Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Fukushima Civil Defense

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There never has been an in depth examination of Fukushima, or more to the point of the massive earthquake which caused the nuclear shut down and pollution and Fukushima, and it is something which must be understood, as every nation in this world has a fault line which they are exposed to which can cause immense tidal wave flooding.

In this, the Lame Cherry will take you inside this situation as it will explain a great deal of the catastrophe of Japan.

First, there are two major plates off the coast of Japan in the Pacific. I am not going to bother with plate names, as this is a scientific explanation which has not been conducted as it is fascinating.
These two plates, one pushing under the other, literally exposes something about what you think of as the land under your feet, for it is not a solid, but acts more like rubber material. In Fukushima, these plates pressing on each other, literally had lifted Japan over a period of time naturally almost 10 feet or 3 meters. I ask you to look at your floor to your ceiling, as that is the distance Japan had been lifted out of the water, and in literally five minutes in this magnitude plus 9 earthquake, Japan fell 10 feet.

That is what is interesting in this analysis as nothing "broke" as the fall was more like a simple relaxation of the uplift and Japan was gently settling as she shook horribly from the earth quake.
The plate was shaking hard, but settling gently out in the Pacific.

Literally there is footage from those in Japan recorded of cracks opening up in the land of several inches and a liquid mud oozing up through the cracks. The ground was not "wet" but exhibiting the fludity of being shaken under these immense pressures.

To explain Fukushima, one must examine the tsunami or tidal waves, as you need to picture this in your mind of two rubber plates under water pushing on edge, in your dish sink. As the earthquake started, the land did not buckle, but instead jolted up as rubber would, and interestingly produce two to three evenly spaced shockwaves as the edge of the plate displaced water like you splashing your hand on it.

These energy waves were moving at 500 miles per hour and reached Japan in a surge of about 20 minutes. There were 30 meter barriers built in northern coastal areas, but the waves pushed over them. The waves which entered through deeper water, retained more energy than shallow ports.

The waves pushed over the barriers, because of the surge piling up, and because Japan had settled 3 meters. That is what was not factored in as the waves were about 3 meters high in 10 foot waves, as the ocean surface contained more "height" by this surge than what the Japanese had built up.
Once on the mainland or past the shore, the water flooded buildings, cars and picked up dirt, thereby increasing the volume of the water, and turning it into as one expert correctly noted a Debris Glacier.

What was not buried was sucked back out to the sea.

Fukushima the reactor had prepared the same wall defenses but flooded as readily. The fail safe was to shut the reactors down, and if electricity failed, to us battery powered diesel generators to cool the reactors. The generators soon were flooded too in the engines and that is what began the meltdown at the power plant.

The same Fukushima wave reached America and flooded with a depleted wave of only one death in a Darwin candidate rushed down to the seashore to take pictures of the wave. It is though a reality of these massive tidal waves, which can be a unique seismic event or a meteoric event. What requires examination on Fukushima is not the results, but how to produce a situation of lessening catastrophic event by percentages, because 1% in Fukushima would mean 220 lives saved.
It is easier to understand life lost when the numbers are comprehensible in hundreds instead of tens of thousands.

It was not the waters or debris glacier alone which was the disaster, for what the waters did not drench, were soon enough afire in petroleum companies to homes burst into flames, which became infernos. Fukushima proved that fire and water do mix.

Most of the areas devastated were not Tokyo population centers, as would be affected in a reality of Indochina, the Americans or Europe. The ring of fire in the Pacific is unique, but a meteor is as unique, as is a near earth miss by a large body which ancient history records mile high waves.

America has a unique protection in the Appalachians and Sierra Madres, where the greatest oceanic threat would be produced. Other nations are simply flood plains. Asia would be swamped, South American a basin, while Africa and Europe would be peopled by the few survivors on the tops of hills and mountains. The American coast though would be depeopled as certainly as the Japanese coastal villages were.

This is the important examination of Fukushima as it will be repeated, and the measures to deal with it failed. It is in the end about percentages in saving lives in hundreds here or there. Structures such as overpasses of concrete were secure. It is these matters above ground as much as below in disasters which require incorporation into the Civil Defense.