Friday, September 16, 2016

Obama Regime Red Flags All Security Clearances For Firearms Purchases

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I was in a conversation with a gun dealer recently, and from that conversation of their existential experience, I can now see that in the Administration of President Donald Trump, the Lame Cherry is going to have to become and advocate for Homeland Security and the entire American Police State, because the reality is the Obama regime does not trust it's own people in Government.

Let me give you the insights in this and explain, as this is going to surprise many of you in why we would need to actually protect the very forces which are being used to spy on us.

In the conversation, we were talking about delays in purchasing a firearm. For those who are not aware of the process, what you do, is you have to buy a firearm through a licensed federal firearms dealer, who keeps forms for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobaccco Firearms and Explosives.
In the process of obtaining a firearm, you have to fill out a form stating you are not buying the gun for someone else (that would be a strawman like Obamas Gun Runner scheme) and other admissions like you are not a terrorist, a Mexican, a wife beater etc....

After this is completed then comes your background check, which is claimed instantaneous in the press, but it is not. What takes place is your form is submitted to BATFE, which then researches your name and history. This can takes minutes to a half hour as your entire history is reviewed.

If anything appears as a flag in court documents, crimes or a glitch like your name being the same as some wife beater or someone on a now fly list, you get flagged and a delay takes place.

The way this works is there is a 5 day window for rejection of the applicant, but if BATFE does not reject the application by then, the buyer gets their gun, usually wondering what in the hell is going on in what they did wrong.

While I was speaking with the gun dealer, he mentioned that he had an application which was on delay and he had no idea why. See no one knows why, because you are never informed and the only way you can ever find out is filling out numerous forms to maybe get the information.

This is what really rang the bells for me though was this part in the dealer said, "You would think that if you had a security clearance that those people would never be delayed, but every one of those applications is delayed".

Think about that for a moment in it's meaning. The handsome Homeland Security officers who appeared at my doorstep, have security clearances, like people in the military from DOD, to the FBI, to probably a Postal Inspector, and every one of those people with clearances.

So it is not just people who are getting divorced who get on the delay list, it is people who are supposed to be protecting America.

That begs the question, in why on earth is the Obama regime delaying every regime employee, who all have weapons already, from purchasing their own firearms, which they obviously are already cleared for in FBI and DOD background checks?


It literally is Americans, trained, armed and licensed, with badges and security shields, are being denied their rights to keep and bear arms. This is something which must be stopped. Seriously if a law enforcement officer is going to shoot someone, they will do it with their own service weapon or find some perp's gun and use that, as people prone to crimes are not going to be stopped just because of a 5 day delay in buying a gun.

I suspect in this that the delay in that, sends out a red flag, which through the chain of command, has this officer or agent's supervisor contacted to see if there is marital problems or some other Muslim issue, in literally the police state is flagging it's own people, because the police state does not trust it's own people who they hire in profile to fit a lock step standard.

Rights are for everyone. Instant background check is for instant checks, not exceptions because people work at Homeland Security. If people are off balanced, they should not be working in these institutions in the first place. When the federal regime does not trust the people it hires, the entire system is a pariah which is sham.

America needs reform, and the first reform as I have stated is we need to disarm all of these BLM and fringe agencies, and return the law enforcement control to an independent FBI, Federal Marshal and Border Patrol who are armed. If a game warden has a problem with a poacher, then call the Sheriff of the county like the rest of the Citizens do.

In that, the Trump Administration needs to put control back into the FBI and other law enforement groups of hiring people who can be trusted and for the bureaucrats to trust the agents and officers hired. I simply am stunned at this, that America has political appointees who have placed red flags on every security clearance person in America and refused to instant checks in violating their rights.
One hears nothing but the mantra chant from Clinton and Obama over gun control, when their imported terrorists go postal, but what about the abuse of rights of Americans, not just the nobody Citizen, but for the people who are the people we all have to trust?

This red flag must stop and our security agencies must have people running them, who trust these armed officers and agents, and our officers and agents must be protected from this system as much as every Citizen must be protected.

After my Homeland interview I pondered a great deal about how this police state can go into any person's life and we must comply. As I was speaking with the handsome agents, it never occured to me that they are in the gulag too, in they in many ways are less free than the average Citizen, because each of you can probably go buy a gun and be instant checked in a few minutes. These agents and officers though will be red flagged, humiliated, made to go home, wait for a call if they get their gun, and then go back and pick up the gun, after their superiors file a report, that their agent is not crazed.

It is a fact that the very regime taking away all of our rights, does not trust it's own police state and is persecuting it even more than the Citizen. That is why the Lame Cherry is calling for a major review and reforms in Citizens with security clearances have the same rights as everyone else who is a Citizen. Rights are for everyone, and I never suspected that this Obama regime would be insulting and assaulting Americans with security clearances, even more than Americans.

It is a campaign issue and this must be rectified, because those armed agents in the Secret Service protecting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are literally on flag lists to delay them from their rights to purchase a firearm.

What would hold up my background check. - Family, Friends ...

When they called BATF for the background check the guy came back and said it will be a couple of more ... Not all security clearance holders, ... instant approval.

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