Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Love You Take With You

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

It is a most disappointing thing to have minders stealing work and messing with internet connections and things of that nature, as I have had it happen often enough. Things created and desires expressed are lost to the ether for the present, but in this, and in the resulting upset, remember there is a Father in Heaven who sees and will Judge accordingly. None of them are getting away with any of this.

When upset about this very thing, which used to happen a lot, I simply pray either that God Lead them to Repentance or God Bless them to Repent in Jesus' Name Amen. Some do not understand this Christian response as it is foreign to our eye for an eye nature. Lame Cherry explained it to me long ago in that praying this ensures there will be no "equal and opposite reaction" in no harm coming upon the Child of God in prayer, whereas wishing harm on others has no protection from anything coming back on the people who initiate the wave of will which activates the natural or demonic forces instead. Praying this also releases the Power of God to do all that is necessary to lead them to repentance, which for most of us usually results in broken lives, some grandiose event that brings us to the fetal position before God, and destroyed illusions of what we are in nightmares and memories that haunt us for the rest of our formerly-seared lives. This is what I pray and it gives me comfort to know that God is Just.

As I have been responding in kind for a while, the attacks have seemed to lessen for the most part, as the devil gains no victories when it cannot steal, kill, or destroy our Joy, our Peace, our relationship with God. This is the most important thing we have, in the Love we have is nothing satan or its demonic tools can ever touch or take away from us-- and it lasts forever.

I would also humbly suggest in work disappearing that things are written in a separate format not connected to the internet. It is much harder to steal a MS Word document (or Jarte, which is what I use) than it is to make an internet-connected window disappear. Then when I am finished writing this post, I will simply save it, highlight it all and copy/paste it into blogger. This method works for e-mails as well.

God Bless the Good and Be with all of you for what is coming, in Jesus' Name Amen.