Friday, August 26, 2016

The Clinton Foundation's Hovering Dark Cloud

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When I first mentioned the Socio Conglomerates earlier this year in this nefarious group of oligarch and politicians in a police state managed by an unseen aristocracy, it was fitting that the police state for Mrs. Clinton's oligarchs should murder LaVoy Finiucm and unleash this draconian persecution of the Bundy Mormons to the now years long slaughter of Blacks in Chicago, as the commerce of mining and the ghetto economy is more profitable than paying all of the Obama super taxes.
It is all the same mechanism and the Clinton Foundation is the fabric which patches it all together.

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In all honesty, no one has defined what Bill Clinton is, and that is simply, Bill Clinton is a lobbyist. That is what the Clinton Foundation is. It is nothing of a charity, but utilizes charity like Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities and Jewish Charity, to make immense profits under the cover of "doing good", where the good involves promoting mayhem, whereby their market in humanity will profit most.

Bill Clinton was the open door to which oligarchs, terrorists, arms traders, sexual perverts and whatever else had the cash to create a pattern like this:

An Arab Muslim billionaire approaches Bill and says, "Mr. Bill, I don't want to be dragged through the streets like Khadaffi who called Obama his brother, what can be done?"

Bill says, "I hear ya brother. I would hear you better for 5 million cash and Hillary as Secretary of State will hear you really good for 30 million, and if I ever stop off there for a speech, you can share me some of your child brides you are buying out of India as they do not make pillows like they used to there Swammi".

With that, Bill has a face to face with Hillary, and the deal is worked out, the turban head keeps his head, shares his wealth with the Clinton Foundation, Hillary 2016 and starts benefiting the oil pirates called ISIS and the turban head disappears from the front page of the news.

That is all the Clinton's are. If you want a revisit of this, one can return to America of the 1870's, in which the Indian Ring operated in America, in buying access to handle the millions in dollars of Indian welfare in skimming profits, taking bribes from arm's merchants to arm the terrorists, and whatever  blanket seller or beef seller who happened to offer up a big enough bribe.
This ended with General George Custer exposing all of this before Congress and to this day that is why he is still smeared, in his assassination was in retaliation for breaking this ring, which evolved into other evils like German Genocide, which got General George S. Patton murdered in Europe, for being against the threat of FDR's Soviet friends.

That is the treacherous reality of what the Obama regime has been about since the summer of 2008 when Obama's representatives were telling the Narco Leftists of South America that Obama would be President, so they should cut a dope deal with this group, in employing al Qaeda as their mules to transport cocaine into Africa and into Europe.
Those are the types of deals that Obama was working with his Muslim brothers. No one has broken this or explained it, but when Birther Obama was conning all the Muslim leaders from Egypt, Libya and Syria, it was a con. Obama was the communist agent in the room of change he believed in for his benefactors, and these Islamic dolts trusted him, and that is what the Arab Spring was about. It was leftist Islam of Obama murdering Nationalist Islam, because that was the better community organized deal for the cartel.

I am going to remind all of you about that "evil" Bashir Assad, as Obama was breaking bread with Assad in giving huge Boeing contracts to Assad........same Assad that Obama, like Khadaffi and Mubarak was trying to murder in revolution just a few years later.

Yes all of you have forgotten that the most "evil" man in the Mideast was Obama's buddy in 2009. It was all though the same scam that George Soros pulled on Col. Khadaffi in getting the Colonel to release the terrorists from prisons.
All Syria has ever been about is using Obama terrorists out of north Iraq to steal oil from Iraq and Syria. What George W. Bush destroyed in Saddam Hussein, Barack Obama recreated in ISIS in not oil for palaces, but oil for political parties.

If you can handle the most chilling of realities in Saddam Hussein in order to stop the Bush war, offered to purchase most of Detroit's automobile production and as the negotiator left, Hussein said, "If that is not enough, tell them I will double the order".

For those who think that type of thing is bullshit, here is what the camel traders have always been up to.

