Monday, September 12, 2016

When the Hillary Tolls for Thee

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is disturbing to watch the Neocon traitors over at Rupert Murdoch and Bill Krystol's THE WEEK, complain that Hillary Clinton lied about her health, grouse about the tin foil hat conspirators led by Matt Drudge (unnamed) and how Mrs. Clinton got sick and got better so all of this can just be another Clinton lie to ignore to Wall Street rapine.

The crack though now is in the concrete as the mainstream media is addressing this, and even Clinton backers like Tom Brokaw are calling for her to be in a hospital and get issued another clean bill of health.

"We are already seeing today the social media activity that is going on. I think that she should go to a hospital and see a neurologist and get a clean report if it is available to her," said Brokaw. "This is not something that can be done at her daughter’s apartment at the context of where we are."

The GOPliters have been monitoring social media and smugly ignoring this journalism, and now they realize the dam has burst, and just like the National Enquirer was right, the Social Media tin foil hats have been proven right that Hillary Clinton lied about how sick she is.

I received a note this morning that I wanted to share, as there has been a great deal off channel looking at Hillary Clinton as she simply seems like two people. I have not inquired on all of this, other than she does not have a skinwalker crew as Obama does. I do intend if writing permits and things work out here to do some work for tomorrow on the gaping holes in the Secret Service detail as was an exclusive of this blog. Something is off in this and does not make a great deal of sense and I would not put it past this Podesta Clinton intelligence operation to have a sympathy event take place, which of course would all Mrs. Clinton the "rest and security she needs out of the public eye".

The whole thing doesn't make sense.  How did the man that shot the video get it viral so quickly, how so many YT channels got that video mirrored so quickly, why the owner of the video's name was published so quickly (and he's not dead yet - with an uncommon name like that??), etc., etc.

Also, my friend and I were talking just a few days ago about how there seem to be Hillary doubles at work.  Like you mentioned yesterday, one time looking years younger and fresh and other times death warmed over and unkempt hair (like it appears her hairdresser takes several days off).  Yesterday was even more pronounced.  To be a zombie, unable to walk, either frozen from a seizure or some other gait abnormality to hours later looking fresh and younger and posing with the girl (yes, obviously posed).  From having the SS around her by the van, but yet coming out of the building and posing with the girl with absolutely no one around for yards?!?!  And the girl for all we know could have been a suicide bomber - no SS rushed in to circumvent the situation.  

And also, who were the two new chickie-poo's showing up in her detail, but yet Huma who is attached at the hip was nowhere to be seen?

See, everyone knows something is not adding up, can see something is not right, but the answers are there and just needs to be sorted out.

The one thing I can promise you is Hillary Clinton does not need more doctors, more tests or more diagnosis, as she knows blessed well what the hell is wrong with her, and her girly doctor knows she filed a fabrication which was an absolute lie about Mrs. Clinton's health in violation of the law. I did inquire on this last year and Mrs. Clinton was not that ill. What is taking place now is a wholesale decomposing of her system. She is not going to recover or get better.

So everyone understands this, the Independent UK trying to give Mrs. Clinton cover spoke of her getting well, but happened to post something all of us overlooked in IF she is healthy, she is looking at 6 months recovery from this pneumonia.
Understand that, in Mrs. Clinton has been taking off weekends since July. She has been resting, and still she is falling apart. She is looking at two months of grueling campaign and hours on the debate stage. She is not going to be resting and it has been proven that she refuses to look after herself...........why is a conjecture, but it is most likely that her owners are going to ride her corpse to 1600 Penn and that is all Hillary Clinton desires is to die as President, as she is in this for the historic Obama 44 legacy, which American can ill afford another month of.

Everyone of us has had an operation or a hospital illness and we know it takes months to recover. Mrs. Clinton is not a 20 year old kid. She is 68, she has a history of being deathly sick, and she is not going to rest, so that means she is literally suicidal or insane.

I am simply certain that someone in the White House ordered the Secret Service to stand down and produce a hole in the security. I was going to work on something I found in an October Surprise, but now something inside of me tells me that an event to gain sympathy for sick Hillary might be generating. What inquiry will reveal is what yesterday was about, if it was a dry run or if something got in the way of the dry Mrs. Clinton became ill, and an event which was set up to happen on 9 11, which could not happen for the rings of security there at Ground Zero, had to stand down.

There seems to have been two stories generated yesterday, the wag the dog sniper hole and the unplanned for Cadaver Clinton episode.

Hopefully more later.