Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When the FBI Manages Child Pornography


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Details, partial details, are emerging concerning a new Fast and Furious criminal breaking of American and International Laws again, but instead of guns to Mexican terrorists, the Obama regime via the FBI was handing out child pornography to perverts.

What is most interesting in this case are in the quotes below, in the FBI in their hacking division actually improved the transfer of kiddie porn to child molesters, in order to speed up the process and garner more net traffic. Literally the FBI improved porn servers to such an extent that it magnified traffic, tens of thousands of times.
A judge in January rule though that this "evil" was acceptable as it targeted bad people.

The FBI also revealed that it has the keys to an uncrackable Tor, but all of this knowledge is denied to Mozilla in Firefox in trying to keep it's users from being hacked.

The new Loretta Lynch justice department now can use one warrant on one server to gain access to tens of thousands of other computers.

None of this from the Lame Cherry is to take the part of child rapists, as the Lame Cherry has been warning for decades that Hillary Clinton's group has been pushing legalizing child rape, and after the quotes, that is what the Lame Cherry is most concerned about in all of this.

Tor, which is used for private communications by government officials, lawyers, journalists, judges and others, was thought to be virtually uncrackable until news of the FBI’s operation became public.
Mozilla, the company that offers the Tor browser, asked the FBI to reveal its methods so it can be patched, warning in a court motion that, “absent great care, the security of millions of individuals using Mozilla’s Firefox internet browser could be put at risk” by its disclosure. The Tacoma judge denied the request.

Judge Bryan rejected that argument in the Michaud case, stating during a January hearing that agents were “trying to catch the bad guys, so to speak.”
“Whether they did it right is a different thing,” he said. “But they didn’t do it wrong as to be grossly shocking or outrageous to violate the universal sense of justice” and warrant dismissing the charges.

Defense attorneys, however, alleged in filings last week that FBI agents actually improved The Playpen site during the two weeks they had control, making it faster and more accessible. Visitation of The Playpen while under FBI control jumped from 11,000 to 50,000 people a week.
“This is easily the largest domestic use of hacking by law enforcement in U.S. history,” said Mark Rumold, a senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital freedom and legal services nonprofit in San Francisco. “The problem is that there just aren’t a lot of rules on how they go about it.”

Michaud’s attorney, Colin Fieman, a Tacoma-based federal public defender, is leading a “national defense working group” that is tracking and coordinating challenges to Operation Pacifier cases.
He says the overarching legal issue in all of the cases is the FBI’s decision to search and hack thousands — maybe tens of thousands — of computers around the world based on a single warrant obtained by agents in Virginia.

For normal moral people, the exploitation and assault upon children is the worst of crimes. The question which requires examination is, it is common knowledge that there was a vast child rape and murder syndicate operating in Nebraska, and no one was ever prosecuted in that mass crime, nor are the Washington DC brothels trafficking in child porn and actual rape.

The Franklin Scandal: The Elite Child Abuse Ring in Nebraska

The Franklin Scandal: The Elite Child Abuse Ring in Nebraska Authors note: ... - The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokes, Child Abuse and Betrayal 9.

That which brings us to the question, why is the FBI distributing child pornography in targeting the perverts in the mass population, but is not investigating the elite who are raping children?

From time to time, we see pervert groups in Europe rounded up, which  touch on media or middle ranking elite in removing them, but it never rises to the prosecution of those who are progressing the NAMBLA agenda for the Obama Clinton regime, for the pedophile elite who are after EQUALZ in the process of legalizing the rape of children as the next civil rights agenda.

That is the answer in this, that like LaVoy Finicum and the Bundy's being murdered and jailed, for the protection of Clinton Foundation and Obama regime donors to gain access to the mineral wealth of the American West, these common perverts are being rounded up in mass by the FBI, in order to keep the "innocent children" for the George Soros and Warren Buffett type elitists to legally rape, in removing all the contenders for these unmolested children.

Think of it, all the weapons illegally sold by the powers that be to blacks to murder each other, along with the dope monopoly is protected, but Gun Runner and Fast and Furious was targeting the mafia competition. The same with this dark web has all the appearance of removing the competition in the perverted masses, not to protect the children, but to reserve our children for the rape by the Hillary Clinton elite.

The FBI is now breaking the law to enforce the law of monopoly for those the police state serves, but when the elites are raping and murdering children in Nebraska or DC, the FBI stands down and the elites continue on with their raping of the innocent.

That is the story in this.

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