Friday, August 26, 2016

This Nacht of Revelation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I witness the horizon clearly now my children and my brats on This Nacht of Revelation, and it is peaceful emotion, serene in all of it's vision, for it is the antithesis of God and Creation, and all we are taught to be fruitful and multiply. It is beyond the inner fears to the inner lusts.
It is the millstone about the neck of this savage civilization.

I understand the fear of death, even as I was always immersed in the welcome serenity it brings to the troubled soul locked in this world. What I did not comprehend though was the destruction, because it was not God's character, but it is of God's Order, for God allows the antithesis of Him in the destroyer to cleanse the world of all the antithesis in it.

Entire movements of rapturians, human created dogmas denying God, have been invested in the denial of the natural progression. It has created a bias to stay alive, to build, to store up, and yet the grave with worms and maggots await, buried and unburied, the corpse of the land, fertilizing the greenery which suckles that life marrow, to the fruited plains.

The Great Tribulation, massive death, massive destruction, Wormwood meteors, giant tidal waves, dictatorships, starvation, famine, disease, rape and murder. All terrify the core and bring a resistance to that chaos in fear, but step through my children, and you will find beyond the fear, at the center of darkness, is the womb which you born from, in a calm eye of the storm, which when embraced, no longer cowers and terrifies the soul, but electrifies it.

Feel the energies of 10.0 earthquakes, of the lightning storm, the monsoon flood, the tornado winds shredding the land.
Feel the concussion of meteors, of atomic bombs, of shock weapons. Feel the rage of fiery infernos consuming cities and roasting flesh. Feel the charge of destruction in the pleasantness it generates, and then you will understand the serial murder and the serial genocidists who wish to unleash this upon 7 billion humans, upon civilization, upon the world, and then you will understand where they feed from and how they are possessed by it to their cores, and have that orgasmic unction of obsession to bring this to the god inside of them, they worship by destroying all.

They have you fearing this my children and my brats, but do not in this krystal nacht of vision fear any of it, but for those with Christ in their hearts, go to that center of darkness, in all of it's calm and be empowered by that power.

See in your minds cities engulfed in the energies released. Feel the shock current of mass rape in the energies generated. See the explosion of nature in rebellion against evil, and in all of that calm, stand on your hind legs for the first time in your life, and realize the fear you have is fearing an end to your lust to pile up in this world, against those who lust to tear down. You have given a dam to this force in resisting it and it wearies you to fight it. Instead open the flood gates, burst the damn, bring on the fired deluged and if it consumes you, know the next moment you will be in Christ, and if it does not, relish the banquet of energies surrounding you in the current of the storm.

How can this be Christian? How can it be not, in the Consuming Flame obliterating sin, death and devil. End resisting the Prophetical current and embrace it for Christ's return. Fuel your not yet arced souls with the atomic release of energies, which makes this internet which you sponge upon like vampyres a match stick compared to the sun.

Malachi 1: 6 -7

A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: if then I be a father, where is mine honour? and if I be a master, where is my fear? saith the LORD of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name. And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name?

Ye offer polluted bread upon mine altar; and ye say, Wherein have we polluted thee? In that ye say, The table of the LORD is contemptible.

I understand now that which was born to this, to enjoy the consumption of the world by evil, by not being evil. Oh the beauty of Dresden in fire bomb. The beauty of Prussian cunt raped to hamburger. The beauty of Hiroshima, not on national scale, but on global scales of Sodom continents and Noah deluges for the world. To be intimate with the recompense, the reckoning, the End Times. To have the destroyer do all the darkest of things which you have been trained not to do. To delight in genocides not seen since the earth was uplifted, and now experienced in mountains laid flat and islands fleeing away.

See it my children. See it my brats. Walk through the curtain and embrace the Prophetic End of evil.

Walked through or you will be pushed, for your virginity will be taken in this and you will enjoy the pleasure of it as it continues on.

Be not afraid. Christ is not afraid. I am not afraid.

You have murdered my life, raped my soul, murdered that which I love, and it was not enough, so now understand that your evil has now armed me with the tools of God's Visitation, to amplify and multiply the report which comes in concussion. I was born in this brier patch and I am now ready for the flame like Samson to bring down this heathen house in Spiritual response.

It is the thing about death. She is wonderful mistress. She calmly holds you, warms you, and takes you back into the womb you long to return to. The living is the hard part up to death, but death is the easy part.
So there is no terror in death, no more chagrine in life in all you have tried in vain to pull into orbit about you in your gravity, for your mansion is no more than a bird's next and your vault no more than a pack rat's burrow. When they die, when you die, the wind scatters and the earth buries, for some other creature to try and horde to their grave just like Solomon.

So I embrace the tribulation, set loose by the covetousness inside of humanity. I will find it comforting to have the hot sun clouded by swarms of flies on a 5 billion rotting humans. I will find it soothing to listen to trillions of maggots, writhing like the soft squeak of plastic in the rotting flesh which they consume.
What is a world but for a Christian child's pleasure, so why not embrace the greatest pleasure of all, in the devourers being devoured, and if your vista is in Heaven, so much the higher and if upon an earthly plain, then so much the grandeur of being born for a time to witness the end of an age.

How can anyone fear or lament such an awesome release of energies and powers. Why should the evil only be thrilled by such a pageant, when the good are as alive and having nerve receptors to be energized by the same release.

You enjoy the crackling fire as it draws you in, so enjoy the burning of bones in the warmth of that epitaph.

This concludes this prose as I move to the future, that glorious future of so very much energy to be thrilled by in this grand release. I yearn for the time for which I was born, a hurricane of death, a typhoon of horror, a cyclone of screams, a storm of sacrifice of evil to the great destroyer.

"Light me", I said, "Light me and fulfill the purpose you were assembled, you cordwood to burn on the nacht of revelation."

What is death by bullet, but so much transfer of energy. No bangs, just concussion, the lifting of the body, and the metallic slide of the action. Knives are the resistance of the human leather, so that is why throats are slit, and the warm spray of blood upon your flesh. An atomic event is so much the more artillery concussion, the death wind, the shock of the human nerve freezing as it contemplates fight or flight, and then the kinder are tinder.
What of the unfortunate who evade death with limbs blown off, guts dragging behind them or the prelude of bloody gums and bloody shits.
Alas dying long has that feel of the burdensome scent of death, in being too sour to make the saliva flow in you and too heavy as breathing dust.

Such handicaps in I never liked garlic which is that flavor of death and that rancid cheese which is the taste of corpse. That though is all now being overcome my children and my brats as I feel the energies being released in those who worship such things.......

Alas sweet night reveal such things
Such things that only sweet death brings