Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The October Surprise

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This popped up in trends as a horizon event before Hillary Clinton's interesting 9 11 adventures in Operation Evergreen Sympathy. I am posting this Monday evening after my new friends from Homeland had been here this afternoon.

What inquiry is pointing to, is there is a sort of Benghazi II being engineered for Hillary Clinton in an October Surprise version of Chris Stevens being kidnapped along with other Americans, but the inquiry points to this is in Asia.

Specifically this is tracking in North Korea, and has something to do with hostages being taken, and a surprise release on October 24th.

Inquiry states that this will be Hillary Clinton involved the hostage release, as her grande diplomatic moment set up by the Obama regime, for her surge to be able to steal the 2016 election.

I am out of sorts after the Homeland visit as my abilities depend a great deal upon my Spirit not being violated with distractions. So I would post more, but this is something that is out there in another of these wag the dogs.

I keep hoping that posting these time lines will make them vanish, as they are not much of a surprise or appear as a God given event, when they are posted before they happen and exposure makes them lose their effect.

Takes time to heal from these violations of space time. Will get better in time as I get used to it.

As NYC824 appears a neutralized event which is fading, to the proper time line reset, my intention is to assist in the election of Donald Trump as President in neutralizing these last 6 week effects of intrigue if I am aware of them.  Then God willing I will unplug and most likely be only a target of the anti Christ, as the time line will be allowed to the end in proper sequence.
I tended to be less popular with Vice President Cheney in office and it should repeat with President Trump in office.  Then the objective of stopping the election of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton will have reached successful conclusion with Mr. Trump's victory.