Sunday, September 4, 2016

Polka Dot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been a most fascinating cover up in the assassination of Robert Kennedy which is almost comical on the surface, as it involves the story of a woman in a polka dot dress, who spent the day before RFK was murdered, joyriding around with a married man who had the hots for her in some kind of femme fatale, in which they dined together, and she announced that 'they' were going to get rid of Robert Kennedy.

This was woman was indeed photographed there, and as you can see she was a Raquel Welch ample body and she was more than attractive.

She was seen speaking to Sirhan Sirhan, and later was witnessed fleeing the scene, announcing they had killed Kennedy.

It becomes more surreal in she told her enamored married man, that she had to go to the Rosecarian Temple, which was a center for brainwashing, and was going to get flight out on the Flying Tigers, which was a CIA front airline.

Where we begin this construct is at the hotel were RFK was shot. Unlike Lee Harvey Oswald being framed for the JFK assassination in a book depository, with George H. W. Bush fleeing the scene and being apprehended by police, it was Sirhan Sirhan in this issue, of the Mideast, and this time the woman in the polka dot dress was there, certainly to be noticed in that dress, her beauty, and all the attention she gleaned.

Now why would someone be directly absolute focus on some woman, who was rumored to be selling a horse to Sirhan and his smiling at her in the hotel, and claiming she triggered him to shoot at RFK?

Why would the beautiful woman, play femme fatale, waiting around for a married man to spend the day with, telling her story of the RFK assassination?

The  answer to the above, is someone was making certain that a conspiracy story was being sown, implicating the CIA as in Dallas, and these people were so secure that they did not fear being tracked down in fact the FBI did everything to squelch the story.

I did an inquiry on this woman and her accomplices. They never flew out of America. In fact, they drove down to Mexico and that is where they were. Inquiry stated the woman lived into the 1970's and perished of some human condition, and was not assassinated or neutralized.

I will inform you, that like JFK, the same center was behind this, and it was not American. It would best be described over in Tel Aviv, and it was about nuclear material for bombs in the first instance, and in the second it was about not having RFK in the White House to retaliate for Dallas.

It is hard for me to not get worked up over this, because I can not. I never did like the Kennedy's. They were all abusers of women. Robert was a  pathological nemesis to America in plotting to make being Conservative a mental disorder to ruin opposition.
They never played by the rules in stealing the White House, and then started this civil rights nonsense for political power, which now has dirty old men peeing in little girls stalls in public.

I do appreciate the gorgeous woman though in the mid phase of this, calling attention to it all, and turning the multi phase conspiracy programme which the CIA was running to hide the first crime, back on the CIA.
Things are just so much more lovely if you have the pretty girl doing the shooting, instead of covering her in brains.

I just like clever operations. I just like large breasts and femme fatales who look California Girl.
Small feet, petite ankles, and big hands for a nice grip, and no one much cares the beasty things she does. Cheerleaders prove that.

Polka Dot's zip code was Mideast........why Sirhan was chosen for extra hatred of anti Jews over there. Those behind this took the MKULTRA, the rumored need to repeat JFK for RFK and made it happen, before the CIA could react, and then everyone went into a panic thinking the CIA went rogue again.

Mossad did Chile, to pad the CIA's resume, to keep that fiction operating. You still do not connect it yet do you........
The SS in paperclip came under the American CIA, and those the SS were at war with in secular Marxist Jewry, have been running operations ever since, to the overthrow of the CIA and America. They control the Bormann scheme and that is why everything is in meltdown in the Obama era of these conglomerates.

What can one expect though in an era of blowing tails off John John planes.

Things are always much simpler if they take credit for the hot girl.