Saturday, September 10, 2016

Versagen Verein

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When one discusses intellectual matters, it is of utmost benefit to incorporate the German dialect, as it assists to fuhlen, the meinen, or the feel and thought of the subject to further communicate from the soul, the entire rapture of the event, and not leave it languish upon the shores of the mind alone.

In this the Versagen Verein, is the failed society, the socialism failures, which require understanding, so that a free people is not taxed to debt, in feeding monsters of good intentions, which have paved a road to the 21st century hell on earth.

In this, the Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter submits the following realities of massive social failures in the nature of people to be compassionate, but how it became national sin.

The American Indian Reservation System: The Indian problem was one of terrorists against Americans. Religious interests wanted these wards to fill their collection plates and pews, while Americans desired them gone.
The process was to enlist a reservation system to civilize these savage terrorists and then set them free, rather than exterminating them. It has now become a communist enclave in America at war with Americans and promoting Marxist overthrow of America in the Obama regime.

The solution was Andrew Jackson's instinct in removing these eastern terrorists to the West in Oklahoma. This though then degraded to the Reservation system where Indians were paid for lands, paid welfare, educated, given Christian religion, and the Indian simply became enslaved to them.
The solution as intended was to educate the Indian, provide them 160 acres to earn a living, and then they would continue or be Darwinized as not capable of surviving in this world.

Emancipation of the Negroid: Abraham Lincoln enacted the ending of slavery as a terror weapon against the Confederates to deprive them of workers and to unleash a wave of black uprising in the South. It was a disaster which has still the money outflow in massive welfare and Affirmative Action programs having brought ruin to American infrastructure.

The solution was to have been to have shipped all the blacks back to Liberia, or to employ them into the building of the Panama Canal in Panama, as Mr. Lincoln's policy was meant to be. This would have returned the Negroid to their proper climate, sub civilization advancement out of slavery and created a class of progressive Negroes who would have survived by providing for themselves.

National Parks Reserve: This program began under Theodore Roosevelt, not as preservation, but as managed removal of large predators, and keeping key areas of America from private ownership of the extremely wealthy. This was designed to have America always for Americans.
It degraded to the Federal regime confiscating huge portions of the west in BLM management, and the worse crimes yet of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, stealing in "wilderness areas" millions of acres of private and public land, which is now having LaVoy Finicum murdered, due to Hillary Clinton mining cronies after mineral resources under Oregon land.

The solution to this is to return to predator control, American use of those lands from grazing to mining, with the addition of the Federal system not being able to control no more than 1/10th of the land in any state.

The New Deal: This massive socialist program to enslave the majority of Americans to vote democrat, was a political success, but it brought ruin. For Americans under Franklin Roosevelt believed their social security taxes would be for them, instead Dwight Eisenhower raided social security to build the interstate highway system, and the regimes have been raiding social security ever since.

The solution would have instead been to confiscate the social security funds, and place them into a safe trust which would earn a proper return, not gambled on Wall Street or speculation.
With the reality, that people would receive only the money they put into the account and then would have this budgeted to them, so that the regime could not loot those funds for more regime graft projects.

The Great Society: The Great Society was the correct Lyndon Johnson war on poverty in America. For the reality is, if a prosperous nation does not attempt an elimination of poverty, hunger, and sickness in the lower classes, then it is a violation of all Christian principles of caring for your fellow human.
Lyndon Johnson's good intentions though, brought about not the elimation of the poor, but an expansion of it, due to lazy people are always going to take the route of easiest money, and that is why they are poor. Welfare is the easier wage than working to have the regime confiscate you work in high taxes.

The solution in this instead was to create an environment, of no welfare, but instead to make earning money and keeping it, easier than the paperwork for welfare. Jobs were the poor have to show and sleep in the shade are better than welfare collected upon a couch watching television.

Muslim Democratization: Not educated in the disasters of social engineering in  America, George W. Bush embarked after 9 11 upon making democracies out of terror Muslim states. This was an acceptable solution at the time, because the alternative was radioactive extermination of entire Muslim states at war.
The failure was the peaceful and sloven, were pleased to be bribed in welfare or intimidated by the armed Muslim militant, so democracy became mob rule by the most aggressive of the Muslim.

The solution is one of removing advancement and capital from Islam. The cropping of populations in WMD strikes in retaliation for terrorism, would prevail a reality that no terrorist ever flew a camel into a skyscraper and a Muslim can not purchase atomic weapons with camel dung.

These are the absolute failures, the Versagen Verein, the failed socialism of nurturing a parasite upon the body politic, and mistakenly concluding the ring worm of botch, will turn into a life giving benefit to the host.

People must have a safety net, but with a time limit hole in it. Either they transform into something nurturing the society which all depend, or they are cut loose to become Charles Darwin survival of the fittest, for the alternative is what the world now faces in genocide of nations due to conflict, want and that greatest malady of all, the 1% rule of the 99% in feudal marxism.

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