Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Hillary Clinton Autopsy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a statement on the facts of Hillary Clinton in what she has going on under her skin. I found a ridiculous post that Hillary Clinton is 5.7........and then 5.6 in height, and weighs only 132 pounds. I assure you that if Mrs. Clinton is 5.6 inches tall that the latest photo of her with Matt Lauer is a woman who last saw 132 pounds around the time Vince Foster was murdered.

Hillary Clinton height and weight | HowTallis.Org

How tall is Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton's height is 5ft 5-6in (165-168 cm). How much does Hillary Clinton weigh? Hillary Clinton weighs nearly 132 lbs (60 kg).

The fact is one can formulate how much Hillary Clinton weighs based on Centerfold or Miss America tale of the tape.

A very thin woman in that 5.6 feet average will weigh with C cup breasts, 118 pounds. Add a D cup and the number rises to 125 pounds.
For an elderly female as Mrs. Clinton she carries her fat deposits on her buttocks, back and stomach, with upper thigh manifestations.

Add 5 pounds for each thigh, so you have 135 pounds. Add 10 pounds for each ass cheek and you are up to 155 pounds. Add 15 pounds for her beer belly and you have 170 pounds and then add another 7 pounds for back fat, and you have Hillary weighing in at 177 pounds.

As she falls down a great deal and rarely breaks bones, this female has larger calcium deposits in her skeletal structure, so one can add another 10 pounds compared to women with brittle Hillary is tipping the scales at 184 pounds.

If she had large breasts or was a fat head one could add another 15 pounds, but after a Clinton chow down, I suspect Hillary Clinton tips the scales at around 187 pounds on any given day. That is a great deal of weight for secret service to try and not have fall down on them.

The point in this is, is that Mrs. Clinton has had over 5 years to pull off 55 pounds to her fictional 135 pounds, but has not. That reveals that she is unfit physically to exercise.......note Jane Fonda looking centerfold at 180 years old in being able to at least walk from the bed post to the bathroom stall without summoning a jet flight to carry her there.
That means that Mrs. Clinton eats, sleeps and that is it, and that puts fat onto her aging body. She is incapable of losing weight due to the fact she has no physical activity, because she can move around and she is not restricting her diet, which she should in suffering from major blood clot problems.

It is a simple formula in being old, fat and sick, it places immense stress on the heart, and that is where the autopsy comes in, as when they do the butterfly on Mrs. Clinton in the morgue, they will open her chest up and find a chest cavity full of fat. Picture in your mind two lungs crimson red, and held between them a heart, but you can not see the heart, until you slice through, around 2 1/2 inches of fat surrounding that heart. That stresses the heart and it presses on the lungs decreasing lung capacity.
If you would like to stick around for the gutting the fish examination, she has around a 3 inch layer of fat from her kidneys down to her rectal cavity. She appears to be Anglo in background, so I am assuming her fat is more white than yellow, as humans do have lovely fat in certain ethnic groups of pretty Guernsey cow type orange fat.

I digress.

I make this point as everyone looks at Mrs. Clinton, and are missing what is on the inside which her autopsy will reveal. If you study her coon ring under her eyes, she is suffering from major allergic reactions and for as much as she sleeps she is not resting. Her skin is not puffy, but tight. That concludes Mrs. Clinton is on some medication where she is removing fluids from her body so she does not suffocate in the fluids she is coughing, or she is simply dehydrated as older people tend to be.

She has the classic purplish hands which points to lack of blood flow in the body. again another Sherlock Holmes telling sign is the woman dresses like Nanoook of the North all the time in sweltering heat. She is never seen perspiring as a normal body would, means Mrs. Clinton is having a reaction to medications, is old or she is experiencing heart failure in she can not keep her body warm.

Hillary Clinton's Fat Zone is her lethal zone, but she is fat, because she can not keep physically fit as she is a sick old woman, and that is why she is obese, indicating morbidly obese.

This will all come out in the autopsy, like her pale oxygen deprived, paper thin heart.

See a good diagnostician does not need expensive  tests, expensive machines, and can simply look at a body from pale gums, skin tension, coon eyes and where they are including speaking with their hand in "chicken head position" which means she is not joint mobile when she talks, in being not flexible, fat and suffering some type of joint inflammation. That is what the above photo reveals in she is having problems with simple questions from Matt Lauer and she had gone chicken pecking hand at Lauer to try and drive him off, as this old, weak, degrading females attempts to defend herself as her days of flight stopped long ago.

Put it this way, if Hillary Clinton was in the Obama jungle, a bear would have eaten her a decade ago as Huma ran off and Hillary was so sound asleep she could not tell her ass was being eaten off by Gentle Ben.

You have to discern the above, that Hillary Clinton still looks like a corpse after million dollar make up at NBC. The above analysis is what Hillary Clinton looks like under make up and under her skin.