pedophile's broken leg with his heal to get information, because people just like being shot by attractive people.

So in that, I think that all the major cities in America, say 200,000 and above in population, must have attractive tests, and if the public does not want to bone them, then let them go to some rural location, where there are not enough people around to be upset by being shot by the donut patrol.
The thing is, very few shootings happen in rural states, because the officers are all donut eaters for the most part, and do not respond to calls. So I see this as a great solution in the Negroids of Chicago would be pleased  by being shot by a hot white cop, and the rural folks having the donut eaters, would not be in danger, and the ugly police no one wanted, could all be flushed to some occupation like a Cabelas job.

America must stamp out ugly police. As the Asian and the Caucasian are naturally more attractive than the Negroid or other offshoots, of course they will have hiring priority. Like when Lady Bird Johnson banned all junk yards in view of the interstate, America should be a pretty place where only centerfold type police are allowed to shoot Americans.

Now follow this out in, you are driving along and get stopped in a speed trap. If Mr. Penis head which permeates  all law enforcement appears, you are upset.

But say Officer 38-22-32 appears with her DD chest jutting at you, bends over and lets you look down her shirt, blows hot peppermint breath on you and drops your license and bends over to pick it up, you would be most pleased to pay a 90 dollar fine.
Get permission to take selfies of the Officer to post on your webpage and crime would disappear in America, as Blacks and Hispanics would show up at the jail to be arrested, in order to have Officer Hooters book them in.

America should be a place where the standard is, "Officer is that bra loaded" and the reply would be, "Silicon Valley has better use than computer chips their desparado", instead of screaming about guns and shooting stupid Americans who keep thinking life is like a box of Obama in everything comes up chocolate covered cherry.

I would volunteer to set up the standards for this necessary crime and police state violence protection. Even if Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton and image Obama will not make black lives mattering, the Lame Cherry naturally will rise to the challenge in providing the platform where Blacks will at least be shot by attractive police officers, so the families will appreciate the honor.

With that.

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