Chevrolet Malibu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Chevrolet Malibu ... General Motors of Canada in Oshawa produced a special order of 25,500 four-door Malibu sedans for Saddam Hussein ... In the United States, ...

Yes the reason Chevy Malibu's were around for years, is because Saddam Hussein was importing them in mass for Iraq.

There is no difference in any of this with the Clintons. Bill and Hillary in order to get a pipeline out of South Russia, not under Russian control, started the Kosovo War on the fiction of Serbian war crimes and Muslim genocide. All that Muslim genocide was, was cover for Saudi Arabia funding a Muslim state in Europe, and we can now see what a wonderful idea that was, in it was the forward base for importing terrorists and creating the White Muslim Terrorist.

This is what the Clinton's have always been about. If it was not the Obama Indonesians in the Riyadi family shutting off Mormon coal in Utah for Asian coal, Chinese funds into Obama Hawaii to gain access to the US Stock Market, all for Clinton campaign funds, it is selling US uranium assets to the Russians.
If all of this sounds psychotic in Hillary hates Putin and then sells Putin uranium mines, it is how the Rothschild syndicate always operates. Profit from conflict is the agenda. Weaken nations, pit them against each other, have them murder each other, and when the war is over and tensions are left over, you sell guns to both sides.

Is any of what the Clintons are carrying out illegal? Every act is illegal, and citizens used to have a government which imprisoned an executed criminals like this. In the Grant years, the Congress  at least investigated the crimes, even when it ended in the murder of Americans at the Little Big Horn. There was a cover up and the terrorists still are Obama liberal bitching about it all, but the fact is that criminal regimes murder people as they sell for profit to the nation rapists.

There is not any government or regime in America. All it is, is a conglomerate mafia which murders people like removing vending machines that are out of date. The Clinton Foundation, is like most foundations from Buffett's fraud network to employ his sucklings or the MacArthur and Ford Foundation which are NGO's or Non Government Organizations which move into nations with promises of help, and they simply fund revolution. That is why Putin threw out the MacArthur Foundation.

The Clinton's though are amassing their fortune to make their family "players" when they are dead. The money in the bribes means absolutely nothing, except this NGO is what Bill and Hillary are working for as their legacy to fuck people's lives up across the globe and America. See this socio conglomerate is a tool of the elite to destroy people in order to take control of their nations. That is why the Clinton's are so driven in this, because in this phase their NGO is the money laundering and power brokering weapon for Hillary to steal the White House. Once Hillary steals power, then that NGO is going to discover billions, not from ISIS oil kickbacks, but those billions in all that gold which is being horded in Moscow and Peking. Of course, there are great hegemony issues the elites are moving forward on their satanic agenda, but Bill and Hillary have their own private Idaho in the Clinton Foundation which will be the functioning and living extension of their legacy. That is what this NGO is all about in the Clinton legacy. It is the cancer to eat the life out of every free people it touches. The Clinton's will be feeding on free peoples, if Jesus does not return, when Chelsea's horse chompers are just dentures.

This group has shattered society and the world, into Balkans of conflict in all nations, and where there was not enough conflict as the Afroid failed in America, the Muslim was introduced in militantism.

So you get this, in the not too distant future, the Clinton Foundation, like George Soros will be a nation unto it's own right and power. These socio conglomerates are going to be robotic Blackwaters, armed, waging not war alone, but utilizing the courts against the mutton of the fields. This is the transformation which is coming all houses in the criminal enterprise of the Clinton Foundation in what it will evolve to become.

Bill Clinton does not have to be the bastard son of a Rockefeller any longer. Hillary Clinton does not have to be a minder to the bastard Bill. No the Clinton Foundation, once Hamrod steals the White House from the American People, will have a direct power, funding and police state enforcing it's will. It will not be the Woodrow Wilson or John Kennedy brainwashing schools. It will be the entity with drones exterminating all rivals as the corporate state empowered by Obamatrade will displace the balkan nation state like a hovering dark cloud.

Chart composed of the investigative work of Wayne Madsen.