Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Pan with Holes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As this answer is not online, and on Chow Hound I was shaking my head in disbelief in they answered the the probable question of why a pie pan has 1/8th inch holes in it, I decided to post the real answer, as when I first saw one today again, and picked up an old metal pie plate with holes in it, I was wondering the reason for it.

First, in another Chow Hound question, the public was providing all kinds of stupid answers from it was a steamer to draining grease. I mean why would you make a metal pan the size of a pie pan to "drain grease" as one size does not fit all.......and their stating it was a steamer in those are made of stainless steel, when the woman said it was in her Mother's old pans, and that would before stainless steel...............let me just answer it as I am perturbed with the lack of common sense.

The reason pie plates had holes in them, was to release moisture from the crust, not for browning as Chow Hound was stating, but because browning occurred when the steam from the crust was released, whose purpose was to not have a soggy crust as numbers of pies have when one does not make the crust correctly with a cold hog lard base.

When we get rich from the big donation, I plan to put my pie tin on display on the hearth, along with other things of vintage which were picked up extremely cheap as no one else knew what they were either.

And of course the reason the pie tins with holes went out of vogue, is poor cooks cutting corners, using shitty ingredients had their juicy pies leaking through and smoking up their ovens like fire storms.

.......and no it does not work to put a metal cookie sheet under a pie  tin to keep it from running over, because it will not conduct heat if you do that.

More million dollar answers for some poor soul who will find this and say, "Oh that is what that thing was I threw out."