Tuesday, August 23, 2016



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Three days ago in monitoring a radio station out of Fargo, and the meteorologist there out of the University of North Dakota was explaining that the central part of the United States was experiencing early autumn weather, due to an upper air system over the north Atlantic which was pushing cold Canadian air south.

Negative NAO

This is why in counter effect, that California is burning up and Washington and Oregon were experiencing 100 plus degree weather which is out of the norm.

It did not register until early this morning that in association with NYC824, inquiry said a weather system, which I took for a noreaster would push the fallout back into the northeast in being generated by HAARP. In my bias of registering "weather" I assumed that this was a noreaster as it did not occur to me that over the north Atlanic a massive disturbance would be generated, which does not happen, and would be causing this same comma cloud effect.

I woke at 6 AM and I am still feeling an explosive energy wave, I am drained from all the dead, and I feel like the interior of me is as when your arm goes to sleep, as I am feeling the pricks of these piles of dead. The time line says these are false flags and yet I "feel" in the matrix something else. This is a learning live fire reality in gleaning what these signals mean.

I make a point though in that obscure story which I know I heard, but can not find confirmation as it is scrubbed from the internet, in someone generated from HAARP a pressure ridge to produce an effect which has only one purpose as stated. The northern states need heat now to finish crop ripening and not cold, and the West Coast does not need massive heat. It is simply pointed out that there are forces under the control inside the American regime, who detest America, have set up a scenario to fit an event, as Hillary Clinton just does not flip a switch and turn HAARP on. This is the shadows.

Something occurs to me now in something mentioned in passing late last week in someone who was in New York, and mentioned they could sense HAARP being active. The point is, those who run the destruction of America, created a wind pattern last week, as was posted here almost a month ago, and the only creatures who can accomplish that are those who rule the world.

OK.........now I know why I could not find the meteorologist in I heard Darrell Richardson, and the real name was Daryl Ritchison. He was the one who did an update on this weather pattern as it affected his region.

My concern at the moment is the same folks who hijacked 9 11 from the Gore and Gorelick crew, are running something back channel again, as the drama queens at Homoland simply can not just stop a terror event......no they have to live feed LaVoy Finicum being murdered for theatrical effect. 9 11 caught these chumly's hard and America suffered.

Will see how it plays out in a live event. I will continue to see what can be shut down. I hope it is all quiet on the eastern front in nothing appears in the news as it all just vanishes......make it easier shutting down Allgires Remote Views, to set to another time line.
Then you can all go back to being what you really are.

Oh this has to be included in this explanation as no one understands the matrix. This event if stopped today will reset and begin generating in it's proper time line. One kitty at a time, saved out of one tree at a time, because there is only one firetruck for multiple events.

Things running slow in spiders in the wire for two days and now a bad omen of a black spider in my lap. Incredible in the damn thing disappeared under my keyboard............now came back out and I killed it. That is a good omen for the shifty bastard.

Enough entertainment, off to see what inquiry says.