Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An Oligarch or American's Choice


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Americans are such dense ideologues or more to the point idiotlogues as we hear of principled Constitutional Conservative Ted Cruz and Liberal Progressive Hillary Clinton of two spectrums of politics, when in fact both are bomb em plotters in foreign policy and at home cronies of Wall Street billionaires who own them.

If you examine history though of the current American right and left, you find that the Roosevelts backed Dwight Eisenhower for President and now we have the principled conservatives, who are nothing but Rockefeller Neocons backing Cruz and then their Hillary Clinton.

That is all Hillary Clinton is, a Rockefeller Republican who hated Richard Nixon and the same Cruz Cult Rockefeller Republicans who hated Ronald Reagan.

If one looks at the reality of life, if Dwight Eisenhower had simply opened the government buying of stores, in order to ease the recession of 1960, that there never would have been an election close enough for Joseph Kennedy to steal for his son, John.

Think of the choice of Richard Nixon in 1960 instead of John Kennedy. A 48 year old Richard Nixon would have not had a Cuban Missile Crisis as the Soviets would not have tried to bluff him, as they did John Kennedy.
There would not have been a failed Bay of Pigs in Cuba, and Castro would have been a footnote.
There would not have been a Bobby Kennedy in mafia wars with the his Kennedy family.
All of the intrigue which led up to Dallas 1963 at the Grassy Knoll would never have happened.

Think of the world which would have been without being sucked into Vietnam.

Think of a world in political realities of 16 years of Republicans would have probably dawned on a 1968 race in which a now mature John Kennedy, no longer in pain and drug addicted to from back problems, and no longer cheating on his wife, would have in a seasoned response, built upon the Nixon successes of detente and a nation not crippled by massive debt in war on communists and war on poverty.

I do believe the great men and women would still have arisen. I believe Ronald Reagan would have been President and fulfilled his destiny, but I also believe that the great leaders in the Democrats would have arisen and gained control of the Democrat party in Hubert Humphrey, Sam Nunn, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, would have ensured that the weak Jimmy Carters, Bill Clintons and Barack Obama's would never have gained power any more than a Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

As you ponder all of that, think of one mistake by a liberal backed Dwight Eisenhower or was it not a mistake, but a deliberate act to pave the way for Democrats in the White House, in simply spending the money to purchase a surplus in order to improve the American economy, would have made a history for the good of America, and not a history from which all of us bleed yet in this Obama Clinton Cruz, oligarch politics of the feudal few in the elite rule.

I can think of absolutely no one event that any President could have taken to change history which was more important than President Eisenhower simply buying bread and bullets. Buying them in 1960, would have saved a trillion dollars in war by 1970.

There are certain key points in history which either the correct action is taken or it is not, much to American's benefit or hurt. Ronald Reagan's policy to dismantle the Soviet Union was correct policy which ended nuclear war for 30 years until Birther Obama. Jimmy Carter's Iran overthrow has created a cancer of terror on the world.

America is faced in 2016 with a choice of life or death. Donald Trump is the choice of life to those who can comprehend the complete picture of focal points. Hillary Clinton will bring amplified death that the Obama regime has unleashed on the world.

There is not going to be any second chances in this as time has run out, as the US Treasury has been looted by the Obama regime, and the world is on the verge of nuclear world war again.

If Donald Trump is not the choice, the choice for political leaders will cease in America, as only two options will remain in the oligarch vote fraud or it will be Russia or China choosing who manages America from the White House for them, the victors over America.

Dwight Eisenhower could have saved America from this fate by simply purchasing bread and bullets in 1960. It now falls as in 1864 in the election of Abraham Lincoln, in the hope that the People will not only choose correctly, but that vote fraud will not install another oligarch's choice.