Saturday, September 10, 2016

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I actually am fortunate in piles of Catholics die where I live. They got a big church with lots of windows, although I do not see a great deal of Catholics, they sure pack it in on funerals.

I always pick up Catholic literature at the thrift store, to burn it. I have rules in I burn everything not Christian, and if we had Mormon or Muslim shit here, I would burn that too. I also burn Jehovah's Witness apostacy too.

I picked up a 1950's Parish Mass Book and Hymnal, which I was paging through. I do not understand a great deal of it, like you get communion every day, except Good Friday and whatever Saturday is named by Catholics, but that seems about it. You get eats every day in mass, except for two days.

Worship also peter's out about December 21st.....yeah no Christmas, but there is an immaculate conception day for Virgin Mary in December.

I do not quite get though how all Catholic hymns are crappy, and yet in this mass book, there are Protestant good hymns. Odd how the Vatican burns Protestants and says they are all going to hell, but is singing their songs.
No shit in A Mighty Fortress is Our God by Martin Luther on page 496 is in this mass book along with Faith of our Fathers on page 497.

The book has lots of, well three colored ribbon book marks. Is a St. Joseph addition.......I think that means his cult gets to clean up in selling these things, but St. Tom Aquinis, his book has lots of colored ribbon book marks too. Seems confusing to me.

Mary goes by BVM, or Blessed Virgin Mary and she has more air time than Jesus. She got her 7 sorrows and stuff, along with all the other Saints.......every day just about has some Saint or Angel to worship. Just amazing in one is St. Paul the Hermit, but lots for Virgin Martyrs. Sort of seems a creepy fixation on suffering and dead women who have never had sex.
BVM also has a purification mass.........I don't get that if it was for mensturation or what, because according to the dogma she was pure as the driven snow in immaculate conception, so I don't know what all those candles would be purifying her for. Maybe back in the day the candle maker was giving the Pope a cut in the candle business.

Yes, there are masses for the dead, anniversaries of the dead........I suppose that is a revenue generator too.

There are rad sounding Saints too, no one has heard of. St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Confessor and St. Silverius, Pope and Martyr.........that was a busy man. I could see though the Gonzaga Order being formed for front line fighting in wars. They just sound bad ass.........worse than the Jesuits.

Even St. Wenceslaus, Duke and Martyr is there......but you can not worship him as a Bishop it says, and only a Martyr. Death is not enough there Wenceslaus, you only get the short mass and not whatever the Bishop mass is.

Wow even a mas to honor Pope John the 23rd........I suppose that John Paul got his own day.....but then again maybe not, but I could see printing up whole new books, as it provides profit and maybe that is how this old book traveled 100 miles for me to save Catholcis from.

Odd though in this St. Joseph is all over the place. I do not know if they have the monopoly on Bibles to bring in the cash or what, but Catholics are exhorted to read their Catholic Bible and to buy one at a Catholic Book Store........or use the number on the back of this mass book to copy it.

Oh look, even a little St. Joseph on the back cover in gold. Can not tell what he is doing......but he does have a big ole halo around his head.

Still wondering about the 40 Hours of only a few pages long, so it would not take 40 hours......must be some quicky thing and then you pretend to be pios for 40 hours........sure has a lot of Saints named though they have to rip off in asking them to pray for the worshippers................hmmm last on the list is holy Virgins and Widows.......interesting those not sexed and those no longer sexed are equal.......and last of all are the holy men and women of God who did have sex.

I would think with all that sex stuff being condemned there should have been a mass for washing of genitals. Could sing some Protestant song and bastardize it like:

Praise God from who all bath waters flow.
Praise Him all bath tubs here below
Praise Him above for a clean Pope
Praise lather, rinse and bars of soap.

Any way, this is in my weird study of religions section now.