Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Update Trois


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry points to Hollande situation was neutralized in parking lot. Transit had a female driver back into the truck. The occupants exited the vehicle and were apprehended.

US Marshalls will transport out state.

Is being buried in media black out. Event would only hurt Hamrod. All creatures great and small, wars with Russia require different fuses. 

One down one to go.

I did some checking in the nuke and inquiry states it was not a woman driver, but at a fuel stop in New York, one Pak was taken down with a stun gun putting in fuel and the other while taking a piss.

Jurer devant Dieu, also Swear to God, I kept getting TRANSIT being involved in this, so conducted some data mining and was surprised there is a Federal Transit Administration in DOT.
That is what inquiry points to, in apparently Transit is weaponized in fighting terror. 

Federal Transit Administration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is an agency within the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) ...

Inquiry states that military authority took possession of this lot and they are out of New York and processed out bound from America.

So that is what inquiry points to. Be a real bitch if something goes up now yet, but I am tired from wrestling with the dead.........fricking Gotham dead are real grabbers in the matrix.......wear a Spirit out. So am more tired than ever.
Will judge this a win in it going black. Objective is to stop the Obama Clinton war against Vladimir Putin. Failure though in tying the tag to the image........am certain though the competing factions who took control of this will now blackmail with the events for their agenda.

As of now the Allgire events have been neutralized, if there is not a reset as that tard Biden is over there hunting hackers and trying to get Baltic mutton on the Kremlin kabobs. 

More interested in how many of these Transit shadow groups are armed and active to .....keep things off the books.
Oh one more thing Columbo, the item from Missouri is now on a ship and heading back to the Mideast. I did not inquire what they are going to do with that toy.

Time to praise God and say goodnight Gracie.