Friday, August 26, 2016

The Secret Service Action Alert

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Not so long ago a murdered CIA Director summoned his friend in Nebraska to express his concerns over the militia movement in Americans no longer trusted their government.

That era has now passed, but not the pedophiles behind it. Nor has the era passed when Christians, Veterans, Patriots and Gun Owners were first placed on terror watch lists in the 1990's by the Clinton regime by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the desperate focus of Hillary Clinton in Nevada, upon the right wing conspiracy in order to keep the blacks herded on the Clinton slave trade, something appeared which no one has yet realized in the shout which was heard round the world.

An American there, Sean Lewandowski, first shouted out INFOWARS.COM when Mrs. Clinton singled out Alex Jones. What followed though is the walking across your grave which no one has noticed.

Mr. Lewandowski next shouted PEPE when the ALT RIGHT came under attack from Hamrod. Pepe is the green frog meme of the Alt Right.

“As for the ‘Pepe’ shout… She gave me the opening by saying “alt right” with a bit of a pause, so I pounced. It was just to kind of throw off her false narrative and a shout out to the fellow patriots on “Frog Twitter” for all their hard work in trying to get Donald Trump into the White House. About 3 seconds after I screamed “Pepe”, I was escorted out by Secret Service”.

What is chilling about this is, Alex Jones exhibited absolutely no reaction from the Secret Service, but they closed immediately in one person shouting out PEPE. The entire Hillary Clinton audience had absolutely no idea of what Pepe was, but the Secret Service does.

I will repeat that the Secret Service knows what PEPE is, and they have action orders to close on anyone associated with that name or image. If one requires a further explanation, PEPE is an action order, equal to producing a firearm at a political event. Do not lose that reality in understanding the red flag alert on that.

Return to Michelle Fields, chasing down Donald Trump, a device in her hand, her accosting Donald Trump in touching him which is forbidden, and there was absolutely no response. No response really ever from the Secret Service in anyone shouting out murderous things at Donald Trump, and it requires literally a lunatic attacking Mr. Trump on stage to get a response from response even in Minneapolis when Afroids jump on Trump vehicles......but one person calling out PEPE, and the Secret Service closes and pounces instantly.

All of that violence and threat against Mr. Trump by the left and neocons, and no response from the Secret Service, but the Secret Service knows what PEPE is and immediately takes the person down, because they are viewed as an assassin and terrorist.

I am not exaggerating this reality, because in observing what the BATFE does in setting Americans up with their MOG's and witnessing how the FBI data mines every last word Americans post on Facebook and Twitter. one realizes that the Secret Service is not just watching Ricky Vaughn and the Alt Right, Alex Jones audience, the Breitbart commentators and others listed by the Obama Clinton regime......that those on this list are listed as terrorists and assassins, and their entire dialogue is well known by Secret Service, and simply uttering one word in PEPE brings the same response as a firearm.

There is a reality in this that no one has focused completely upon, and that is all of those listed above, in if you have posted comments, are associated with the above targets of Hillary Clinton, are going to be facing the Bundy and Finicum treatment, with the same silence that Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin greeted that adventure.

I am going to repeat this so it soaks in. The Secret Service is educated, well versed and active alert on the speech patterns of certain Americans.

There is an action alert against those listed above by the Obama regime, and if Mrs. Clinton views it politically necessary, ask yourself how long it will be, before one of the above in a PEPE t shirt is shot as an assassin or is manufactured as one.

The police state knows what PEPE is and views it as a threat, along with all of those linked to it or other groups.

Understand that this is not a game and the police state is on action alert, and been conditioned to view this as part of the Threat Matrix in briefings.