Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Mahdi Sons of Nuclear Diplomats

Turkey ratchets up Syria offensive, says warplanes hit Kurdish militia

By Umit Bektas KARKAMIS, Turkey (Reuters) - Rebels supported by Turkey fought Kurdish-backed forces in northern Syria on Saturday, as Ankara…

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

People have expressed again recently in not understanding how I continue to do what is accomplished here, and the answer is I don't.

There is only so much energy inside of me and it requires adjustments and recuperation, and I do not have the time to grow into this, so I am missing things in the matrix.

No complaints, but that Ted Cruz required more energy reserves in stopping that creature than I had planned for, and the Gotham Effect, as much as dealing with NYC824 has left me depleted and out of body.

In inquiry, I continue on and I think I know the Dick Allgire scenario more completely at this Sabbath, August 27 in the year of our Lord. I am uncertain in this as I am damaged.

I think the actions of Turkey in invading Syria is the cover for what is being plotted. I am getting something odd in a chemical radiation device aimed at Russia. This is image Obama and the Russians retaliate with tactical small nukes.

It is this scenario which brings about the intended plot of creating a cobalt wall in north Italy. The NYC824 device is sitting in Egypt on a ship, and inquiry states it will be delivered to port, and by vehicle for the detonation.

This is in the time line and it is for creating an unstoppable war with Mother Russia. I suspect the assassination attempt upon Frau Merkel was a fraud.....just inquired, this was a real event, but by the cartel. The offering was of the Frau, and it is to initiate the series of assassinations in the Balkans to bring the Russian invasion.

I am going to try and use what is left of me in locking onto this tonight in Spirit and working out the time line. This is cloaked in the matrix....perhaps better analogy it is an under pulse in the current which is being shielded by what the real time line is to be.

At least if I can lock onto the time line, I can listen to the Spirit in discerning an understanding of a barrier though for me. Do not comprehend completely why at this juncture.